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JAN/04/24 Iron Age Raiding Party Stuff
Grendel Hall Muses At The Murkin Beast In Its Feed Stall
DEC/31/21 Solomon Kane Or Conan?
Banjo Wants To Know Where To Start Reading Robert E. Howard
NOV/23/21 Haft And Almuric In Print
New And Old Fiction Of The Brutal Type
OCT/11/21 Into The Outer Dark
An Apology To Robert E. Howard: A Well Of Heroes Epilogue 5
OCT/04/21 Within A Devil Of Iron
Ode To An Escort Of An Atomized Soul: A Well Of Heroes Epilogue 4
SEP/27/21 Savage Protagonists
A Roll Call Of Robert E. Howard's Heroes: Well Of Heroes Epilogue 3
SEP/20/21 Barbarians As A Mythic Gate
The Elements Of Swords And Sorcery: Well Of Heroes Epilogue 2
SEP/13/21 Of The Outer Dark
Considering Robert E. Howard: A Well Of Heroes Epilogue 1
SEP/09/21 'Dodge Hell?'
The Heathen And The Thessalians By Robert E. Howard
SEP/08/21 'This Is The Age Of Youth'
Spanish Gold On Devil Horse By Robert E. Howard
MAY/24/21 The Last White Man Lost And Found
News For A Well Of Heroes And Robert E. Howard Readers
MAY/10/21 Super Zeroes
Devil Dick Cues The Cracked Pottery On Submissive Postmodern Savior Mythology
FEB/16/21 Hera’s Wrath
Musings On The Figure Of Herakles
FEB/14/21 John Carter Vs. Conan The Barbarian
Comparing The Pulp Fiction Of Edgar Rice Burroughs And Robert E. Howard
FEB/13/21 ‘A Hell Unfathomable’
The Return Of The Corsair: Chapter 15 Of Robert E. Howard’s Hour Of The Dragon
FEB/06/21 'A Dingy Ill-Famed Den'
The Black Hand Of Set: Chapter 14 Of Robert E. Howard’s Hour Of The Dragon
FEB/05/21 All Things Pulp Fiction
Rusty And Richard Barrett With The Cracked Pottery
JAN/30/21 'Like All His Race'
A Ghost Out Of The Past: Chapter 13 Of Robert E. Howard’s Hour Of The Dragon
JAN/16/21 'In A Black Boat'
Swords Of The South: Chapter 11 Of Robert E. Howard’s The Hour Of The Dragon
NOV/25/20 ‘Smashing, Crashing, Forcing The Fight’
John L. Sullivan By Robert E. Howard
NOV/17/20 ‘In The Doors Of Day’
The Ecstasy Of Desolation By Robert E. Howard
NOV/11/20 ‘Dim Unrest'
There Were Three Lads Who Went Their Destined Ways By Robert E. Howard
NOV/04/20 ‘In The Face Of The Rising Sun’
Symbols By Robert E. Howard
OCT/20/20 A Well Of Heroes 3
Available In Hardback From The Editor
OCT/16/20 ‘Deeds Of Men’
Roundelay Of The Roughneck By Robert E. Howard
SEP/21/20 'To Seek Below The Aspect Of Illusion'
A Coin From Acheron: Chapter 10 Of Robert E. Howard’s The Hour Of The Dragon
SEP/15/20 ‘I Chucked The Grind’
Emancipation And The Campus At Midnight By Robert E. Howard
SEP/14/20 After Chronological Conan
“I Finished The Lancer Conan Series, What Should I Read Next?” Plutonious Nimbus Wants To Know
AUG/26/20 ‘The Glad Hand’
Waterfront Law By Robert E. Howard
JUL/31/20 Well Of Heroes 3
Now In Print
JUN/08/20 ‘Since Nightfall’
Hawks Over Egypt By Robert E. Howard
MAY/23/20 The Iron Tower
James LaFond's Impressions Of It Is The King Or His Ghost: Chapter 10 Of Robert E. Howard’s The Hour Of The Dragon
MAY/08/20 Where Western Warriors Wend 2
A Dialogue With Richard Barret On The Western Warrior At Twilight
MAY/08/20 Where Western Warriors Wend 1
A Dialogue With Richard Barret On The Western Warrior At Twilight
FEB/14/20 Angela’s Children
Speaking With A Young Writer
JAN/24/20 'No Where On The Waking Earth'
The Rending Of The Veil: Chapter 7 Of Robert E. Howard’s The Hour Of The Dragon
JAN/10/20 Dark Agnes And Red Sonja
Crackpot Mailbox: The Sardinian Matrilineal Question
DEC/19/19 ‘From A Frozen Sleep’
A Dawn In Flanders By Robert E. Howard
DEC/18/19 We, The Damned
Crackpot Mailbox: C8 And James Chew The Metaphysical Phat
DEC/16/19 'Super Position'
And Other Mythic Concepts With C8 And James
DEC/16/19 ‘Vain Things Of Breath’
The Bride Of Cuchulain By Robert E. Howard
DEC/13/19 Myth
Considering The Shape And Shades Of Our Connective Soul
DEC/04/19 ‘Are You Not Writing As You Post?’
