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SEP/20/23 Walk To Safeway
A Day In The Life Of A Hobo, Portland, Tuesday, March 14
SEP/19/23 Walk To WINCO
A Day In The Life Of A Hobo, Portland, Wednesday, March 15
SEP/13/23 Food Desertification
Observations In American Over Speak: Portland, 3/4/2023
SEP/12/23 To Affront Yo Gawdz
Symptoms Of Uncle Sham’s Death Throes: Portland, 3/14/23
MAR/24/23 Jokers’ Dozen
A Card Game Designed And Developed With And For A 7-Year-Old Girl: 8/1/2022
MAR/23/23 Paveman Jones
Part 2: Superstitious Observations Of Maryland Weather: 8/1/2022
MAR/22/23 The Gray God Stirs
Part 1: Superstitious Observations Of Maryland Weather: 8/1/2022
MAR/21/23 ‘Settling Down?’
The Crackpot’s Brother Inquires As To The Crackpot Future: Ocean City, MD, 7/28/2020
MAR/20/23 ‘A Hot Plate’
Story Of A Predacious Negro At The Door: 7/31/2022
MAR/17/23 ‘Any Other Time’
Being The Better Man’s Best Man: 7/29/2022
MAR/16/23 Mike Mancuso Manifesto
A Man From The Logic Of Steel Is Now Highly Strident Placed Baltimore Pork: 8/2/2022
MAR/15/23 Negropolis Rising
A Ride Into Baltimore With The Man In The Hat: 7/14/2021
MAR/14/23 ‘Later, Baby’
Baltimore County/City/County/City By Foot And Bus: 7/18/2022
DEC/16/22 At Midnight
A Man Recalls A Dog Walk Become A Dawg Squawk: 6/22/2022 Baltimore
DEC/14/22 A Car?
What Might A Car Have Done For The Violence Guy: 6/23/2022
DEC/01/22 ‘This Fuggin’ Goldenskin Homeboy’
Harrowing Transport Tale #4 From Mescaline Franklin With Crackpot Advice: 6/18/2022
NOV/29/22 ‘This Fuggin’ Gorilla’
Harrowing Transport Tale #3 From Mescaline Franklin With Crackpot Comments: 6/18/2022
NOV/28/22 ‘The Fuggin’ Russian’
Harrowing Transport Tale #2 From Mescaline Franklin With Crackpot Advice: 6/18/2022
NOV/25/22 ‘Out There’
Harrowing Transport Tale #1 From Mescaline Franklin With Crackpot Advice: 6/18/2022
NOV/24/22 Guido & Rico
Two Ethnic New Yorkers Recall Public Schooling In The World’s Most Evil City: 6/18/2022
OCT/19/22 Grace Under Erasure
A Lifetime Retail Food Clerk Finding A Way Out: 5/21/2022
OCT/14/22 Where The Gawd Kangs Thrive
Scrap Family Bachelor Survival Under Gawdly Dominion: Part 3 Of 3: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
OCT/13/22 Surviving Boomer Jive
Scrap Family Survival In Under Gawdly Dominion: Part 2 Of 3: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
OCT/12/22 Young Tribe
Scrap Family Survival Under Gawdly Dominion: Part 1 Of 3: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
OCT/07/22 Cold Reality
Seeing Through The Fantasy Of 2022: Baltimore 5/8/2022
OCT/06/22 ‘Momz’
A Fractional Memoir Of Minimal Wage Retail Work: Baltimore, 5/6/2022
OCT/05/22 Dream Shop
A Survey Of Book Selections From Two Corporate Booksellers: 5/3-4/2022
OCT/04/22 Georgia Gold
Returning To Baltimore Bussing: Friday, 5/6/2022 8-10 A.M.
SEP/30/22 Return To The Beast
Impressions Of The East: 5/1-5/2022, Baltimore
SEP/29/22 Tom, Jerry, Sylvester
At The Chicago Junction Union Station Ticket Bar With A Babe And Three Characters: Saturday, April 30 2022
SEP/20/22 'To Secure A Hard Copy'
CW From Baltimore Wants To Know How He Could Get A Physical Copy Of A Book From The Crackpot: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
SEP/19/22 Blue & Yellow
A Sample Of Feedlot Propaganda: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
SEP/05/22 Mammy Train
From Chicongo To Saint Louis: Saturday, 4/9/2022
SEP/02/22 Cornfed
From Chicongo To Saint Louis: Friday, 4/7/2022
SEP/01/22 Closing Time
Drunk In Chicongo Friday Night/Saturday Morning, 4/7/2022
AUG/31/22 Kangs Of Chicongo
From Denver To Chicongo: Thursday, 4/6/2022, Part 2
AUG/30/22 Kang Of Da Rails
From Denver To Chicongo: Thursday, 4/6/2022, Part 1
AUG/29/22 Queen Of Tats
Into The Gaslight: Falling In Lust With The Enemy: Denver, Wednesday, 4/5/2022
AUG/26/22 Leaving
Notes On Writing On The Overton Railroad: 4/5/2022
AUG/25/22 Mind’s Eye
Coming Of Spring, Ending Of A Journal And Denying Nirvana: 4/4/2022 Denver
AUG/23/22 Writing On Old U.S. Route 40
A Denver Writing Spot: Sunday, April, 3 2022
AUG/22/22 ‘Because I’m That Bitch’
Living Downstairs From Homos: Denver, 4/2/2022
AUG/19/22 RTD
Experiencing A Functional Mass Transit System: Denver, 4/1/2022
AUG/15/22 Tony From Texas
Drinking At A California Dive Bar: 3/31 To 4/1 2022
AUG/12/22 ‘SaySay Say’
A Lady Of The Night Wonders About Dissidents Of The Blight: 3/29/22
AUG/10/22 ‘Precinct Of A Demigod’
Arriving In Jack London Square By Train: 3/26/22
AUG/09/22 ‘He Was Grilling You’
What Kind Of Man Is The Postmodern Good Samaritan?: 3/24/22
AUG/04/22 ‘The Crazies’
At The Bar: Southeast, Portland 3/3/2022
AUG/03/22 Dystopian Cream
A Return To Portland: 2/26 To 28/ 2022
AUG/02/22 ‘What, No Green?’
