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MMA Gloves And Boxing  How To Save Your Hands When Fighting With Light Gl...
Maryland Cage Brawl, April 2012  Saturday April 14th: 6:00 Thru 11:30 PM, 800-plus ...
Practical MMA With Sifu Tom Clark & Coach Chris Clark  A Review Of The New Baltimore Area JKD Training Ce...
Preface, C1, C2  Inside The Ropes: Ranking The 145 Most Effective B...
Last Of The Greats  Inside The Ropes: Ranking The 145 Most Effective B...
The Original Heavyweight Rivalry  Inside The Ropes: Ranking The 145 Most Effective B...
The Most Accomplished Boxer (Sidebar)  Inside The Ropes: Ranking The 145 Most Effective B...
The Clinch (Sidebar)  Inside The Ropes: Ranking The 145 Most Effective B...
Kid Sexy  The Show Wrestler As Martial Artist
MMA Versus Self-Defense  The Case For A Consensus
Defense With The Stick  A Quick & Functional Method
The Vicarious Way  Watching Sport Combat For Self-defense Insights
Five Beautiful Deaths  The Biomechanics Of Survival
Guards (Sidebar)  Boxing Stances Or Postures: A Reference
Punches (Sidebar)  A Guide To "Legal" Boxing Blows
The Baddest Man On The Planet (Sidebar)  In The Sports ICU For Boxing's Last Rites
The Seven Eras Of Boxing (Sidebar)  A Brief Outline Of Boxing History
Bridging From Weapon To Empty Hand  Tips On Contact Weaponry Evolutions
An FMA Gathering  Bais Tres Manos With Jun Paliangayan: 10/6/2012
A Freestyle Stick Pipedream  A 2009 Report For PickYourFight Promotions
Speed Skull  The Speed Bag In Boxing Gyms And Martial Arts Scho...
The Unforgiven Fighter: A Film Review  Unforgiveable Blackness: The Rise And Fall Of Jack...
Developing Two And Three Step Weapon Drills  Integrating Strokes And Footwork For Combat
Sifu Arturo Gabriel & Society Of Tao  Hong Kong's Gangster Fist In Baltimore
Frederick's Kenpo Karate  Combat Cross-Training In Baltimore
The One Punch KO  Perspectives From Crime, Boxing & Contact Weaponry
Tale Of The Tape  Why HBO Sports Has It Wrong
Your Article Could Be Here  A Journal For The Modern Martial Artist
The Brutal Salsa  Bag Drill For Stick-fighting
The Lateral Redondo  Bag Drill For Stick-fighting
Coaching Versus Instruction  Notes On Teaching Perspectives
Planet Meathead  Rubbing Shoulders With MMA Dojo Rats
Sweep The Floor  Sifu David Lumsden On Discipline
Shoulder-to-shoulder For Twelve Rounds  A Dirty Boxing Brawl With Andre Berto And Robert G...
The Agonistics Code  A Modern Code Duello
The Fighting Edge  The Scrapped Second Edition Of James' First Book
The Sixth Beautiful Death  The Most Common Suicide Rehearsal In The Dojo
Professor Mike Donovan  The Boxer Who Invented The Punching Bag
Death Of A Hundred Dollar Shield  Notes On Realistic Crudity In Combat
Fighter's Gallery  Who Are You?
Rhee, Ali, Lee And Me  Learning How To Fight In The Surreal Seventies
The Boxing Bookshelf #1  Jake Shannon's Rare Boxing Compilation
Boxing For MMA: Fundamentals  Notes For The Boxing And/or MMA Coach
Gear Behaving Badly #1  Notes On Using Fencing Masks With Wooden Blunts
The Fights Of The Irish Travelers  Real Bare Knuckle Boxing: Volume 1
Kenpo Edged-Weapon Combatives 2013: Control  Countermeasures By Jim Frederick, Behavior & S...
Armored Wand Fighting  Ducking The Postmodern Pillow Fight
A Fresh Old School Approach To Training  Profile Of Online Boxing Coach Jason Van Veldhuyse...
