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Mister Gray Wonders How LaFond Delivers Bad News: 12/14/2022
© 2023 James LaFond
As a man who has been threatened socially and economically, with ostracism over 3 years for not masking, not vaxxing and not worshipping at The Temple, there is a dark part of me who sees the many people who are now having health issues from the vaxx, who had condemned me for not getting vaxxed, that wants to hiss, “How does it taste to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?”
But I can’t. Beyond not wanting to enjoy the pain and confusion and betrayal of others, I know that these people are morally better than I am, that they have been “taken” due to their loyalty to their leaders, their faith in science, their trust in ordained experts.
Two weeks ago I was drinking with Ken, a man who has been nothing but respectful to me. He is scarred spiritually over his Vietnam experience and also a horrible event in a middle eastern conflict that he survived but many of his fellows did not. As a decorated veteran he did what he was told and got the jab. He was also respectful enough of me not to ask me if I was vaxxed, not to vet me as a thought criminal, but to live and let die.
He said this when I asked him about his health, “Well, my wife and I got vaxxed and boosted. Then we got the vid again, and it was worse then before. I trusted this thing. Both presidents, my guy and the other guy, said it was good. Oh well, I figure, better safe then sorry, no harm no foul. But now, I have this thing going on, never sweated like that before in my life. I’m not even a sweater, right. Now, with certain things that have come to light, I’m wondering if I was taken, if I bought a false bill of goods and let love of country lead my wrong. I am feeling like I’ve been had.”
When I told Mister Grey about this conversation, that we should keep in mind that the kind of trusting, faith-based, community-oriented people that you can count on in day to day life, are the very ones who were most harmed by the scamdemic, he asked:
“Okay, I’ve had the gun to me head over this thing, been that close to loosing everything because I don’t wanna be shot up with some experimental HIV therapy. So I have limited empathy here for those who took the knee. So, I’d have to keep quiet. But what does James LaFond say to a guy like this?”
I have had this conversation a few times. I cannot speak with my family because they are part of The Temple Congregation and went in for the baptism. My family’s personal doctor is one of the most powerful hospital executives in the nation. Also, I am the lowest status man in my family, which makes me the lowest status adult, since my family is matriarchal. I’m the village idiot, the cautionary tale. Nothing I say to family can be believed.
But, among people who I meet in life, who note that I am just as smart as they are, and have seen a lot over these past five years of hobory, I have a tactic for helping.
I have two doctors who have explained to me in detail problems with the vaxx. Since I am not a doctor, I cannot field a big picture explanation. The cardiologist told me, “Its just bad technology and it was obvious from the outset that it was begging for an auto-immune response.”
I cannot present that with my 8th grade education.
But I can quote my personal doctor who said, “The boosters are killing people.”
This is something I can field, from my doctor which also places Ken in the driver’s seat, Mister Weirton too. Someone who has been vaxxed and boosted can still decline to get more boosters and decline to get additional experimental genetic therapy sold as vaϲϲines.
Our ideological based society, our false polarity, demands that each side of the faithful divide buy falsehoods as part of their political belief system. I liken it to boxers versus punchers in the ring. Now, in boxing, we don’t try and turned one into the other, because boxing is real and immediate. Rather, if our boxer is getting out punched or our puncher out-boxed, we give him one tool at a time to improve his situation. That is because boxing is dealing with actual reality.
America at large is not a reality-based system, but rather a field of installed perceptions, a tapestry of feelings woven into faith. People on the right and left are prevented by this process from understanding some aspect of reality that their opposites comprehend at a functional level. For instance lefty’s always deny the reality that 13% commit 56% of violence in the face of all evidence, because they believe that those 13% of people cannot be behaviorally different than the rest. Righties deny the realty of the wars they are constantly cheering for, disabled by their faith from critical examination of that certain aspect.
So, I suggest, and practice, a version of helping people that is limited and specific. I have been taught that I should change Ken’s mind about the medical establishment and make him an ally. I have chosen not to do this and have helped 4 people avoid the vax and 7 people decline boosters. In all cases I have waited for them to bring it up, like when Megan told me that all of the women on the cancer ward her sister is in with this fast acting brain cancer, all got it 6 months after getting vaxxed and boosted. That is when I told her what my doctor said, that boosters are essentially kill shots and that new cancer diagnosis increased 37% exactly a year after the vaxx.
Now, my belief that the medical establishment is an actual soul-eating, body-killing death machine dedicated to population control, thought regulation and real estate acquisition is not important. What is important is that Megan and Ken don’t get any more boosters.
Just like in boxing, if things are not going your way, stop the back and fourth and find an angle.
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