Some Irishman Had A Birthday Party Last Night: Portland, 3/18/22
JUL/28/22 Drinking On It
Two Carjacking Targets Relate Experiences: 3/9/22
JUL/27/22 ‘A Big White Guy’
Burglarizing A First Nation Conversation: Portland 3/9/22
JUL/11/22 Hunt The Rich
Banjo Sings The Song Of Violence And Han Silo Heralds The Deserved Fall: 4/14/2022
JUN/23/22 ‘Baltimore?’
Will The Silverback Ivory Hoodrat Return To The Foe Den? 3/3/2020
JUN/22/22 ‘How Are Things In Portland?’
The Brick Mouse Wants To Know: 3/3/2020
APR/26/22 Biker Abatement
T-Rex Wonders Of The Advantage To A Motorcycle Helmet In Yeti-to-Yeti Combat: 2/15/22
APR/25/22 Documenting The Death Of America
Han Silo And Hoary Hobo Discuss Next Level Street-Fighting: 2/13/22
APR/11/22 Pacific Coast League
Yeti Waters And The Crackpot Discuss West Coast Crime: 1/12/22
MAR/30/22 Matt
Making A Friend On The Rails: 12/19/21
MAR/29/22 Rose City Exit
Reflections On Training And Drinking In Portland Oregon: 12/24/21
MAR/28/22 ‘What Do You Tell People You Meet?’
Yeti Waters Wants To Know How Cracked Pottery Skulks Under The Thought Penetrating Radar: 12/15/21
MAR/27/22 Ken
A Portland Area Veteran Remembers His Service: 12/12/21
MAR/26/22 America The Future
A Brief Telling Of A Police Crime In Small Town Oregon: 12/12/21
MAR/23/22 The Cult
A Brassy Babe Speaks Of Yesteryear: 12/11/21
MAR/22/22 Denver Mint
An Interlude To Jimmy: 12/9/21
MAR/21/22 Rondell
Departure Point Portland: 12/7/21
MAR/20/22 Corby
An Early Retiree Discusses Work, Jail And Parenting: 12/8/21
MAR/19/22 The Bar Skill Set
Portland Joe Wants To Know How Cracked Pottery Interacts With The Denizens Of Drinking Establishments—and Why: 12/5/21
MAR/18/22 Among The Young Gods
Observations In The Nighted Graveyard Of The Hipster Soul: Portland, Oregon, 11/29/21
MAR/17/22 Restaurant And Bar Hits
Portland Joe Bounces A Weird Piece Of News Off Of The Cracked Pottery: 11/28/21
MAR/16/22 Smash And Grab
Portland Joe Wonders About Regulatory Looting: 11/28/21
MAR/15/22 Fog Of War, War Of Fog
Portland, Oregon, 11/26/21
MAR/14/22 Winter Calls
Portland, Oregon, 7:23 A.M.,11/21/21
MAR/13/22 Sentinel Of Soul
Portland, Oregon 11/26/21: Or How To Say ‘Fuck You, Hamslice’ Without A Word
MAR/12/22 Boots
A Hobo Lifestyle Inquiry: 11/24/21
MAR/11/22 'Baby, Please Don't Go!'
Tao Of A Bitchboy In A Bitch World: Portland, Oregon, 11/2/21
MAR/07/22 'Family'
Burglarized Conversations From The #14 Coastal Starlight Train: 10/28/21
FEB/13/22 ‘Grinding Poverty’
Yeti Waters Wants To Know Why Violent Crime Is The Kangly Way: 12/26/21
DEC/22/21 Sixteen Meat-Candles
Supply Side Wreckonomics Backdate: 10/7/21
DEC/21/21 Murder Nation
Mister Grey And Lynn Lockhart Cue The Crackpot On Greater Harm City: 9/30/21
DEC/08/21 Pigs With Gigs
News From VAB, Richard Barrett And Buffalo Bob: Dateline 9/19/21
DEC/07/21 Tweaker Paradise
More Ghost On Ghost Crime With Yeti Waters
DEC/04/21 Hideous Facade
Mask Dynamics: Street, Store, Sports, Workplace And Podium: 9/1/21
NOV/09/21 Ajay 2
Arrival In Salt Lake City, Safest Large City In The Cucked States Of Murica: 8/20/21
NOV/08/21 Ajay 1
Arrival In Salt Lake City, Safest Large City In The Cucked States Of Murica: 8/20/21
OCT/23/21 'Asshole!'
