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‘Since We Are Entering a Depression’
‘What Parts of the Economy Would You Like to See Fail?’ Train Head Ed at Jack London Square Asks
© 2020 James LaFond
This is a short list, Ed, from least to most important failures; failures that when my warped mind’s eye blinks, methinks would improve the human conditions of postmodern life.
#5 The NBA, the extinction of that franchise would be great, as the NBA fan is the lowest form of moral life on earth and the players would find a way to earn a living in some better sport.
#4 The NFL would be a much more important extinction event, as I regard that noxious entity as a cornerstone of postmodern degeneracy. Walking by the SFC 49rs Stadium yesterday was simply nauseating, as the worship of advertising and branding was on full, titanic display.
#3 Higher education, if it could be brought down so low that only the super-rich could attend school and have their souls scrubbed by the media machine, that would be even better than losing the National Felon League.
#2 Governmental failure, as in a total collapse of civic service and a return to feudal-style force projection, is probably too much to ask for. However, #1 cannot be achieved, in my view, without the extinction of large scale federal law enforcement, which would not go away unless the government collapsed. Perhaps an inflationary spiral might accomplish this.
#1 is a two-part national addiction recall event. “Illegal” but actual state-promoted drug trafficking and the other national addiction, social media obsession, are kept at epidemic proportions primarily by federal funding. If the U.S. collapsed, social media titans and drug traffickers would actually loose much of their support and their state-sanctioned monopolies would be threatened. Overall, the #1 industries that need to be collapsed to improve human life, such as super wealthy players in finance, military supply and NGO scams, remain immune to collapse so long as Uncle Sam serves as their lance and shield. As all of these major players depend on the security provided by “The Global Policeman” of the U.S. so that their nefarious activities may continue to reduce humanity to a mewing herd of sloe-eyed consumption vectors, I think that the five most important economic sector collapses cannot occur so long as the U.S. maintains its social and military dominance.
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