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Cube Completed
The Redaction of Bronson Caan: A Novel of 2121
© 2021 James LaFond
At 79 pages the science-fiction short novel, has an appendix of a handful of speculative and combat articles written while writing the story.
Dust Cover
Bronson Caan works for his parents in the family business. Born in 2092 to Cube Combat Promotions, Bronson is literally the Adam of his kind, the first purpose-born Cube Fighter. Patterned after two action movie actors of the Late Pre-World Order Age, Bronson Caan is the prototype combat celebrity—a striving, bleeding and conquering masculine fetish icon conceived and promoted for the diversion of a post-masculine world. Cube is the story of his redaction.
Conception Templates
“Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness…”
-Genesis 1:26
Note to the Reader 7
Hands 8
Foot Girl Cheryl 16
Slade Starr 22
Cubeside 27
Shaka Hulu 30
Fan Drums at Sundown 39
Redaction Eve 48
Interlude 54
Linda 56
Vault Knox 61
Goons Smith and Jones 68
Medical Three 73
Twitcher ’s Sun 75
Glossary 78
Nonfiction Appendix 81
Mob Tactics 81
Battling Cerebral Sprawl 88
‘This Brotherhood of the Damned’ 91
Sifu Brian on Boxing 97
'Have You Ever Played Traveler?' 101
'In Dodgy Circumstances' 106
Biguns en Lilleuns 112
Saint Joseph who Abides 120
Rebel Knell Cover
author's notebook
Apathy Yore 2041
yusef of the dusk
the first boxers
supplicant song
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