Crackpot Mailbox: Adel Delves Into The Graphomania
NOV/26/19 ‘Flower Of Night’
Scarlet And Gold Are The Stars Tonight By Robert E. Howard
NOV/19/19 'Even In Menace'
The Thrust Of A Knife: Chapter 6 Of Robert E. Howard’s Hour Of The Dragon
OCT/20/19 ‘In The Grip Of An Earthquake’
The Haunter Of The Pits, Chapter 5, Robert E. Howard’s Hour Of The Dragon
OCT/11/19 ‘Far From The Cradle Of Your Race’
The House Of Arabu By Robert E. Howard
SEP/15/19 'The Iron Harp'
James LaFond's Impression Of Dark Valley Destiny: The Life Of Robert E. Howard By De Camp, De Camp & Griffin
SEP/15/19 ‘Only The Wall’
The Gladiator And The Lady By Robert E. Howard
AUG/18/19 ‘The Burning Breath Of Azrael’
The Shadow Of The Vulture By Robert E. Howard
JUL/25/19 ‘Silence Drank The Voices’
James LaFond's Impressions Of From What Hell Have You Crawled, Chapter 4 Of Robert E. Howard’s Hour Of The Dragon
JUL/22/19 Conan The Banker?
Crackpot Mailbox: Lynn Lockhart Wonders About Banking As A Low-T Influence
JUL/14/19 Down The Storied Stairs Of Time
Crackpot Mailbox: Considering Conan The Jacksonian? By Joel T. Leggett On Jul 5, 2019
MAR/07/19 ‘Dog-Brothers’
James LaFond's Impressions Of The Cliffs Reel, Chapter 3, Robert E. Howard’s Hour Of The Dragon
FEB/27/19 'Death Stalked Grinning'
James LaFond's Impressions Of A Black Wind Blows, Chapter 2, Robert E. Howard’s Hour Of The Dragon
FEB/09/19 ‘The Open Gates Of Hell’
Oh Sleeper Awake: James LaFond's Impressions Of Chapter 1 Of Robert E. Howard’s Hour Of The Dragon
JAN/16/19 ‘Of Fear And Night’
James LaFond's Impressions Of The Hour Of The Dragon By Robert E. Howard
JAN/04/19 'A Tocsin Of Alarm'
James LaFond's Impressions Of Conan Loses His Axe By Robert E. Howard
DEC/28/18 Archetypology
Characteristics Of The Mythic Pulp Hero By James LaFond
DEC/13/18 'Growing Up As A Slave Thing'
Crackpot Mailbox: Mike_C & James Discuss The Conan Of John Milus Versus Robert E. Howard's Conan
DEC/11/18 Casting Kull And Conan
What Actor Would You Cast To Play The Iconic Barbarian Usurpers?
DEC/07/18 'Casting Solomon Kane'
What Actor Would You Cast To Play The Puritan Swordsman?
DEC/07/18 'To Ease Various Evil Men Of Their Lives'
James LaFond's Impressions Of The Blue Flame Of Vengeance By Robert E. Howard
DEC/05/18 'My Sour Friend'
James LaFond's Impressions Of The Right Hand Of Doom By Robert E. Howard
NOV/27/18 ‘For God’s Sake’
James LaFond's Impressions Of Skulls In The Stars By Robert E. Howard
NOV/20/18 'Each Deathly Eye'
James LaFond's Impressions Of Death’s Black Riders By Robert E. Howard
NOV/16/18 'Drowned Unearthly Things'
From A Well Of Heroes
OCT/26/18 ‘A Landless Man’
A Writer’s View Of The Trajectory Of Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane By James LaFond
OCT/24/18 'Thinkers And Watchers'
Crackpot Mailbox: Irish Snake Charmer Has A Heroic Podcast Find
OCT/14/18 Kane Posting
Crackpot Podcast 47
SEP/12/18 'Kindred To My Soul'
James LaFond's Impressions Of This Is A Young World & The Ages Stride On Golden Feet By Robert E. Howard
SEP/02/18 'Purple Gods Of Morn'
James LaFond's Impressions Of Earth-Born By Robert E. Howard, