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‘Government-Sanctioned Reparations Program’
Jeremy Bentham on Caucasian Self-Loathing
Here you go James. Just in case you feel like atoning for crimes your fore-fathers did not commit, here’s how. More dizzy white Leftist antics:
A new “reparations” website asks white people to pay black people’s rent and give them money to relieve their white guilt.
The website, started by Seattle-based “conceptual artist” Natasha Marin, suggests a number of ways in which white people can atone for the fact that 1.4 per cent of white people owned black slaves in the United States over 150 years ago.
Examples on the site’s ‘about’ page include;
POC 3: I need groceries.
White Person 3: “I’ll get them for you. PM me and I’ll send an Amazon Fresh or Safeway delivery. You just pick out what you want. I have a $200 limit.”
POC 4: I’m too upset to make dinner. I live in Seattle.
White Person 4: “Come over to my house for dinner, bring a friend if you like. PM me and I’ll send you the address, or can I order delivery to you? What kind of food do you like?”
POC 6: I want to scream and cuss at someone.
White Person 6: “I volunteer as tribute. How do we set this up?”
POC 7: I want to escape this cruel world in a *Specific Videogame* but can’t afford it on Steam right now. This is not a crisis, I just don’t trust people easily and want to see if this works.
White Person 7: Thank you for giving me the chance to do something concrete and relatively easy. I was quietly hating myself for doing nothing.
Numerous white people beset with self-loathing have already offered a number of goods and services, including the free use of a car, house cleaning, massages, “catharsis,” and straight-up cold hard cash.
Black people have also posted messages on the site with requests for free laptops, a Kindle EBook Reader and recording studio access.
“I want my project fully funded or at least my phone paid for from here till December so I can stay in Boriken writing about Amerikkkan colonialism,” another man demands on the ‘Reparations’ Facebook page.
Before you say it, no this is not a joke, despite the fact that it’s absolutely hilarious. Every offer or request on the website links to the individual’s personal Facebook profile.
Marin says the website is a way for white people to “extricate themselves from the guilt they are mired in” but that it is in “no way a pardon for years of systemic abuse” (presumably Marin is not talking about the kind of “systematic abuse” that leads to figures like white people being 27 times more likely to be violently attacked by black people than vice-versa).
Marin asserts that the fight for a widescale, government-sanctioned reparations program is “totally legitimate” and should continue outside the confines of her website.
There is no indication yet on whether the website will spawn a copycat catering for white people upset at the Barbary slave trade, a far longer and more brutal period of slavery under which both blacks and whites were brutally oppressed by Arabs.
The concept will no doubt be lauded by ‘Black Lives Matter’ organizer Ashleigh Shackelford (pictured above), who has written a series of articles demanding that white people give her money for being a “fat black bitch”
After explaining how she was triggered by white people attending BLM rallies, Shackelford said that that they would be better served writing checks and giving up their car keys. as well as Marin’s Facebook page gives white guilt-ridden leftists the chance to do precisely that.
Yeah, me neither James. Besides the fact that I like myself and don’t posses such self-destructive impulses, my ancestors all were Johnny-come-latelies who left the old country because they were starving to death and completely missed out on the plantations and slavery and the abuse of the Indians and all that stuff. As such I don’t feel even remotely guilty about such past events. And I don’t even get any credit for my ancestors having fought for the Union in the Civil War either. But even if your ancestors were involved in slavery, so what?! Everybody had their own private hell way back when. Nobody escaped punishment for very long. And besides slavery was legal back in the bad old days. Just like it was once legal to sell cigarettes or heroin to fourteen year olds, as well as lots of other practices that society now considers odious. Blacks and Indians owned slaves too. Article I Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution states “No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed” so it’s not the American way to punish someone for doing something before it became illegal. “It’s not who we are”. Not that Leftists think the Constitution means anything or that who we Americans are is anything to be admired. Naturally this kind of thing makes the Dindus in places like Harm City imagine all the more that they are morally justified in engaging in all manner of “extra-legal” reparations gathering. “Reparations recovery” of the type that you have chronicled James. All this grievance mongering is tearing the country apart. At this rate there will eventually be little to no advantage to holding the country together.
Well regardless, Liberal’s must do their “virtue signaling” to demonstrate to all their peers they are "good people”, mustn’t they? One cannot display one’s virtue merely by modestly abstaining from vice either, since all the old vices have become virtues. Consider that during the first half of the 20th Century British Occultist Aleister Crowley was called the “wickedest man in the world" because he used drugs, was bisexual, engaged in group sex and worshiped pagan gods. All those practices have become mainstream among the rich and famous, haven’t they now? The truly funny thing is that Harry Turtledove wrote a story about rich white people paying to be slaves in his Crosstime Traffic series novel “In High Places” (2005). Life comes to resemble art once again. Enjoy!
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