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Grappling the Knifer
Crackman Cues the Stabby Crackpot on Knife Defense: 12/29/2022
© 2023 James LaFond
Hello J,
Well, this may not be all too surprising for you.
An empty-handed, very high-tier grappler spars against a knife wielding mid-tier grappler (without any knife skills/training).
Result: not a single instance where the better grappler disarms the knife wielder without getting stabbed and sliced up like a bacon.
Honest content with higher production value like this hopefully debunks many of the typical self defence bullshit choreographies which are spread all around the Internet.
Greetings & all the best,
Sir Crackman, I could not view the video. However, I noted that no eye protection was worn by the unarmed party, or the attacker. This indicates two things:
That the most effective defense against the knife, eye jabs, eye rakes, flinging your own blood into the eyes of the knifer, are not available.
More importantly, as with all grappling based knife training other than Modern Agonistics, the lack of face gear indicates that the knife attacker has agreed to not cut the throat, slash the face or stab the neck or ear of the unarmed defender.
I did realistic knife training with fencing masks with Portland Joe and British National last week. The masks give the defender a small measure of chance, up from zero to 20%.
At the same time, thee knife armed attacker adapts more quickly and the speed of his kills increases to OJ levels of butchery.
The rules are:
-get between the knife and it’s wielder,
-get the wielder between the knife and your guts.
It is imperative when training that the attacker, when frustrated in his stabbing attempt, goes upstairs to punish the defender with throat and eye slashes and neck stabs.
It is further of great importance that the defender sets escape as a goal.
When the defender is physically superior, across the six-banded spectrum, of size, speed, strength, fitness, skill and experience, a disarm is increasingly more likely as these advantages multiply each other.
Real life disarms include:
-improvised weapon use, like a bat or chair
-two handed grabs of the knife hand by a larger defender
-elbow slap ejection by a master level striker and knife man, the guy on the cover of The Logic of Steel
-Doc Dread tackling, mounting and disarming a negro knife man in a blizzard in Fells Point, Baltimore.
-And, the most common successful defense, running away. When training against physically equal or superior knife attacks we should stress:
#1: Improvised weapon use
#2: Angular passing of the knife hand or empty hand and then pushing the back or shoulder of the knifer as the starting block for your sprint to the ER to get stitched up.
None of this practice will be be effective if we do not wear gear that permits face contact and full speed actions with and against the hand.
I have written about this before. But it is an important subject. I would suggest for future Man Weekends that we make this a contest, defenses against twerps and goons, the escape and the grapple and the spear hand.
There is a Lancaster Agonistics video of two defenses done by Sean and I in 2017.
Thank you, Crackman.
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