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A Thousand Years in His Soul: The Poets
Part One: Five Аrуаn Mystics at the Dawn of the Atomic Age Kindle Edition
© 2017 James LaFond
The Poets
This volume is an examination of the select works of five literary figures of the first half of the 20th Century who wrote about alienation from a world that was rapidly outgrowing its traditional foundations and turning upon itself. The author regards these men—some popular in their own time, all now obscured by the postmodern zeitgeist—as counter-culture figures who documented the death of Western Man’s Capacity to Dream. As our politicians and moralists ushered in the Age of The Machine with fanfare and destruction, these men wrote of a fundamentally opposing view, their work cloaked in the armor of fiction.
They ARE:
Jack London 1876-1916
Edgar Rice Burroughs 1875-1950
H.P. Lovecraft 1890-1937
Robert E. Howard 1906-36
Robinson Jeffers 1887-1962
Happily Ever Under
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Into the Mountains of Madness

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