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Curious Mind
Dateline 10/17/21
© 2021 James LaFond
Being the curious sort that I am, I agreed to accompany a young lady on a quest to retrieve a stolen motorcycle today.   One of the neighbors took some pictures of the dude as he was walking the bike away.  Rough looking white dude with face tattoos.  Off we go, up and down, block after block of the inner SE section of town between 5th and 15th, Burnside down past Hawthorne.  Every other block had a camp.  We stopped and talked to folks, offered beer and promise of a future reward if the bike were to be found. 
We soon figured out just who he is, everywhere we go, he was just there earlier.  Despised by all the campers and local housed residents alike, he was a very well known figure.  A couple guys living in an illegally parked RV told us they had both whooped his ass more than once.  He was a pussy who couldn't fight, but he had been carrying a pistol the last couple weeks, and was off the reservation, total nut case.  These dudes told me that pretty much all the homeless carry pistols now days.  One of the guys was a heroin addict, and confided in me that the homeless police themselves, but it was getting crazy out there.  He said he wishes there were more cops on patrol.  
The motorcycle thief was named Blackbird, and was the type who would steal anything and everything from anyone and everyone.  He was known to steal motorcycles, just push em and walk em away to some hidden spot in the bushes where he would try every conceivable means at his disposal to get the bike started and running, but alas, he would fail every single time at this endeavor as he had some skill as a thief but none as a mechanic. 
No other campers would help him with his task, he was shunned by all, and the bikes would inevitably be found in a bush or behind a building in various states of disassembly.   We were told numerous times that the stolen item would be somewhere in our 15 block radius.
I got some good walking in, talked to some people and learned a bit more about my city.  I departed the lady and admonished her to be careful, as I had to go and pick my children  up from school.   These barbarian are not without a few noble souls.  
Take care,

Despite the desire for the quick police fix on the part of those campers I hope they do not get their wish. Only without police can a community actually achieve decency. Historically, crime increase follows the creation and increase of police institutions. Ultimately the police punish the successful party, meaning that they will always punish successful citizen vigilance. Think about it, without police, the 90 out of 100 working men would crush the ten criminals. The police exist to protect criminals from working men. Cops were brought into existence to beat the shit out of striking workers, and before that their prototype gaolers were employed to capture runaway workers.
See So His Master May Have Him again.
Pretty much everybody will disagree with this opinion of mine. However, I would point out, that the places where crime is currently so bad as to make post-apocalyptic Portland look like a boy scout conventions have four to 10 times as many cops: Baltimore, Philthadelphia, New York and Chicongo. And let's not forget the most violent small city in the 100 to 500k range—Saint Louis, where PIGs charged and disarmed two lawyers for brandishing guns [one broken and empty] in defense of their lives and home last year.
This is why total defunding and disbanding of police will not happen except by luck or comet or meteor, why this is just a gambit to get people to beg for stronger policing, so that the jackbooted thugs of Pigdom might be uparmored, upgunned, increased in number and ultimately federalized to make sure that if you ever stopped Blackbird from boosting your vehicle that there would be the police resources available to put you away for a long stretch and make the streets safe for Blackbird and his ilk.
For Blackbird is doing The Man's bidding—probably for free—by terrorizing honest folks who might be compelled to migrate to safer climes and keep flipping that real estate, boosting calls for more cops and more government from the very people those cops will be used against, like people who resist getting the weekly mega-dose vaϲϲine booster or fail to report to their doctor for psychiatric medications, or who act out and try and stop a public rape by a Bantu God in Philthadelphia.
Ultimately, the enemy of our rulers is the one character that the police have always dialed in on as a target—the man who will do the right thing for another or commit the ultimate American sin of self-defense while Caucasian.
I am so glad that the Left Coast, down here in The Bay Area and up there in Portland, has finally become partially lawless. It is probably a prelude to total police state lock-down. But, there is a chance that the Puppeteers have miscalculated and that they will not be able to effect the total network of human control this phony disease bullshit and engineered food and industrial shortages were designed to usher in. The best case scenario for the possible survival of humanity is that police morale and numbers cannot be rebuilt and that eventually so few broken laws will be punished that people will begin defending themselves, start lying to the PIGs and hiding from the government and begin pushing criminals around after 15 years of criminals pushing citizens around.
It is unlikely but possible. I illuminated what this possible future could be like in the novel, Last Whiteman.
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