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A White Christmas, Kindle Edition
The Sons of Trinity Baxter and The Song of Broke-Ass Rasheed
© 2017 James LaFond
In two weird urban tales, the author of a Hoodrat Halloween, Skulker Jones and Hurt Stoker continues as the only authentic storyteller for a masculine tradition which no literary faction wishes to know the truth about.
In Trinity, the three sons of Trinity Baxter are sent out by their mother to rob some white people in order to finance her Christmas feast, even as the supernatural specter of a gang of Caucasian rats haunts their every defiant step.
In The Song of Broke-Ass Rasheed, the wheelchair-bound elder statesman of a liquor store front mourns the death of the crew he had previously served as mentor and at the same time is called upon to advise the young hoppers who mean to step-up and take their place as gangbangers in their own right.
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