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Asian-Latino Social Justice Status
The Brick Mouse Wants to Know Their Place in The History of the Future
© 2021 James LaFond
“In light of the fact that black-on-Asian crime is being reported as white-on-Asian crime and blacks are largely avoiding prosecution, how do you place Asians just above the police in your social justice rankings?”
-Brick Mouse, 7/11/21

Social Justice Order 2021 Edition
-9,000. Quean of Wakanda
-6,000. Princess of Wakanda
-900. Kang of Wakanda
-600. Prince of Wakanda
-300. Immigrant of color [1]
-250. Police
-200. Upscale white women
-20. Upscale white men
-10. Working white women
-1. Unemployed and criminal whites of both genders
-0. Working white men, hated by all of the above and feared by the system that is dedicated to their eradication
-1. If Latinos and Asians fall below the police line, then they will cease to be able to defend themselves against Wakandans without the police siding with the Royal Caste.

Note, sir, that I already touched on this in the note above.
In general the Latinos are furthest from the Anglophone American Hive Mind as demonstrated by the use of English by the other three groups and the parallel Spanish language media.
Latinos have been permitted to defend themselves against blacks by the media and the police.
Latinos are very often killed far more egregiously than blacks by the police, and it never becomes a cause. I think this is because their numbers are more than double black numbers, which makes them an actual threat.
There is also the fact that Latino culture—excepting Dominicans and Peurto Ricans in the east—are not economically dependent on whites, or culturally dependent on blacks for a mirror identity.
Even the Dominicans and Ricans in the east, who are part black, despite sharing some cultural traits, have an identity that is not based on white guilt or martyred blackness, setting them outside the standard anglophone polarity. The anglophone anti-culture does not manipulate well beyond simple polarities like man-woman, black-white and tends to loose its manipulative luster when nuance sets in. This is why the one drop rule was put into effect, to identify a person with 15/16ths European ancestry and pale as an Irishman as “black,” in order to maintain a simple, easy to manipulate polarity. In this way, even the largely assimilated Ricans and more racially African Dominicans still fall outside of the Anglo-African polarity. This is largely due to the retention of the Latin honor culture, while honor is totally absent from Anglo or African society in America, being counter to our dollar-worshipping Faith.
Once Mexicans and Central Americans are introduced, the Mestizo factor brings a cultural barrier to media gaslighting. Having adapted to living by an honor code supported by extreme violence, as a mixed race majority under the rule of white elites in their home countries, these folk do not delude themselves as do non-elite white Americans that the government or elite holds their interest. If the police side with the blacks against these people, they will require military backup, as all of the blacks and blews in America could not beat the Latinos in a race war, lacking numbers, courage and cohesion.
Furthermore, if the police began to support black burning and looting, slaughter and rape against Latinos, as they do with whites, the Latinos would form militarily viable militias, immediately genocide the blacks and pigs, and have to be put down by massive military action. It is best to keep them out of the racial politics lest America become like Mexico with three armed factions: military, police and narcos.
Although U.S. Military action could defeat a Latino revolt, this would derail the gaslighting system which relies on false polarity down to democrat versus republican.

Asians are a sticky problem for the system in a different way than the Latinos.
What the white elites want, is to be a royal caste, with an Asian middle class, a Latino working class beneath them, kept in line by black police and criminals. This is the classic relationship between the elite and an unproductive class of violent proxies that has sustained most civilizations.
I do not think fear of reprisals by the Chinese state has anything to do with the lip-service being paid to Asian Americans in the media and by do-nothing police spokespersons. Rather, it is imperative that the Asians and the Latinos—who often work together, not to ally against the elite whites and the blacks. In the east, supermarkets run by Asians, have large numbers of Latino staff—increasingly from the high-cohesion mestizo community—and feature extensive Latin American food sections. Asian stores like this do not have soul food sections.
Astute analysts in the Creep State have surely noted that Asian and Latino identity is much stronger than the largely phony black and white identities, and would make them harder populations to bully with English media and scant police forces. So, one reason to keep from pushing Asians into forming militias is that they have the highest cultural cohesion of all U.S. Groups, and, in the case of Koreans, Vietnamese and Chinese are well known from a hundred years of military interaction with U.S. Imperialist forces to have superior fighting spirit, requiring nukes in Japan, a draw in Korea and resulting in a loss in Vietnam. To drive such people—who further possess the superior energy of immigrants—to ally with the Latinos would be a possibly balkanizing disaster.
However, the simplest reasons why I suspect that the Creep State will not push black paramilitaries into terrorizing Asians, like they have with whites, are three:
-1. Asians of all kinds are more easily ruled by pandemic politics and edicts and mask culture, than others, so can largely be ruled by fear of disease rather than fear of Black-and-Blue.
-2. Asians are desired to replace whites in high-functioning roles in government and in the private sector. Fear of the white middle class and hatred of the white working class by the white elite requires a proxy race to operate in capacities above the African American performance ceiling in order to keep the good times rolling for the elites. Nuclear power, other utilities, Infotech companies and cutting edge technology are not fields of endeavor likely to function well if blackened.
-3. As the most violent Americans, who are most prone to media manipulation, blacks, between adult-onset diabetes [essentially caused by media manipulation of their diet] and staggering rates of black-on-black homicide, have not been able to grow their population. At 13% of the population, and committing media-induced dietary suicide while fighting among themselves over the privilege to sell drugs to whites, there just are not enough blacks to get the job done.
This means, that at some point Latinos and Asians, especially if there is some white resistance to their genocide [unlikely as we are so prone to suicide], will be required to drive the hated crackers to extinction, largely through economic displacement, but eventually to include Chinese Law Enforcement Corporations buying up white extermination and deportation contracts from the U. S. Government, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Here, I imagine, that only elite whites will be permitted and the Asian and possibly Latino Corporations will be tasked with driving off and reducing the remnant rural white population. I suspect that being classified as white and beneath the top 5% of the economic strata at the same time will become a capital crime in Future America.
In short, in light of the fact that the target for population reduction and enslavement by the white Elite is the majority white none-elite, it would be a grave error to permit the anti-white foot soldiers to attack the post-white replacement races.
Eventually, in the east, whites will have been replaced by Latino manual workers, Asian office workers and African police. Then, at that point, having inherited the mantel of system functionary, these races will become the targets of coordinated torment by white elites and their black attack dogs.
In the west, the blacks will most likely remain a marginal pet race for the elite whites, with those of their number who fail to gain favor as the personal companions and domestic functionaries of elite whites, falling into the category of “American” occupied by working whites and sharing their fate under the Chinese corporate heel or at the end of a mestizo rope.
To conclude, I think that Asians and Latinos are not being jointly targeted by police and blacks because:
-primarily they are being brought in to replace the whites that are being driven in to the homeless camps and hospitals, and
-secondarily there just aren't enough low-morality low-IQ proxies to terrorize everybody.
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