American/FMA Combat Sets  Modern Agonistics Contact Weaponry Selections
Gladiatorial Combat Sets  Modern Agonistics Contact Weaponry Selections
Agon 2013  Modern Agonistics Challenge Meet
Old Men Talking, Young Men Fighting  Weight-juking, MMA & The Boxing Sleaze Disease
The Punching Bag  A Brief History Of The Boxer's Toughest Taskmaster
BJJ Champion Daniel Beleza  A Baltimore Area Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Seminar
FMA With Sifu Tom Clark  A Hybrid Jeet Kune Do Oriented Filipino Weaponry C...
Modern Fighter  A Contact Weaponry Video Archive
Headgear Brief  Keeping Your Head In Weapon Sparring And Competiti...
World Bais Tres Manos Seminar  Jon Bais Instructing
Agon 2013 Brief  Specific Procedures For Our May 25th Meet
Beautifully Brutal  Timothy Bradley Versus Ruslan Provodnikov
Boxing On A Dime  Terrence Crawford Schools Breidis Prescott
George Foreman On Catch Weight Fighting  Can't Wait On The Little Guy, Can't Coast On The B...
UFC: Best Of 2012 Year In Review  A Look At Our Best MMA Fighters
Stick & Dagger  Kinetic Photo Diary #1: Late March 2013
A Traditional Gold Belt Test  Shorin-Ryu Karate With Sensei Steve Jansen
The Boxing Bookshelf #2  Billy Edwards' Art Of Boxing
Tai Wai  By Sifu David Lumsden
Death Master Database  Where Is The Federal Archive Of Registered Black B...
Damien Kestle  Instructor Profile
Focus  Where Should You Look While Boxing?
Cold Steel Kukri Challenge  Five Blunt Machete Duels Scheduled For Agon 2013
...Hit To Break It  Guro Mike Pana, Expanding FMA And Boxing
Training With The Author  For Men Only: Effective May, 31 2015
Out Of The Ring  The Boxer's Self-Defense Dilemma
The Man Who Hated Jack Johnson  Gentleman Jim Corbett By Patrick Myler
Preparing For Your First Fight?  News Of An Upcoming Book By Jason Van Veldhuysen
Cultivating Contact FMA In The Age Of MMA  A Report For A Baltimore Area JKD Instructor
The Dog Brother  A Case Study In Parochial Miscommunication
The Master Without A Mask  A Case Study In Reality-based Esoteric Application...
The Boxing Book Shelf #3  Baltimore's Boxing Legacy By Thomas Scharf
FMA & Submission Combat Training  Baltimore Sessions As Of July 6 2013
Why I Am Not A Martial Artist  And Why I Am Content To Be An Unrepentant Barbaria...
Breaking The Combat Relaxation Barrier  Five Stick Sparring Methods Adapted From Boxing
As The Shadows Close In  Black Ajax By George MacDonald Fraser
No Uke News #1  The Gaijin Ranger
BJJ One Day Sminar  With BJJ Champion Daniel Beleza
Craig's Tune-up Routine  August-October 2013
Submission Combat Stroke Counts  Six FMA Counts & The Modern Agonistics Count
Combat Drills For Submission Stick Conditioning  Footwork, Coordination, Power & Stamina
The Mighty Right  Defining Your Money Punch
How We Fight  Defense And Counterpunching Instructional Video By...
No Small Thing  A Message From Dog Brothers Leader Marc Denny
Gabriel's Agon  Saturday, November 2, 2013: 2-4 PM
Focus Mitts, Not Punching Mitts  The Most Misused Tool In The Gym
'Doing The Short Man A Favor'  Shawn Porter Versus Julio Diaz: 9/13/13
‘Trench Warfare’  Badou Jack Versus Marco Antonio Periban: 9/13/13
Essential Stick & Blade Seminar  Saturday, November 9, 2013, 2-4 PM
Tournament Sparring Workshop  Saturday, October 12, 2013
The Man Who Broke Ali’s Jaw  A Tribute To 1970s Heavyweight Contender Ken Norto...
Speed  Quick Versus Fast
The Crooked Seven  The 7 Most Effective Stick Strokes With Economy Of...
Bryan Vera: ‘A Pawn In The Game’  A Heroic Underdog Beats The Beer Suds Out Off Juni...
The Straight Eight  The 8 Most Effective Knife Strokes
‘I Could Not Break’  Ruslan Providnikov Unleashing The Siberian Zombie ...
Lana: Evolution #1  Adapting Agonistics Principles For The Female Defe...
The Sharkee Solution  Handicapping Knife Sparring & Competition
In The Hip Hop Testosterone Hot Tub  John Rallo’s Shogun Fights IX October 26th 2...
Submission Combat Training  Fist Stick Blade
Training Punch Combinations  A 10 Step Progression For Boxers
OCT/31/13  Stabbing Erique  An Addendum To Winter Of A Fighting Life
NOV/04/13  The Straight Eight Triangle  An Agonistics Knife Application Drill
NOV/04/13  The Straight Eight Diamond  An Agonistics Knife Application Drill
NOV/05/13  ‘His Daddy Has A Set Of Bear Claws’  Irish Mike Perez Versus Magoned Abdusalamov, 11/2/...
NOV/05/13  A Brutal Hunt  Gennady Golovkin Versus Curtis Stevens, 11/2/13
NOV/05/13  Among The Three Wise Men  The History Of Grandmasters & Masters Of The M...
NOV/18/13  The Leftwing Nuke  Rau’shee Warren Versus Jovany Fuentes
NOV/18/13  ‘Just Another Step On The Ladder’  Marcus Browne Versus Karate Fighter Carlo Caudillo
NOV/18/13  ‘Youth Is A Good Thing’  Julian Williams Versus Jocihm Alcine
DEC/01/13  REMFs & Rambos  Notes For Writing Fiction: How Do Real Soldiers Fi...
DEC/02/13  ‘Just Doin’ The Job On Him’  Brandon Rios Versus Manny Pacquiao In Macau China
DEC/02/13  ‘I Am Not Speaker’  Ismayl Sillakh Versus Sergey Kovalev
DEC/02/13  ‘A World Class Stare-down’  Adonis Stevenson Versus Tony Bellew
DEC/08/13  The Sneaky Right  Tony Cygan Training For A Comeback
DEC/09/13  The Poison Hand Of Springtime  On The Feminine In Combat
DEC/11/13  Shanking Svetlana  A Minimal Gear Contact Progression
DEC/16/13  Backyard Valhalla  The Worst Combat Idea Since The French Knights Dec...
DEC/20/13  2014 Event Schedule  Modern Agonistics Submission Combat Meets
DEC/20/13  4th Annual Global Kenpo Karate Camp  Jim Frederick’s Kenpo Karate School, 8614 Lo...
DEC/21/13  Wing Chun Pai & Escrima Camp  Sifu Arturo Gabriel Instructing: March 15 & 16...
JAN/02/14  Submission Combat  Baltimore Area Training Schedule As Of 1/5/14
JAN/02/14  Not Breaking Your Hand  The First Step To Surviving A Stick-fight
JAN/03/14  Snake Blocker & The Babe  Selling Survival: Episode 13: Knife Fighting
JAN/12/14  The American Cane  Stick-Fighting: Self-Defense, Cane, Yawara, Umbrel...
