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The Sunset Saga Series Sketch
The Story Of Three-Rivers And The Servants Of Burnt Man
He Said I Was Midnight
Sublimating Your Past Into Fiction
Fringe Fiction
Confessions Of A Compulsive Writer
Sunset Character Sketches
23 Personalities From The Sunset Saga (glossary)
My Ugly Muse
On Prolific Writing
On Writer's Block
Notes On Writing Despite Creative Obstacles
The Name Drain
Notes On Aliases And Fictional Name Generation
The Title Mill
One Author's Method For Titling Fiction
A Note To The Reader
An Archived Header
On The Sunset World
Time-travel Fiction, Character Creation & Story Development
The Sunset Saga Series Sketch
The Story Of Three-Rivers And The Servants Of Burnt Man
The Three-Rivers Sunset Saga Hijacking
The Short Story Draft That Became The Novel Thunderboy
The Sin Of Letters
One Man's Crime Against Materialism
Through A Glass Darkly
A Horror Writer's Perspective
A Bus Tale
Weaving Inconvenience Into Fiction
The Fighting Edge
The Scrapped Second Edition Of James' First Book
From Beyond A Dark Age Grave
On Writing Prolifically Under Duress
The Chronological Alien
Notes On Developing Character Perspective
Looking Back At Sodom And Gomorrah
Notes On Cultivating Character Perspective
The Sad Scientist
Leonardo, A Widow Named Beautiful Flower & A Quixotic Quantum Physicist
Wrath Of The Thunderbeast
Working Tragedy Into Fiction
Author's Notebook #1
Menthol Rampage
The Knife In Fiction
Fight Scene Tips For A Fellow Writer
Author’s Notebook #2
Mantid: The Seven Fantastic Heresies Of Heshman Shew Mote
Author’s Notebook #3
Little Feet Going Nowhere: Sam Waterford’s Outrageous Profession And The Fate Of Humanity
Author’s Notebook #4
Dog Of War: The Journey Of Bruco, Last Of The Exiles
Lobotomize Your Fractured Imagination
On The Utility Of Focus Outlines
Why You Don’t Get Laid
Your Trojan Whorse: Appendix, Repossessing Your Manhood In A Woman’s World
NOV/05/13 Living Writing
One Reason Why Your Output Can Crash
NOV/05/13 Murdering Protagonists
Are Long-lived Characters Endangered?
NOV/08/13 Final Hour: Spitting Into The Galactic Wind
Author’s Notebook #6: The Sequel To First Contact
NOV/13/13 Rubber Band Man
Author’s Notebook #7: The Saga Of Janitor X, Sequel To Soter’s Way
NOV/15/13 Dying In Your Dreams
On Writing While You Sleep
NOV/18/13 Why Grownups Suck
Author’s Notebook #8: A Guide To Parents, Teachers, Teenagers And Other Crazies, For Militant Children
NOV/20/13 A Call From Jan
Writing In The Shadows Of Self-censorship
DEC/01/13 REMFs & Rambos
Notes For Writing Fiction: How Do Real Soldiers Fight Without Weapons?
DEC/09/13 Deganawida & The One Parted Tree
Crackpot Sci-Fi #1: What If A Shamanistic Savant Merged With A God-device?
