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MAR/03/24 Toby & Colonel Coyote
American Dog #18: Interlude
MAR/02/24 Increase Publico’s Genteel Fault
Act 2: Orpheus Synchronus, Unbranded Slave Of The Censor
FEB/25/24 Toby & Butt Scratch
American Dog #17
FEB/24/24 BarleyMan In A Can
Act 1: Increase Publico, Censor Of New York
FEB/18/24 Toby & The Human Invaders
American Dog #16
FEB/17/24 The Acts Of Max & Rex Born
SPQR Prologue, Forward, Author’s Note, Calendar And Contents
FEB/11/24 Toby & The Big Bad Dog
American Dog #15
FEB/10/24 Voice Of Britannic Rome
Race, Language And Civic Structure In The North Panonia Of SPQR
FEB/04/24 Toby & The Boo Cave
American Dog #14
FEB/03/24 SPQR Appendix B
Civic And Military Orders: Praetorians, Lictors, Legions & Fleets
JAN/28/24 Toby & The Mules
American Dog #13
JAN/27/24 SPQR Appendix 3
Gladiatorial Houses Of Britannic Rome: The Six Crusading Orders: Part 3 Of 3
JAN/21/24 Toby & The Elkish Mole
American Dog #12
JAN/20/24 SPQR Appendix 2
Gladiatorial Houses Of Britannic Rome: The Six Sustaining Orders: Part 2 Of 3
JAN/14/24 Toby & The Stray Human
American Dog #11
JAN/13/24 SPQR Appendix 1
Gladiatorial Houses Of Britannic Rome: Part 1 Of 3
JAN/07/24 Toby & The Door
American Dog #10
JAN/06/24 SPQR
A Novel Of Rome 2031
JAN/04/24 Fangs In The Moonlight
A Conan Yarn By James Anderson
DEC/31/23 Slave
A Novel Of Elder Earth
DEC/30/23 Porch
The Legend Of Cubby Cranston, A Novel
DEC/24/23 Of Ichor And War
The Songs Of Discord, Panic And Rout
DEC/23/23 Toby & The Vet
American Dog #9
DEC/17/23 Toby & Captain Coon
American Dog #8
DEC/16/23 Toby & Amos
American Dog #7
DEC/10/23 Discarded Novels
10 Novels Scrapped While Writing American Dog
DEC/09/23 Toby & Izzy
American Dog #6
DEC/02/23 Toby & Benny Bear
American Dog #5
NOV/26/23 Toby & Smooka Bear
American Dog #4
NOV/25/23 Toby & Mamma Bear
American Dog #3
NOV/19/23 Toby & James Chosen
American Dog #2
NOV/18/23 Toby & The Slanty-Eyed Devils
American Dog #1
NOV/12/23 American Dog
A Canine Myopic Or Toby The Teenage Dog
NOV/11/23 Fallen Timber
Timejacker #10-B Interlude
NOV/05/23 Baptism: Saint Louis Kraal
Timejacker #10A
NOV/04/23 Bastion: Chicongo Skoal
Timejacker #9B
OCT/29/23 Timeship Z
Timejacker #9A
OCT/28/23 All Fled
Timejacker #8Z.
OCT/22/23 Gunman
Timejacker #8
OCT/21/23 Cavalryman
Timejacker #7
OCT/15/23 Texan
Timejacker #6
OCT/14/23 Indian
Timejacker #5
OCT/08/23 Irishman
Timejacker #4-B
OCT/07/23 Scotsman
Timejacker #4-A
OCT/01/23 Me, Myself And That Guy
Timejacker #3Z.
SEP/30/23 ‘Man In The Mirror’
Timejacker #3-B
SEP/24/23 Whiteman
Timejacker #3-A
SEP/24/23 The Reavers #2
Fiction By James Anderson
SEP/23/23 The Rain Check
Timejacker #2-C
SEP/17/23 Major Wingspan
Timejacker #2-B
SEP/16/23 Hobo
Timejacker #2-A
SEP/14/23 More Meat
Part Four Of An Open Letter To Master Ape, By Mucker Dog, With The Assistance Of Silverback
SEP/14/23 An Under Dog Among Apes Or Mucker The Hero Dog
Part Three Of An Open Letter To Master Ape, By Mucker Dog, With The Assistance Of Silverback
SEP/14/23 Of Men And Dogs
Part Two Of An Open Letter To Master Ape, By Mucker Dog, With The Assistance Of Silverback
SEP/14/23 Of Dogs And Men #1
A Reposted Dog Novel From A Dead Site
SEP/10/23 Stockboy
Timejacker #1
SEP/09/23 Timejacker
A Forever War Novel
SEP/02/23 Corby Ringtone
Can #7
AUG/27/23 Sansa Jones
Can #6
AUG/26/23 Crackman Can!