JAN/21/14  Pocket Boxing: Part One  An Old School Punch For Ring & Cage
JAN/22/14  Boxing Babes  Coaching The Cardio Kick-boxer
JAN/27/14  ‘All The Right Spots’  Bryant Jennings Versus Artur Szpilka
FEB/03/14  The Boxer’s Wrist  15 Tips On Avoiding Training Injuries
FEB/15/14  Strong Side Roof Blocks  Set One: The Snake & The Fan
FEB/19/14  Federale Iron Men?  TALOS Should Be Operational In 2018
FEB/20/14  Lightsaber Arnis  FMA Wand Strikes Examined
FEB/21/14  Online Boxing News  Jason Van Veldhuysen Fulltime Coach & Author
FEB/24/14  The Shanking  A Blade-based Agon
MAR/03/14  Clinching In San Antonio  Orlando Salido Versus Vasyl Lomachenko
MAR/03/14  Savage Slugfest In San Antonio  The Rematch Between Boy Chavez And Bryan Vera, 3/1...
MAR/14/14  ‘Something Precious’  A Modern Munera For A Recently Passed Martial Arts...
MAR/21/14  ‘Martial Brothers’  On Growing Your Combat Clan
MAR/24/14  ‘35 Million Shoes’  War Is A Racket By Brigadier General Smedley D. Bu...
MAR/26/14  A Red Stripe Day  Eating Leather On The Downside Of Fifty
APR/09/14  When Your Outlaw Biker Buds Can’t Fight  Primordial Human Resources Development With Dante ...
APR/15/14  Ghetto She-beast Versus Boxer-babe  A Real Boxing Self-defense Story From Harm City, M...
APR/16/14  Slash & Thrust  An Agonistics Guide To Round-Robin Scoring With Bl...
APR/27/14  The Shanking Video  Saturday April 19th 2014
APR/29/14  Charles Versus James  A Modern Agonistics Challenge
MAY/02/14  Team Inebriation Versus Team Sober  An Agonistics Anonymous Update
MAY/06/14  Sympathy For The Goon  Combat Arts Pitfalls For The Big Man
MAY/08/14  Taking The Eyes  Notes On Training For A Blinding Defense
MAY/15/14  Gabriel’s Belt #1  The First Modern Agonistics Alpha Brawl
MAY/15/14  ‘Unorthodox Boxing In MMA?’  A Reader Asks James To Evaluate Nick Diaz’ B...
MAY/16/14  An Interactive Boxing E-book  Notes On A Book Preview From Jason Van Veldhuysen
MAY/18/14  Not Training For A Fight?  Why It Happens
MAY/19/14  Alpha Brawl #1 Video  5/18/14: Charles Versus James
MAY/19/14  ‘Who Would You Rather Be?’  Viktor Postol Versus Selcuk Aydin
MAY/19/14  Boxing And MMA?  Question & Answer With A Reader
MAY/19/14  ‘This Is Only A Twelve Round Fight!’  Juan Manuel Marquez Versus Mike Alvarado
JUN/02/14  ‘The Shortest Distance’  Carl Froch, The Most Technically Flawed Boxing Cha...
JUN/07/14  Simply Brutalful  Alexis Santos Versus Daniel Martz
JUN/12/14  Staying Fight Fit Past Terminal  Notes On Fight Conditioning Past Fifty Without Hea...
JUN/17/14  The Strip  Notes On The Fighter’s Subconscious Eye
JUN/17/14  Max Kellerman Eats Crow  Ruslan Provodnikov Versus Chris Algieri
JUN/17/14  Demetrius Andrade Versus Brian Rose  Another Throwback Fighter
JUN/20/14  Not Getting Punched  A Man Question From Adam
JUN/21/14  Special Operations Warrior Foundation  Help For America's Elite Fighters
JUN/26/14  ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’  SEAL Team Six By Howard E. Wasdin And Stephen Temp...
JUL/02/14  ‘Disciplined Adaptation’  Beginning Boxing: A Roadmap To Your First Fight By...
JUL/06/14  At The Gates Of Inebriation  A Combat Confessional
JUL/08/14  ‘2nd Platoon, Battle Company’  Sebastian Junger On Brotherhood
JUL/10/14  ‘Should I Identify Myself  As A Martial Artist?’: A Man Question From B...
