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MAY/19/24  Jaseman Ham  Motherboard #6
MAY/12/24  The Esoteric Cafe  Motherboard #5.B
MAY/11/24  Phoenix Of Motes  Act 10: Jubal McClinton, Notary Of Oaths
MAY/05/24  Big Ron Automaton  Motherboard #5.A
MAY/04/24  Brand Of Victors  Act 9: Antonius Sixt, Conductor Of Plebes
APR/28/24  Crutch The Glitch  Motherboard #4
APR/27/24  Of Iron Gripes  Act 8: Bruno The Younger, Lictor At The Gate Of Pi...
APR/21/24  Clutch The Snitch  Motherboard #3
APR/20/24  Storm Of Bawdy Sprites  Act 7: Bruno The Younger, Lictor At The Gate Of Pi...
APR/18/24  A Plot Revealed  By James Anderson
APR/14/24  House Of The Brickmouse  Motherboard #2
APR/13/24  Ambuscade  Act 6, Concluded: Tyke Of The Orphan Pipes
APR/07/24  A Matter Of Fact  Rabbit Jack: Motherboard #1. C
APR/06/24  The Brawl Of Pipes  Act 6, Continued: Tyke Of The Orphan Pipes
MAR/31/24  Bucket Head  Rabbit Jack: Motherboard #1. B
MAR/30/24  Under Hellsong Pipes  Act 6: Tyke Of The Orphan Pipes
MAR/24/24  Mop Head  Rabbit Jack: Motherboard #1. A
MAR/23/24  Tyke Of Pipes  Act 5: Tyke Of The Orphan Pipes
MAR/17/24  Motherboard  A Novel Of Post Economic Baltimore: A.E.G. 30: Pre...
MAR/16/24  First Sword Of All Rome  Act 4: Ernest O’Neal, Under Barrister Of The...
MAR/10/24  Authors Of Elder Earth  Series Sketch Updated
MAR/09/24  Increase Publico’s Patrimony Draught  Act 3: Doris Synchronus, Unbranded Slave Of The Ce...
MAR/09/24  A Shadowed Sunset  Part 2: Plantation America & Sons Of Aryas His...
MAR/03/24  Toby & Colonel Coyote  American Dog #18: Interlude
MAR/02/24  Increase Publico’s Genteel Fault  Act 2: Orpheus Synchronus, Unbranded Slave Of The ...
FEB/25/24  Toby & Butt Scratch  American Dog #17
FEB/24/24  BarleyMan In A Can  Act 1: Increase Publico, Censor Of New York
FEB/18/24  Toby & The Human Invaders  American Dog #16
FEB/17/24  The Acts Of Max & Rex Born  SPQR Prologue, Forward, Author’s Note, Calen...
FEB/11/24  Toby & The Big Bad Dog  American Dog #15
FEB/10/24  Voice Of Britannic Rome  Race, Language And Civic Structure In The North Pa...
FEB/04/24  Toby & The Boo Cave  American Dog #14
FEB/03/24  SPQR Appendix B  Civic And Military Orders: Praetorians, Lictors, L...
JAN/28/24  Toby & The Mules  American Dog #13
JAN/27/24  SPQR Appendix 3  Gladiatorial Houses Of Britannic Rome: The Six Cru...
JAN/21/24  Toby & The Elkish Mole  American Dog #12
JAN/20/24  SPQR Appendix 2  Gladiatorial Houses Of Britannic Rome: The Six Sus...
