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The Immoral Moat of Suburbia
‘How Can the City Make Us Take their Riffraff?” A Baltimore County Resident Asks
I hate to go big scope on you, Mira, but we are entering the final quarter of a hundred year plan to sterilize the tribal European seed population that revolted against an earlier era’s slave masters and were replaced by African slaves. Who would entertain such a plan on a multigenerational scale?
Let's get started on an uplifting quote from a famous Baltimorean—well he died here:
"While from a proud tower in the town Death looks gigantically down."
-The City in the Sea, Edgar Allan Poe
The flower of that European seed, the International, Cosmopolitan, White Elite, fears only one thing, the hard tribal nut from which it sprouted. For creatures of decadence fear only the distant past which shaped their frightening ancestors; this fear of their collective past being the root of their addiction to imbibing The Lie. The worldwide white elite wants and has always wanted the following world structure:
1. A global network of cosmopolitan centers where the best people gather, attended by their human pets, their Dindu slaves.
2. Each cultural hub will be linked to the others by air transport, and insulated from their barbarian cousins by a ring of ghettos populated by the castoff savages that could not make the grade as pets. In other words, take 10 non-whites, use the choice person as a slave and cast out the other nine into the criminal buffer zone that will maintain the cosmopolitan center as an island in a sea of human filth, nigh unbridgeable by the white barbarians driven from these areas by the savage proxy aggressors of the overlords.
3. The second ring around the slave-master city will be occupied by the Children of the Cruel Lie, who will continue to cling to their media-implanted commonality with the slave-master elite, yearning to join their ranks, for which they will accept the guilt bestowed upon them for oppressing the savages oppressed by those they wish to become. Just as the cream of the Dindu crop will be used as personal slaves by the masters, the cream of the Lie Eaters [people such as my youngest son] will be selected and admitted into the slave master hierarchy to infuse it with the vibrant mind that would otherwise be bred out by easy living. The modern suburbanite is no different in terms of his relationship to the elite than the lotus eaters of a Conan story, pursuing dreamy pleasures in a city stalked by a ravenous god.
4. The third ring around the Slave Master City is the thin, paleface, tribal shell of the slaveocracy, the rural class of small-town and homestead-dwelling barbarians with their mix of Christian and Native American sensibilities, from which the mercenary warriors will be drawn to fight Islam and criminal syndicates on behalf of the slave masters.
Baltimore as an Example
The process in Baltimore is nearing conclusion as resident whites are mostly elite or elite aspirants and civic functionary types. Police activity must focus on eradicating remaining low class whites and of pushing criminal Dindus to the County to establish the savage buffer zone against the evil seed from which the elite sprouted and wishes to distance itself as it represents a possible source of morality-based competition, against which amoral entities have a hard time contending if forced to interface.
The prison style school system in the City drives about 20% of City Dindus to register in a County school. This is aided by the non-existence of the Dindu family and the prevalence of no-parent and one-parent households. This puts pressure on County finance, establishes a seed criminal presence, and helps insure long term erosion of community stability.
Federal Pressure
Through suits brought by the highest prosecuting legal body in the nation, the federal government will demand the County spend founds on bringing in criminals, further reducing the law enforcement funds available for policing the community.
Private Investment
Real estate investors are given tax breaks—as are major companies willing to buy up residential tracts for employee housing—in return for lobbying at the state level [mass transit is a state thing in Maryland] for mass transit service from targeted areas of the ghetto to undeveloped future apartment complexes in the county. These, and partner developers may then make bank on federal rent payment vouchers for cheaply constructed apartment complexes built in out of the way areas of the County, which will further drive rural whites to move deeper into the hinterlands. Out of the way locations get you in under the radar, but the bus line is the crime vector that generates the mayhem. When a new line goes up for proposal, the citizens invited to the hearings are non-resident bus line users, not resident motorists, who have not a clue.
A text book example is the #24 bus line out of Northeast Baltimore to the Whispering Woods apartment complex deep in Eastern Baltimore County, which has fueled crime over a 12 mile stretch of suburbia to the rural waterfront. Growing Dindustan is a lot like playing a WWI war game where troop movements depend on rail capacity and rail heads.
The Baltimore City Housing Authority, targeting areas where suburban flight is turning into rural flight due to the high level of Dindu violence in County schools, buys up houses at auction and then settles single mother families from the most crime ridden areas of the city in an area full of soft targets for foot-crime.
Municipal Legislation
Organizations, such as The League of Women Voters, will push for legislation to force the County into submitting to the will of the federal government in emptying the City of criminals and poor to make way for gentrification.
State and Federal Legislation
As with the legislative attempts on the local level, the ultimate aim is to mandate an expansion of the CrimeSpace surrounding the elite enclave like a moat of immorality.
Law Enforcement
Federal pressure to partner with City law enforcement and to absorb the cost of joint operations, further reduces law enforcement capacity in the County. Indeed, Baltimore County declined to seek reimbursement for its help in quelling the Baltimore Riots of 2015. This and other pressures related above puts the municipality in the position of requiring federal funding to help meet commitments. Such federal funds will be tied to demands to fight the internal Drug War, which will further harden the criminal element in the County, expand drug addiction as it did in the City and further divert police resources from crime prevention and deterrence to strike team behavior and eventually cause civil unrest, completing the construction of the Moat of Immorality.
There is also the preexisting fact that Baltimore City-based criminals are responsible for 30-50% of violent crime in Baltimore County, further drawing down police resources.
These many factors converge to destroy the low end County housing market, with Mira’s house plummeting from 170K to 100K in value since the City Housing Authority began buying property and resettling criminals in the endless quest to expand Dindustan!
Thriving in Bad Places
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Bernie HackettAug 5, 2016


If by housing authority, you mean HABC (housing authority of Balto City) that is a federal agency, which runs (among others) Cherry Hill. I used to handle their claims when I was working, which is how I found out. Surprise!

My 8th Grade Nun once told us that "They will run you out of the city into the County, and then they will run you back." I couldn't fathom what the Hell she meant, 'til later.

My reaction to all that is, I ain't going back to Bolton Hill, or West Baltimore, or Dundalk.

Well, maybe Dundalk. I'll run for Gauleiter.

And as Thomas Pynchon (one of his characters) so eloquently said, "Screw all you rich bastards!" It's the Irish in me.

I hope to see some well deserved hangings, myself. Gives me something to look forward to in my declining years, it does.
Jeremy BenthamAug 8, 2016


FYI. The Federal Government takeover of local law enforcement is becoming so obvious that even mainstream political pundits are starting to notice it. "Obama Illegally taking over Local Police Departments" by Dick Morris President Obama even has the support of the UN Human Rights Commission (HRC) in his apparent effort to nationalize American police forces. President Obama has long supported the creation of a national "civilian" security force:

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Barack Obama, July 2, 2008


How does it feel to be on the cutting edge of societal evolution James?
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