JUL/15/14  Why The Brits Conquered The World  Underground Bare Knuckle Boxing In The UK By Vice
JUL/17/14  Worshipping In The Temple Of Ouch  Achieving Self-evolution Through Combat
JUL/18/14  Shadowboxing For Bare Knuckle  A Man Question From Brooklyn Shane
JUL/18/14  ‘Was Bruce Lee The Baddest?’  A Man Question From Quin
JUL/20/14  Bruce Lee Versus Craig Myers  Addendum To Was Bruce Lee The Baddest?, And Rhee, ...
JUL/31/14  Infantry Versus Tank Combat  A Video Heads Up On Stalingrad, 1993, The Tank Sce...
AUG/02/14  ‘Sci-fi Male Solipsism’  Beauties In Beast Mode: Why Are So Many Men Applau...
AUG/06/14  ‘Don’t Go There’  Sergey Kovalev Versus Blake Caparello And Right Le...
AUG/06/14  Count Draculich & Van Chavez  Diego Chavez And Brandon Rios Put On A Fouling Cli...
AUG/14/14  Survival Dating  The Hot Crazy Matrix: A Man's Guide To Women By Ta...
AUG/21/14  A Man Question From Craig  How Did George Benton’s Defensive Skills Com...
SEP/15/14  Surviving A Punchout  Keeping Your Teeth In Your Head
SEP/16/14  Fighting For Dom’s Helmet  Modern Agonistics Event Update
SEP/19/14  ‘I Want To Fight Professionally’  A Man Question From Oliver
SEP/23/14  ‘We Poked The Hornet’s Nest’  Afghanistan: The Battle For The Helmand Province B...
SEP/29/14  ‘Until Judgment Day’  America’s Secret Killers By Stephan Grey Of ...
SEP/29/14  ‘A Rusty Tin Can Marks Each Grave’  Untold Story Of The Iraq War ~ Commandos, Dirty Wa...
SEP/29/14  ‘I’m A Horrible And Nasty Person’  Hired Guns: Documentary On Mercenaries In Afghanis...
SEP/29/14  ‘The Triple-X Barrio’  Superpower For Hire: Rise Of The Private Military ...
SEP/29/14  ‘We Were One’  Terror At The Mall, An HBO Documentary: Now With T...
OCT/07/14  The Fighter’s Eye  Where Do You Stand In The Genetic Hierarchy Of Com...
OCT/07/14  How Do I Rate My Power?  A Man Question From Samuel
OCT/17/14  MMA And Honor  Understanding The Postmodern Paradigm In Physical ...
NOV/03/14  American Fist  The New Fighter’s View Of Boxing From PunchB...
NOV/06/14  Staying Alive  Managing Distance Against A Knife-armed Antagonist
NOV/13/14  ‘A Slick Ole Coon’  Bernard Hopkins Versus Sergey Kovalov
NOV/18/14  Death In The Ring  A Man Question From Adam
NOV/25/14  Roof Block Clinic  Sunday, November 30, 2014, 1:00 P.m. Jim Frederick...
DEC/15/14  The Altar Of The God Of Things  Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Conclusion
DEC/16/14  Honor Versus Hierarchy?  Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation: Chapter 7, Bo...
JAN/18/15  Breaking Down The Best #1  ‘Did Ali Have The Best Jab In Boxing?’...
JAN/22/15  Beating The Big Possum  Vitali Klitschko Vs Shannon Briggs
JAN/28/15  ‘Let The Weak Fall’  Or Let Her Get My Beer And Rub My Shoulders: A Col...
JAN/30/15  The Crossface In Boxing  Breaking Down The Best #2: Klitschko Versus Pulev
JAN/30/15  ‘Measuring With The Jab’  Breaking Down The Best #3: Klitschko Versus Leapai
JAN/30/15  Combat For Men  Empty Hand And Armed Training
JAN/30/15  ‘The Appropriate Level Of Vigilance’  Lone Wolf: February/March Black Belt Magazine Feat...