Sleepy Phatz: Can #5-B
AUG/20/23 Sleepy Phatz
Can #5-A
AUG/19/23 Russel Drinks
Can #4
AUG/15/23 The Road To Heathenry
Prentice Dolphin: Orphan Novel #10: 8/15/2023
AUG/13/23 Joe Gleason
Can #3
AUG/12/23 Bendy Carwash
Can #2
AUG/06/23 Mamma Maroon
Can #1
AUG/05/23 Can
Ballad Of A Phentland Superman
JUL/30/23 ‘I Am So Sorry!’
Fact And Fiction Behind The Novel Wife—: Portland, 11/30/2022
JUL/29/23 Up With Big John Hide
Wife—10, Interlude
JUL/23/23 Third Hymn
Mountains Of Grim Witness
JUL/22/23 Into Dark And Untrue Timber
JUL/16/23 Plight Of A Footloose Keeper
JUL/15/23 The Heather To Seek
JUL/09/23 Second Hymn
Forest Of Long Dark
JUL/08/23 Dinner With Fate’s Disaster
JUL/02/23 Mum’s Bent Master
JUL/01/23 Lynn’s Weird Hen
JUN/25/23 First Hymn
Masks Of Wan Fate
JUN/24/23 Wife—
A Couplet Novel: A Tale Of Elder Earth
JUN/18/23 Coils
Notes On Writing Wife—: Portland, Oregon 11/4/2022
JUN/17/23 Shadow Law
Cain 6-A: Interlude
JUN/11/23 Mirror Crack
Cain 5-B
JUN/10/23 Shadow Caw
Cain 5-A
JUN/04/23 Mirror Hack
Cain 4-B
JUN/03/23 Shadow Wall
Cain 4-A
MAY/28/23 Mirror Slack
Cain 3-B
MAY/27/23 Shadow Fall
Cain 3-A
MAY/24/23 American Dream Boat In Print
The Long Awaited Social Horror Novel From 2019
MAY/21/23 Mirror Back
Cain & Quartermaine 2-B
MAY/20/23 Shadow Call
Cain & Quartermaine 2-A
MAY/14/23 Mirror Black
Cain & Quartermaine 1-B
MAY/13/23 Shadow Stall
Cain & Quartermaine 1-A
MAY/07/23 Seeker Cain
Longshank Cain And The Curse Of Juju Quartermaine
MAY/06/23 Hunt, Philadelphia
Holiday Blue Chapter 13: For The Hunger Of Geryon Baal
MAY/04/23 Cox & Swain
Sons Of An Udderless Whore: The Plantation America Novel In Print
APR/30/23 ‘Grandpa’
Holiday Blue Chapter 12.1: Temporary Matt
APR/29/23 ‘Ownless’
Holiday Blue Chapter 12.0: Temporary Matt
APR/23/23 To Summon Hundred Head Typhon
Holiday Blue Chapter 11: Hammer Of Phoenix Khron
APR/22/23 Word Automaton
Holiday Blue Chapter10: Song Of Pan Khron
APR/16/23 Ascension’s Rent Veil
Holiday Blue Chapter 9: Shroud Of Atlas Khron
APR/15/23 The Phone Store
Holiday Blue Chapter 8: Temporary Lisa
APR/09/23 Bill, Blackie And Jack
Holiday Blue Chapter 7: Hounds Of Blue
APR/08/23 Patrimony Armory
Holiday Blue Chapter 6: Holiday Blue
APR/06/23 Pirates
New Fiction From The Man That Worked The Crackpot Over Last Saturday
APR/02/23 Horizon Eternity
Holiday Blue Chapter 5: Ripe Blue
APR/01/23 For The Kiss Of Deathless Hate
Holiday Blue Chapter 4: Temporary Jack, Part 3
MAR/27/23 Overture Awes West
Experimental Novelism In Woetide 2022
MAR/26/23 Prize Of The House Khron
Holiday Blue Chapter 4: Temporary Jack, Part 2
MAR/25/23 Purge Of The House Temporal
Holiday Blue Chapter 4: Temporary Jack, Part 1
MAR/19/23 Temporary Scent, Deathless Sent
Holiday Blue Chapter 3: Toiling Sirius
MAR/18/23 A Thought Infernal
Holiday Blue Chapter 2: Idyllic Pliades
MAR/12/23 A Thirst Eternal
Holiday Blue Chapter 1: Overture Orion
MAR/11/23 Holiday Blue
A Novel Of Titanic Ennui And Rebirth
MAR/05/23 Composing Holiday Blue
Switching From Writing Historical Fiction To Science Fiction: Utah, 8/31/2022
MAR/04/23 The Tree Unpicked
Confessor #6
FEB/26/23 Vetting Wake Christopher
An Experiment In Self-Publishing: 9/23/2022
FEB/25/23 The Bridge Uncrossed
Confessor #5
FEB/19/23 Vetting Sorcerer!
An Experiment In Self-Publishing: 9/26-30/2022
FEB/18/23 The Stair Unclimbed
Confessor #4

60  120  300
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