Old Devil Part 3: 8/10/21
OCT/23/21 'Sir!'
Old Devil Part 2: 8/1/21
OCT/22/21 Old Devil
Life Between Cancer And Hate: 8/9/21
OCT/16/21 Athletic Wearican Rise To Power
Crux Cross Gives A Maskland Update From Crew Ork Citay: 8/8/21
OCT/08/21 'I Get Mad'
A Last Night With A Longtime Lady Friend: 7/25/21
OCT/06/21 'We Are Short-Staffed'
The Quest For A Meal In A Once Great Medieval City: 7/26/21
OCT/05/21 'How Are The Mountains?'
A Brief Reunion With An Old Soul: 7/25/21
OCT/02/21 Knife Versus Martial Arts
A Big Ron Baltimore Cookout Combat Relation: 7/29/21
OCT/01/21 'The Wife'
Musings On The Passing Of The Motherly Quality: 7/29/21
SEP/29/21 'The Changing Of The Guard'
Nero The Pict Recalls A Reluctant Safari On 7/25/21
SEP/28/21 Bruce's Tree
A Widow Morning In Colgate, Maryland: 7/24/21
SEP/26/21 Boots On The Ground
The Crackpot's Federal Police Prophecy Is Come To Pass: 7/24/21
SEP/25/21 Jason
Lunch With A Fellow Writer: Carney, Baltimore County, MD, 1:30-3:30 P.M. 7/21/21
SEP/24/21 'Say You Love Me!'
Sixty Seconds On The Baltimore City Line: 12:45 P.M., Wednesday, July 21, 2021
SEP/21/21 When The Music Stops
Sensei Steve Queries The Crackpot On Hobo Viability Longevity
SEP/17/21 Weeds
A Walk Through Four Baltimore County Neighborhoods
SEP/14/21 'Any Sub Shops Out West?'
Big Ron Wonders About Dinning Out Differences From East To West
SEP/12/21 Into The Blue Zone
Hipster Enclaving On The Harm City Waterfront: Dateline 7/16/21
SEP/11/21 Headless Man Makes No News
Big Ron Relates The Underlit Side Of Gaslit Baltimore
SEP/10/21 Guilt City
Joe Slim Discusses The Medical Model For The Future American Hovel
AUG/29/21 Cucklords Of Maskland
Impressions Of Masking Behavior In Jersey, Pennsylvania And Maryland Spring 2021
AUG/24/21 'Poppy'
The Brick Mouse Wonders About Mexican Neighbors
AUG/23/21 'Why Mug You'
Mary Biscoti And Betty Manicotti Wonder At The Aggression Dynamics:Dateline 5/24/21
AUG/22/21 The 702 Bridge And Wotanathonics
And Other Discussions With Brian Jewell And Mister Grey
AUG/16/21 Divine Prejudice?
What Would Herodotus Say About Saint George Of I Can't Breathe?
AUG/06/21 Rob, The Neighbor
The Brick Mouse Has An Opportunity To Do The Right Thing: Harm City 7/7/2021
AUG/04/21 'How Do You Feel About...'
'The Loss Of The Americans?': Marc The Mexican Asks An Old Yeti, 7/9/21
AUG/02/21 'Mister Jim?'
Sensei Steve Asks The Crackpot The WQ?: 7/7/2021
JUL/31/21 This Way Wends
Musings On The Queer Future On My Last Day In Harm City: 7/30/21
JUL/30/21 Musings On Muggings
The First In A Series Off Brief Videos Concerning Brian Jewell's Memoir Of Life As Pallid Prey
JUL/22/21 'Beyatch!'
Coast To Coast Cultural Enrichment
JUL/21/21 Time Thief Watch
Teutonic Fist And The Crackpot Discuss The Best Reason For Discord, With Presidential Ratings
JUL/12/21 'Reading Between The Cheeks'
Manuel Wiseman Samuel Wants To Know What The Crackpot Knows About Buck Breaking
JUL/05/21 Back To The Water
Fells Point, A Historic Baltimore Enclave Under Occupation And The Medicalization Of The Nation: Dateline 6/19/21
JUL/02/21 A Tale Of Three Shithole States
Maskland Stories From Manny Soprano, Nero The Pict And Miss Ezz

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In June 2018 James LaFond, an urban blight journalist from Baltimore, Maryland, was driven from his hometown by savage tribesmen. With a writing income of $230 per month, he was sustained by readers across the nation. The journals in this collection were written during that period.
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