JAN/14/24  Toby & The Stray Human  American Dog #11
JAN/13/24  SPQR Appendix 1  Gladiatorial Houses Of Britannic Rome: Part 1 Of 3
JAN/07/24  Toby & The Door  American Dog #10
JAN/06/24  SPQR  A Novel Of Rome 2031
JAN/04/24  Fangs In The Moonlight  A Conan Yarn By James Anderson
DEC/31/23  Slave  A Novel Of Elder Earth
DEC/30/23  Porch  The Legend Of Cubby Cranston, A Novel
DEC/24/23  Of Ichor And War  The Songs Of Discord, Panic And Rout
DEC/23/23  Toby & The Vet  American Dog #9
DEC/17/23  Toby & Captain Coon  American Dog #8
DEC/16/23  Toby & Amos  American Dog #7
DEC/10/23  Discarded Novels  10 Novels Scrapped While Writing American Dog
DEC/09/23  Toby & Izzy  American Dog #6
DEC/02/23  Toby & Benny Bear  American Dog #5
NOV/26/23  Toby & Smooka Bear  American Dog #4
NOV/25/23  Toby & Mamma Bear  American Dog #3
NOV/19/23  Toby & James Chosen  American Dog #2
NOV/18/23  Toby & The Slanty-Eyed Devils  American Dog #1
NOV/12/23  American Dog  A Canine Myopic Or Toby The Teenage Dog
NOV/11/23  Fallen Timber  Timejacker #10-B Interlude
NOV/05/23  Baptism: Saint Louis Kraal  Timejacker #10A
NOV/04/23  Bastion: Chicongo Skoal  Timejacker #9B
OCT/29/23  Timeship Z  Timejacker #9A
OCT/28/23  All Fled  Timejacker #8Z.
OCT/22/23  Gunman  Timejacker #8
OCT/21/23  Cavalryman  Timejacker #7
OCT/15/23  Texan  Timejacker #6
OCT/14/23  Indian  Timejacker #5
OCT/08/23  Irishman  Timejacker #4-B
OCT/07/23  Scotsman  Timejacker #4-A
OCT/01/23  Me, Myself And That Guy  Timejacker #3Z.
SEP/30/23  ‘Man In The Mirror’  Timejacker #3-B
SEP/24/23  Whiteman  Timejacker #3-A
SEP/24/23  The Reavers #2  Fiction By James Anderson
SEP/23/23  The Rain Check  Timejacker #2-C
SEP/17/23  Major Wingspan  Timejacker #2-B
SEP/16/23  Hobo  Timejacker #2-A
SEP/14/23  More Meat  Part Four Of An Open Letter To Master Ape, By Muck...
SEP/14/23  An Under Dog Among Apes Or Mucker The Hero Dog  Part Three Of An Open Letter To Master Ape, By Muc...
SEP/14/23  Of Men And Dogs  Part Two Of An Open Letter To Master Ape, By Mucke...
SEP/14/23  Of Dogs And Men #1  A Reposted Dog Novel From A Dead Site
SEP/10/23  Stockboy  Timejacker #1
SEP/09/23  Timejacker  A Forever War Novel
SEP/02/23  Corby Ringtone  Can #7
AUG/27/23  Sansa Jones  Can #6
AUG/26/23  Crackman Can!  Sleepy Phatz: Can #5-B
AUG/20/23  Sleepy Phatz  Can #5-A
AUG/19/23  Russel Drinks  Can #4
AUG/15/23  The Road To Heathenry  Prentice Dolphin: Orphan Novel #10: 8/15/2023
AUG/13/23  Joe Gleason  Can #3
AUG/12/23  Bendy Carwash  Can #2
AUG/06/23  Mamma Maroon  Can #1
AUG/05/23  Can  Ballad Of A Phentland Superman
JUL/30/23  ‘I Am So Sorry!’  Fact And Fiction Behind The Novel Wife—: Por...
JUL/29/23  Up With Big John Hide  Wife—10, Interlude
JUL/23/23  Third Hymn  Mountains Of Grim Witness
JUL/22/23  Into Dark And Untrue Timber  Wife—8
JUL/16/23  Plight Of A Footloose Keeper  Wife—7
JUL/15/23  The Heather To Seek  Wife—6
JUL/09/23  Second Hymn  Forest Of Long Dark
JUL/08/23  Dinner With Fate’s Disaster  Wife—4
JUL/02/23  Mum’s Bent Master  Wife—3
JUL/01/23  Lynn’s Weird Hen  Wife—2
JUN/25/23  First Hymn  Masks Of Wan Fate
JUN/24/23  Wife—  A Couplet Novel: A Tale Of Elder Earth
JUN/18/23  Coils  Notes On Writing Wife—: Portland, Oregon 11/...
