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'Could You Help Me Out With Some Directions?'
Black Spring Survival Guide #4
© 2016 James LaFond
April, 2016, Middle River, Baltimore County
Last Monday night, out in Middle River, a lower class, middle aged white man was walking away from the bus stop when a younger black fella asked him for directions. When the man stopped to comply with the request, the young fella punched him out, and while he was on the sidewalk, took his backpack, which also contained his prescription medication.
This is the most common ruse in the world and is no different from someone asking you for the time or for a cigarette or change. These are generally attempts to test your complaisance and determine whether or not you will be attacked.
What to do if you are asked for directions, or the time, or a cigarette?
1. Play dumb. Literally behave as if you did not hear them. This only works well if you are moving past them or away. Develop the habit of never turning your head when addressed by someone you do not know. This does piss off cops, so be careful. If you are stuck in their space waiting for a bus for instance, then you are essentially doing #2 below. This is why walking is safer than taking the bus.
2. Make eye contact and say nothing. Half of them will try to escalate into a fight right here, which is better than you getting sucker punched.
3. Keep moving or keep your distance by stepping away as you apologize for not having what they want.
Verbally engaging beyond these limits is not recommended and will generally result in a fight or ambush. Verbal engagement with blacks is almost always a bad idea, as 90% of them have been raised by bitch queens to argue with the police and use verbal escalation to build courage for an attack and/or cohesion for a mob attack.
If you do give directions do so while at a distance by talking loudly and pointing.
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