DEC/17/13 Lord Of The Lezbos Or 'Harm City Island'
How Would Regular People Recreate Society?: A Creative Writing Exercise Gone Awry
DEC/18/13 The Morality Box
Defining Right And Wrong In The Past, Present And Future
DEC/30/13 Tackling An Epic Novel
Seven Moons Deep: Pendleton Shaw’s Quest For The Seven Cities Of The Moon
JAN/03/14 Killer Babes
The Requisite Woman Of Power In Modern Science-Fiction
JAN/08/14 Crackpot Alley
Diary Of A Tenuously Sane Man: The Author’s Archive: 1/8/2014
JAN/17/14 Do It Yourself Brain Surgery
Notes On Cannibalizing Your Writing Influences For Fiction
JAN/31/14 Managing Your Fiction Output
Author’s Notebook #8
JAN/31/14 2014 Project Checklist
Author’s Notebook #9
JAN/31/14 The Weekly Writing Checklist
Author’s Notebook #10
FEB/03/14 The No You
Notes On Ghostwriting For The First Time Keyboard Whore
FEB/05/14 ‘The Curse Of Heaven’
The French Revolution In San Domingo By Lothrop Stoddard
FEB/07/14 Taboo You
Way Of The Terminal Man: Author’s Notebook #11
MAR/10/14 Editors Of Venus
Darkly: Dystopia In Power, The Science-Fiction Anthology That Died
MAR/12/14 Homo Terminus
Wrapping Up The Nonfiction Book
MAR/24/14 ‘Head In Hand’
Winter-Warrior By Joseph Bellofatto
MAR/24/14 Fountains Of Andromeda
A Cosmic Work By Joseph Bellofatto
MAR/25/14 ‘Defiance Incarnate’
Samson And Delilah By Joseph Bellofatto
MAR/28/14 Imperishable Punks
Immortality In Fiction And The Hemavore Question
MAR/31/14 Your Villain Is My Villain’s Bitch
Using Edgy History To Deepen Your Horror Story
APR/09/14 ‘Happy Birthday’
Gotch-ya!, March 05, 2014, Issue 336, Wanted-Arrests, Manatee & Sarasota
APR/11/14 Calibrating Your Writing Gears
Notes On Writing Fiction & Nonfiction Simultaneously
APR/18/14 Harm City Financial
An Excerpt From James’ Upcoming Book Taboo You
APR/23/14 Shoebox: A Harm City Tale
Author’s Notebook #11
MAY/01/14 Pirating Self-Published Sci-Fi?
If You Are An Aspiring Writer You Need To Read This
MAY/01/14 Writing With Balls
Crafting An Authentic Action Hero
MAY/02/14 Big Water Blood Song
Author's Notebook #12: Of The Sunset World, Part One
MAY/04/14 Ghosts Of The Sunset World
Author’s Notebook #13: Of The Sunset World, Part Two
MAY/05/14 The Hero’s Stage In A Drugged Age
Ancestral Fantasy & Cultural Spirit: Notes On Various Peoples Of The Hyborian Age & The Hyborian Age By Robert E. Howard
MAY/07/14 Reading Masculine Sign
Addendum Notes On Masculine Alliance From The Upcoming Book Taboo You
MAY/08/14 Sunset Saga Print Bibliography
The Story Of Three-Rivers And The Servants Of Burnt Man: 2010-2014
MAY/13/14 Wimps, Hotheads & Head-cases
A Checklist For Breaking Minds: An Excerpt From The Upcoming Book Taboo You
MAY/21/14 The Baby Of The Lilies
Author’s Notebook #14, Fruit Of The Deceiver, Book One: The Black Horseman
MAY/23/14 Forty Hands Of Night
Author’s Notebook #15, Fruit Of The Deceiver, Book Two: The Pale Horseman
MAY/29/14 2014 Fiction Schedule
Author’s Notebook #16
JUN/04/14 Fresh Fruit Of The Cannibal Kind
Author’s Notebook #17: Expanded Free Fiction Postings
JUN/11/14 Mister Twix
Ten Minutes In The Life Of A Writer
JUN/17/14 Amazon Whore
Enjoying Something That Is Actually Made In America
JUN/20/14 Writer’s Lag
The Most Common Fiction Writer’s Dilemma
JUN/26/14 Nerd Church
Print Release Schedule