JUN/17/23  Shadow Law  Cain 6-A: Interlude
JUN/11/23  Mirror Crack  Cain 5-B
JUN/10/23  Shadow Caw  Cain 5-A
JUN/04/23  Mirror Hack  Cain 4-B
JUN/03/23  Shadow Wall  Cain 4-A
MAY/28/23  Mirror Slack  Cain 3-B
MAY/27/23  Shadow Fall  Cain 3-A
MAY/24/23  American Dream Boat In Print  The Long Awaited Social Horror Novel From 2019
MAY/21/23  Mirror Back  Cain & Quartermaine 2-B
MAY/20/23  Shadow Call  Cain & Quartermaine 2-A
MAY/14/23  Mirror Black  Cain & Quartermaine 1-B
MAY/13/23  Shadow Stall  Cain & Quartermaine 1-A
MAY/07/23  Seeker Cain  Longshank Cain And The Curse Of Juju Quartermaine
MAY/06/23  Hunt, Philadelphia  Holiday Blue Chapter 13: For The Hunger Of Geryon ...
MAY/04/23  Cox & Swain  Sons Of An Udderless Whore: The Plantation America...
APR/30/23  ‘Grandpa’  Holiday Blue Chapter 12.1: Temporary Matt
APR/29/23  ‘Ownless’  Holiday Blue Chapter 12.0: Temporary Matt
APR/23/23  To Summon Hundred Head Typhon  Holiday Blue Chapter 11: Hammer Of Phoenix Khron
APR/22/23  Word Automaton  Holiday Blue Chapter10: Song Of Pan Khron
APR/16/23  Ascension’s Rent Veil  Holiday Blue Chapter 9: Shroud Of Atlas Khron
APR/15/23  The Phone Store  Holiday Blue Chapter 8: Temporary Lisa
APR/09/23  Bill, Blackie And Jack  Holiday Blue Chapter 7: Hounds Of Blue
APR/08/23  Patrimony Armory  Holiday Blue Chapter 6: Holiday Blue
APR/06/23  Pirates  New Fiction From The Man That Worked The Crackpot ...
APR/02/23  Horizon Eternity  Holiday Blue Chapter 5: Ripe Blue
APR/01/23  For The Kiss Of Deathless Hate  Holiday Blue Chapter 4: Temporary Jack, Part 3
MAR/27/23  Overture Awes West  Experimental Novelism In Woetide 2022
MAR/26/23  Prize Of The House Khron  Holiday Blue Chapter 4: Temporary Jack, Part 2
MAR/25/23  Purge Of The House Temporal  Holiday Blue Chapter 4: Temporary Jack, Part 1
MAR/19/23  Temporary Scent, Deathless Sent  Holiday Blue Chapter 3: Toiling Sirius
MAR/18/23  A Thought Infernal  Holiday Blue Chapter 2: Idyllic Pliades
MAR/12/23  A Thirst Eternal  Holiday Blue Chapter 1: Overture Orion
MAR/11/23  Holiday Blue  A Novel Of Titanic Ennui And Rebirth
MAR/05/23  Composing Holiday Blue  Switching From Writing Historical Fiction To Scien...
MAR/04/23  Confessor Interlude 
MAR/04/23  The Tree Unpicked  Confessor #6
FEB/26/23  Vetting Wake Christopher  An Experiment In Self-Publishing: 9/23/2022
FEB/25/23  The Bridge Uncrossed  Confessor #5
FEB/19/23  Vetting Sorcerer!  An Experiment In Self-Publishing: 9/26-30/2022
FEB/18/23  The Stair Unclimbed  Confessor #4
FEB/12/23  Vetting Seven Moons Deep  Self Editing The 9-Year Novel That Began The Plant...
FEB/11/23  The Path Untaken  Confessor #3
FEB/05/23  Vetting Juan Stabone  An Experiment In Self-Publishing: 9/20/2022
FEB/04/23  The Curtain Undrawn  Confessor #2
JAN/29/23  Vetting Ghost Snatcher  An Experiment In Self-Publishing: 9/19/2022
JAN/28/23  Confession  Confessor #1
JAN/22/23  Vetting Beyond The Pale  An Experiment In Self Publishing:9/24/2022
JAN/21/23  Confessor  A Tale Of Ancient Oth
JAN/15/23  Vetting Confessor  An Experiment In Self-Publishing: 9/21/2022
JAN/14/23  Vetting Writ Hate  An Experiment In Self-Publishing: 9/24/2022
JAN/12/23  A Sunset Saga Review  7/15/2022: A Young Writer Discusses Early Crackpot...