JAN/30/15  Finding Your Combat Space  How To Select A Worthy Training Venue
FEB/06/15  Slobber Knocking Mister Slick  Breaking Down The Best # 4: Ike Ibeauchi Versus Ch...
FEB/06/15  A Boxing B.S. Detector  A Quick Test Of Your Perspective Boxing Coach&rsqu...
FEB/06/15  ‘What Use Is It?’  'What Good Is It To Be The Better Man When The Mac...
FEB/09/15  Ultimate Dirty Boxing #1  Breaking Down The Best: Roberto Duran Versus Davey...
FEB/13/15  ‘What About Your Fight Record?’  A Man Question From Charles
FEB/17/15  ‘Rites Of Ascendancy And Self-Transformation’  THE CENTURION METHOD: COMPLETE AGE OF IRON EDITION...
FEB/20/15  Where Life Is Scarce  The Ghosts That Mould Us #3: Our Grandfathers
FEB/26/15  ‘In Queersville’  Breaking Down The Best: George Foreman Versus Ken ...
FEB/26/15  ‘A Heat That Georgia Can’t Bring’  The Reaper By Nicholas Irving, With Bary Brozek
FEB/28/15  The Most Brutal Heavyweight Brawl  Breaking Down The Best: George Foreman Versus Ron ...
MAR/06/15  ‘Muscular Conditioning For Stick Fighting?’  A Man Question From Athenian Alex
MAR/06/15  Becoming The Fulcrum For Your Fists  Breaking Down The Best: George Foreman Versus Jerr...
MAR/13/15  Stick & Blade Combat Clinic  Sunday May 3, 2015, 11:00 A.m. To 12:30 P.m.
MAR/13/15  Manny Versus Money  A Man Question From Bart
MAR/16/15  ‘His Bowl Of Flesh’  Sergey ‘Krusher’ Kovalev Versus Jean &...
MAR/20/15  ‘White Predator With Baseball Bat’  An Ancient Concussive Truth Revealed In Under A Mi...
MAR/24/15  The Pimp Hand Of Vietnam Tom  Big Versus Small: With Tips For Bus Fighters Who A...
MAR/24/15  Taking A Stick  From The Guy That Is Beating Your Ass With It: Big...
MAR/24/15  Attrition  Big Versus Small: How To Wear Down A Big Man Witho...
MAR/24/15  Squash That Twerp!  Big Versus Small: Christian Warrior Robert Gyer De...
MAR/24/15  When He's Big And Mean  Big Versus Small: On The Asphalt With An Offensive...
MAR/26/15  Cutting Angles On The Big Man  Big Versus Small: John Ruiz Versus Roy Jones Junio...
MAR/28/15  Bearded Boxing  ‘What Are The Rules And The History?’:...
MAR/29/15  ‘My Three Foot World’  No Hero: The Evolution Of A Navy Seal By Mark Owen
MAR/30/15  ‘What Does The Desire To Dominate Feel Like?’  A Man Question About Domination From A Female Read...
MAR/30/15  ‘Into The Sea Of Vampire Sheep’  The Pressure Project With Master Chim, Jack Donova...
APR/02/15  Bag Work  Building Stick Stroke Mechanics: Answering A Video...
APR/05/15  ‘Would A Boxer Beat A Karate Man?’  A Man Question From Mister Marshall
APR/05/15  Modern Agonistics  Just In Print From DarkEyedGirl Books
APR/08/15  Street Boxing?  A Man Question From Sean On Countering 'The Ghetto...
APR/09/15  The Switch Hitter From Hell  Hagler Versus Hearns
APR/15/15  “Hell Or High Water?”  The Psychological Conditioning Of The Postmodern U...
APR/15/15  A PUNCHER'S CHANCE: Part 1  Craig Myers Weighs In On Manny Versus Money
APR/16/15  ‘How Can You Say Soldier’s Are Slaves?’  A Man Question From An Army Reservist
APR/16/15  Getting Laid Is Not The Problem  Your Trojan Whorse: Preface
APR/16/15  ‘What About American Emasculation?’  A Man Question From Mescaline Franklin
APR/18/15  ‘We Exist To Be Expended’  Expert Testimony On Military Service From A Vetera...