JUN/30/14 Nancy’s Book
‘How Do I Get Started’
JUL/02/14 Seven Hells On My Heels
Fruit Of The Deceiver/Forty Hands Of Night: Concluding Sketch
JUL/07/14 ‘Do Not Pet The Rednecks’
Finding A Cookout
JUL/14/14 The Real Wet Dream
Three Alternative Approaches To Finishing The Novel
JUL/17/14 40,000 Years From Home
Part 1: The Bones Of Our Collective Soul, An Exploration Of Human Aggression
JUL/25/14 The Manual Bookmark
A System Of Notation
JUL/29/14 ‘A Lot Of Plan-B’
South Pole Station: Mega Structures Documentary
AUG/01/14 Seekers Of The Sunset World
Seven Sunset Saga Story Threads By Protagonist
AUG/04/14 A Fiction Writer Alliance
A Day’s Correspondence Between Two Novelists
AUG/04/14 Beyond The Ember Star
A Novelist’s Notes On Harnessing Your Inner Nag
AUG/07/14 Pulp Fiction Resurrection
Into The Age Of Virtual Pulps
AUG/15/14 The Roots Of Horror
Why We Are Wired For Fear
AUG/15/14 'Saving The World Sucks'
Robert E. Howard And Masculinity In Fiction
AUG/24/14 ‘The Death Hug’s A-comin’’
Hell’s Belle’s: The Trailsman #277 By Jon Sharpe
AUG/24/14 ‘To Sail Beyond The World’
The Boat Of A Million Years By Poul Anderson: Or The Difference Between Sci-fi And Fantasy
AUG/25/14 Thunder-Boy
The Transmogrification Of Three-Rivers
SEP/04/14 ‘How Can This Be Unknown?’
A Conversation With A Reader/Interview Subject
SEP/05/14 Fat Girl Dancing
The Author's Outline
SEP/10/14 Behind The Sunset Veil
Author’s Notebook #18
SEP/19/14 ‘Yo Yo, Yo!’
Can You Translate That Sentence? An Ebonic Grammatical Timeout
SEP/22/14 Ray Ray Race Relations
A Note On Our Divisive Collective
SEP/24/14 Print Releases #1-8
Nerd Church Print Books By James LaFond: 9/24/2014
SEP/24/14 ‘The Infernal Wind’
On Pain By Ernst Junger: A Must Read For The Aspiring Science-Fiction Author
OCT/07/14 Your Reviled Alias
The Utility Of Pen Names In Postmodern Fiction
OCT/09/14 The Criminal Perspective
The Next Frontier In Science-Fiction
OCT/23/14 PunchBuggyBooks
Six New Nonfiction Print Books From James LaFond
OCT/24/14 Daughters Of Moros
Support Misogyny In Fiction
OCT/25/14 Notable Quotes
Missives From A Novelist, A Homeless Man, And A Dinner Partner
OCT/29/14 When You're Food
James LaFond's Classic Harm City Title Is Now In Print
OCT/29/14 Black & Pale
The Omnibus E-book Edition Of Fruit Of The Deceiver And Forty Hands Of Night
NOV/05/14 ‘Alert, Confident, And Solitary’
A Foreword To Illustrating The Conquering Sword Of Conan By Gregory Manchess
NOV/07/14 Eldorado
Research And Notes For Malcolm Williams' And Ethan Saul’s Fantasy Fiction Project
NOV/12/14 To Step On God’s Toe
The Third Eye #6: The Discipline Of Fractional Autonomy
DEC/01/14 Childish Things
A Dialogue With Two Readers
DEC/01/14 Living In The Subtext
The Author Speaks With Two Millennial Readers
DEC/20/14 Most Read & Best Sellers
June-December 2014
DEC/28/14 ‘We Got It All’
Oral Carnival Sources For Hurt Stoker
DEC/28/14 ‘The Night Like A Queen’
Literary Carnival Sources For Hurt Stoker
JAN/04/15 On ‘Escaping The Secular’
Modernity And A View Of The Death Of Art From The Literary Trenches
JAN/07/15 Winter Of Our Kind
Racial Memory In Fiction
JAN/15/15 Fictionally Yours
A Note To Serial Readers
JAN/27/15 Beating The Writer’s Blues
Letter To A Frustrated Writer

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