JAN/08/23  Blunderer  Writ Hate: Chapter 7
JAN/07/23  Sunderer  Writ Hate: Chapter 6
JAN/05/23  Vetting Fiction  How A Special Ed. Graduate Who Failed 9th Grade 3 ...
JAN/05/23  Graphomaniac Fiction  Curating Literary Insanity: Section 3
JAN/01/23  The Horns Of Chaliac  A King Conan Adventure By James Andersen
JAN/01/23  Blunderer  Writ Hate: Chapter 5
DEC/31/22  Gifter  Writ Hate: Chapter 4
DEC/25/22  Norning  Writ Hate: Chapter 3
DEC/24/22  The Eaters  Writ Hate: Chapter 2
DEC/18/22  Brit  Writ Hate: Chapter 1
DEC/17/22  Writ Hate Draft  Land Whaling Among The Eaters—A Novel
DEC/03/22  Hither Tarnation 2  The Bone Fright: Act 5 Of The Knights Trace In New...
NOV/27/22  Hither Tarnation 1  The Lone Knight: Act 5 Of The Knights Trace In New...
NOV/26/22  Hinter Station 3  Act 4 Of The Knights Trace In New Spain
NOV/20/22  Hinter Station 2  Act 4 Of The Knights Trace In New Spain
NOV/19/22  Hinter Station 1  Act 4 Of The Knights Trace In New Spain
NOV/13/22  Don Silver And The Knight Brass 2  Act 3 Of The Knights Trace In New Spain
NOV/12/22  Don Silver And The Knight Brass 1  Act 3 Of The Knights Trace In New Spain
NOV/06/22  Acursed Nation  Act 2 Of The Knights Trace In New Spain
NOV/05/22  Hellbane  Part 2, Act 1, Of The Knights Trace In New Spain
OCT/30/22  Second Coil  The Knights Trace In New Spain: Five Acts
OCT/29/22  Ole Billy Ree  Part 2: Act 7 Of The Knights Trace In Awes West
OCT/23/22  Lookout Mountain  Part 1: Act 7 Of The Knights Trace In Awes West
OCT/22/22  Denver Station  Act 6 Of The Knights Trace In Awes West
OCT/16/22  Summer’s Gone  Act 5, Part 2 Of The Acts Of Awes West
OCT/15/22  Red Rock Red  Act 5, Part 1 Of The Knights Trace In Awes West
OCT/09/22  Three Coon Clown  Act 4 Of The Knights Trace In Awes West
OCT/08/22  Sharp Shoe Brown  Act 3 Of The Knights Trace In Awes West
OCT/02/22  Sergeant Saddler’s Second  Act 2 Of The Knights Trace In Awes West
OCT/01/22  First Coil  The Knights Trace In Awes West: Seven Acts
SEP/27/22  ‘Michel Thought’  In Search Of Madness A Novelette By A. Rohoman: 7/...
SEP/25/22  Equine & Geographical Appendices  Ranger? Back Matter
SEP/24/22  ‘Under The Lake’  Impressions Of The Ozarks: April 2022
SEP/18/22  Overture  Readers Poetic Notes To The Acts Of The Knights Tr...
SEP/17/22  To The Right Priors Three  Prologue To Ranger?, Being The Acts Of The Knights...
SEP/11/22  Voodoo Child  Ranger? Front Matter:The Song Of Machete Boy Panth...
SEP/10/22  Ranger? Draft  The Acts Of The Knights Trace In Awes South: A Nov...