APR/18/15  ‘Some Goon Shoot This Guy, Please’  Hallway Fight Scene: Oldboy V. Daredevil Analysis
APR/19/15  Pocket Boxing Versus Philly Shell  Ken Norton Vs Jerry Quarry
APR/21/15  The Truth About Boxing Wraps  Expanding On A Martial Arts Blogger’s Point
APR/21/15  Youth Versus Experience  Addressing The Blog Comment, ‘Young Boxers B...
APR/21/15  Forms In Boxing?  Correcting A False Assumption
APR/25/15  'Hell Or High Heels'  A Feminist ROTC Update From J.R.
APR/30/15  Agon 2015  Hosted By Pat & Lou Pierce, 6/14/15, At A Park...
APR/30/15  A Punchers Chance:Part 2  Craig Myers Weighs In On Manny Versus Money
MAY/07/15  To Eat Concrete  Columbine Joe! #5
MAY/11/15  ‘Checking Zoe’  Canine Cross-Training For The Stick Fighter
MAY/13/15  The Wedge Formation  How Could The Pigs Not Get Their Ass Kicked So Bad...
MAY/19/15  Does The ASP Baton Always Fail?  A Man Question From A Dude Named Massivewax
MAY/24/15  ‘MEN’ In ‘Our Emasculated Culture’  Notes On Recruiting Aspiring Men For The Tradition...
MAY/26/15  ‘An Alchemist In The Ring’  The Fight For Perfection: 47-0, The Beginning Of T...
MAY/26/15  ‘As Prophesized By The Ancients’  Warriors Who Ride The Wind: Flying Tigers, Fourtee...
MAY/28/15  ‘Kazoom!’  Joe Frazier KNOCKS OUT Jerry Quarry
MAY/28/15  The Lateral Head Stroke  The Mechanics Of Scoring The Stick-fighting Master...
MAY/28/15  AVD Combatives  Methods For Defending An Alternative Speaking Venu...
JUN/04/15  ‘The Survival Slide’  The Most Important Basic Combat Move For Urban Sur...
JUN/04/15  Stick Training With A Back Injury?  A Man Question From Ishmael
JUN/06/15  ‘Making My Own Fighting Stick’  A Man Question From Ishmael
JUN/07/15  Stick Takedowns  Two Single Stick Fights That Went To The Ground
JUN/12/15  ‘Interested In Your Fighting Development’  A Man Question From Gym Owner Dave
JUN/12/15  Erique's Agon  Sunday, June 14, 1:30-2 P.m., Jim Frederick's Kenp...
JUN/14/15  Stick-fighting Footwork Notes  A Stick Work Discussion With Dave
JUN/14/15  The Deception Of The Hand  Telegraphing Strokes And Punches
JUN/16/15  Erique's Agon Recap  A Contact Record
JUN/17/15  ‘They Took Out Entire City Blocks'  Dust Storm, Car Bombs And Confusion: Inside The Ba...
JUN/19/15  ‘A Career Spent In A Careerist Organization’  ‘B’ A Warrior’s Introduction To ...
JUN/24/15  The Survival Stick  A Combat Question From Mira
JUN/26/15  The Committed Hand  Notes From A Boxing Versus Wing Chun Sparring Sess...
JUN/28/15  An Audience With The Blade Master  A Seminar Review By Erique Watson
JUN/28/15  Stick Fighting Basics  Introduction
JUN/29/15  Fresh Meat Alert! [Confirmations]  Sean's Agon: Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 11:00 A.M., A...
JUN/29/15  ‘In Our Folly’  A Letter From Veteran And Author Samuel Finlay
JUN/30/15  Stick Fighting Terminology  Basic Body Mechanics
JUN/30/15  ‘Under The Heart’  A Man Question From Bill On Boxing Body Shots

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