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Thank You, Jim
The End of My Coaching Road
On Friday, October 7, 2016, I met with Jim Frederick, who graciously gave me and the men I coached a training home for six years. This year I was supposed to begin paying my way by attracting mat fees from fighters and coaching fees from newly interested people. I have utterly failed to attract fee-paying fighters and have resigned. Jim and I parted on good terms and I am thankful for his help over the years.
I am in the process of giving away the training gear.
I may help out Alex and Craig at the Loch Raven Boxing Team when they have the need.
As far as agonistics training I am still working with Sean in Lancaster, PA and sparring with Charles in Baltimore.
I will not be taking on any new fighters, but if you are in the area you may call 443-686-0598 for a referral for boxing or agonistics training to one of the men above.
The Punishing Art
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