SEP/04/22  Back The Blue  Wake Christopher, Chapter 6
SEP/03/22  Crowd Control  Wake Christopher, Chapter 5
AUG/28/22  Seattle Psychiatric Concern  Wake Christopher, Chapter 4
AUG/27/22  Oh My Planet!  Wake Christopher, Chapter 3
AUG/21/22  Interlude Of Uprising 
AUG/21/22  Rendings  Uprising # 8
AUG/20/22  At The Smart Desk  Wake Christopher, Chapter 2
AUG/14/22  Roarings  Uprising # 7
AUG/13/22  Wake Christopher  Wake Christopher, Chapter 1
AUG/07/22  Howlings  Uprising #6
AUG/06/22  Wake Christopher  Or Whack The Blue, A Novel
AUG/01/22  Sold In Print  The First Plantation America Novel Is In Hardback
JUL/31/22  Toby, Tobias, Tobbison  Uprising #5
JUL/30/22  Don Station  Interlude Of The Acts Of Awes West
JUL/24/22  Whiskey Wise Woman  Uprising #4
JUL/23/22  Pipe Maker  Scene 14 Of The Acts Of Awes West
JUL/17/22  Cooke City, Montana  Uprising #3
JUL/16/22  Stonish Giants  Scene 13.5 Of The Acts Of Awes West
JUL/10/22  Beartooth Pass  Uprising #2
JUL/09/22  Pemicin Bill  Scene 13 Of The Acts Of Awes West
JUL/05/22  Modeling Western Fantasy  Paul Bingham And The Crackpot Discuss Sorcerer! Th...
JUL/03/22  Bear Teeth Close  Uprising #1
JUL/02/22  Dog Foot Woman  Scene 12 Of The Acts Of Awes West
JUN/26/22  Uprising  A Wendigo Short Novel
JUN/25/22  Jesuit Brand Continued  Scene 11.5 Of The Acts Of Awes West
JUN/25/22  Jesuit Brand  Scene 11 Of The Acts Of Awes West
JUN/19/22  Sanctuary Road  American Dream Boat #11
JUN/18/22  Noose Continued  Scene 10.5 Of The Acts Of Awes West
JUN/12/22  Lenita  American Dream Boat #10
JUN/11/22  Noose  Scene 10 Of The Acts Of Awes West
JUN/05/22  The Caravan  American Dream Boat #9
JUN/04/22  Sword  Scene 9 Of The Acts Of Awes West
MAY/29/22  The Gas Station  American Dreamboat #8
MAY/28/22  Word  Scene 8 Of The Acts Of Awes West
MAY/22/22  Hadith Road  American Dreamboat #7
MAY/21/22  Cabin  Scene 7 Of The Acts Of Awes West
MAY/16/22  'Making Reading Cool Again'  The Arkham Podcast #1 - Dave Martel Of The Bizarch...
MAY/15/22  The Tent  American Dreamboat #6
MAY/14/22  Kettle  Scene 6 Of The Acts Of Awes West
MAY/08/22  Dream Boat  American Dreamboat #5
MAY/07/22  Tower  Scene 5 Of The Acts Of Awes West
MAY/01/22  Mom  American Dreamboat #4
APR/30/22  Sorcerer:  Scene 4 Of The Acts Of Awes West
APR/24/22  Uncle Cholo  American Dreamboat #3
APR/23/22  Sorcerer,  Scene 3 Of The Acts Of Awes West
APR/17/22  The Skinnies  American Dreamboat #2
APR/16/22  Sorcerer…  Scene 2 Of The Acts Of Awes West
APR/10/22  Rico  American Dreamboat #1
APR/09/22  Sorcerer?  Scene 1 Of The Acts Of Awes West
APR/08/22  Dream Trace  On Musing Under Overthought In Novel:1/6/22
APR/04/22  Writing Sorcerer  Dateline 2/4/2022, Cascadia, Washington
APR/03/22  American Dream Boat  A Tale Of The America Of 2048
APR/02/22  Sorcerer!  The Acts Of Awes West: A Tale Of Elder Earth
FEB/23/22  White Man’s Coffin  Part Two Of The Metaphysics Of LaFond Writing As H...
FEB/22/22  White Man’s Burden  Part One Of The Metaphysics Of LaFond Writing As H...
FEB/19/22  The Keel Of Time  Musings On The Ruination Of Good Fiction Under The...
FEB/17/22  On Fiction  Musings On Depicting Universal Reality: 12/15/21
FEB/12/22  Crackpot Movies?  Incognegro Cues The Crackpot On The Wheel Of Time ...
JAN/27/22  'You Called It'  Why Not Write To Sell?: Part 6, Near Future Scienc...
