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‘Killing the Men and Enslaving the Women’
What Happens to a Defeated People by the Evolutionist
Thanks to Bryce Sharper for sending this along.
Below are some facts from the article What Happens to a Nation Defeated? At
“Relative to the US as a whole, AI/ANs:
• Are more likely to live in poverty: more than twice as many AI/ANs live in poverty than total US population (26% vs 12%)
• Have a lower life expectancies: life expectancy among AI/ANs is 6 years lower than the U.S. average; infant mortality is higher than the US population
• Have twice the rate of violent victimization twice that of African Americans and more than 2 ½ times that of whites.
• Die at significantly higher rates from tuberculosis, diabetes, and unintentional injuries and die from alcohol‐related causes 6 times the national average. …
• AI/ANs experience serious psychological distress 1.5 times more than the general population.
• The most significant mental health concerns today are the high prevalence of depression, substance use disorders, suicide, and anxiety (including PTSD).
• AI/ANs experience PTSD more than twice as often as the general population. Although overall suicide rates among AI/ANs are similar to whites, there are significant differences among certain age groups…
The suicide data supports the mental illness data, suggesting that the low rates of mental illness among Asians, blacks, and Hispanics is not due to cultural norms of not seeking mental healthcare (unless not seeking avoiding mental healthcare is protective against suicide.)
End quote.
I would point out that with “whites” second only to American Indians in the sad fact of suicide, that:
-Few American Indians do not have European DNA.
-People labeled as “white” have been culturally colonized, just like the Indians, with their ethnic identity erased and a reduced sense of belonging to a greater cultural being.
-The ruling merchant elite of the U.S., from the Pilgrims, William Penn and Jamestown, to the corporate opiate war against Middle America, have plied American Indian and European American folk with addictive substances since at least 1622. I suspect this is because these two populations have historically punched way above their weight in war so that they are sedated as soon as the managerial elite is done using them to conquer more territory for resource exploitation. Do note that over half of American Indian tribes fought FOR MODERNITY as mercenaries and allies against other tribes, and sometimes against their own tribe, in service to British and American mercantile and industrial interests. Being on the losing end of a war that your people won most of the battles in, perhaps a war that you fought for your slave masters against your children’s own interests, is certainly one of the more demoralizing cul de sacs of the soul which awaits the used up warrior peoples that must be totally reduced before Modernity finally becomes nothing but a feedlot of souls.
While decrying the violence of the barbarian Amerindian [Comanche in this case] culture towards outsiders, which is necessary to prevent the suicide of civilized slavery, the author does get a dose of the past that he can swallow:
“All of the white people who joined Indian tribes loved it and refused to go back to white civilization. All the Indians who joined white civilization hated it and did everything they could to go back to their previous tribal lives.”
That is nature trumping torture, no big surprise.
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Jeremy BenthamMay 11, 2019

“In quenching their thirst they are not so moderate. If they are supplied with as much as they desire to drink, they will be overcome by their own vices as easily as by the arms of an enemy.”

– Publius Cornelius Tacitus, 54-119 A.D., “On the Origin and Situation of the Germanic Peoples”
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