JAN/26/22  This Design  Why Not Write To Sell? Part 5, The Reason For The ...
JAN/24/22  Nestor & Achilles In Homo NGO Land  Why Not Write To Sell? Part 4, Sunset Saga Spoiler
JAN/24/22  Under The Simp Hand  Why Not Write To Sell? Part 3, Sunset Saga Exposit...
JAN/24/22  Cube In Print  The Redaction Of Bronson Caan: A Novel Of 2121
JAN/23/22  Of The Gimp Hand  Why Not Write To Sell? Part 2, Self Help And Journ...
JAN/22/22  In Uncle Sham's Shadow  Why Not Write To Sell? Part 1, History
JAN/04/22  'As Good As My Word'  A Dialogue With A Fellow Writer: Dateline 10/28-11...
DEC/31/21  A Master Automaton  Last Whiteman Chapter 10
DEC/26/21  Aging With A Story  'How Is Your Fiction Reflective Of Your Changing W...
DEC/24/21  A Minister Of Kites  Last Whiteman Chapter 9
DEC/17/21  A Sinister Tune  Last Whiteman Chapter 8
DEC/10/21  A Sister Of Night  Last Whiteman Chapter 7
DEC/06/21  Cube To Conclude On Substack  Pre-publication Fiction
DEC/03/21  A Grimly Risen Moon  Last Whiteman Chapter 6
NOV/26/21  A Madness Alights  Last Whiteman Chapter 5
NOV/19/21  A Grifter At Sunset  Last Whiteman Chapter 4
NOV/12/21  A Barrister Pox Afternoon  Last Whiteman Chapter 3
NOV/11/21  Redaction Eve  Cube 9
NOV/05/21  A Drifter By Day  Last Whiteman Chapter 2
NOV/04/21  Shaggirl Brenda  Cube 8
OCT/30/21  A Whisper On The Morn  Last Whiteman Chapter 1
OCT/29/21  Last Whiteman Front Matter  As If Written By Robert E. Howard In May 1968
OCT/28/21  Fan Drums At Sundown  Cube 7
OCT/21/21  Shaka Hulu  Cube 6
OCT/14/21  Cubeside  Cube 5
OCT/07/21  Slade Starr  Cube 4
SEP/30/21  Foot Girl Cheryl  Cube 3
SEP/24/21  Beyond The Pale Complete  At 28,305 Words
SEP/23/21  Hands  Cube 2
SEP/23/21  Cube  The Redaction Of Bronson Caan: A Novel Of 2121
SEP/16/21  Destiny Haft  Clued And Marius Cue The Crackpot On His Tusked Al...
SEP/16/21  The Home Of His Fathers  Haft 9: Interlude
SEP/09/21  To The Grotto Of The Shaman...  Haft 8
SEP/02/21  When The Stones Drop...  Haft 7
AUG/30/21  Dollar Joe In Print  As Maskland Continues To Evolve One Of Its Antiher...
AUG/26/21  Taking Up The Ax...  Haft 6
AUG/19/21  Upon The Stump Of The King...  Haft 5
AUG/12/21  Inward Toward The World Tree...  Haft 4
AUG/05/21  The Horn Of The Orks Sounded...  Haft 3
JUL/29/21  Outward From The World Tree...  Haft 2
JUL/22/21  The Texture Of Dawn...  Haft 1
JUL/22/21  Haft  A Tale Of Middle Earth: High Fantasy By James LaFo...
JUL/21/21  'Dere Goes Midal Urff'  The Most Reviled Science-Fiction Writer Tries His ...
JUL/08/21  'Shadow Stalker'  Don Quotays Cues The Crackpot On Neanderthals And ...
JUN/24/21  Dollar Joe Interlude  This Ends The Free Posting Of Dollar Joe, A Doomed...
JUN/17/21  Dollar Joe Chapter 8  The End Cap Continued
JUN/10/21  Dollar Joe Chapter 7  The End Cap
JUN/03/21  Dollar Joe Chapter 6  Junkout Jackson
MAY/31/21  Beyond Rainbow Bridge In Print  Editrix Completes A Single Hardcover In May
MAY/27/21  Dollar Joe Chapter 5  Karen’s Sign

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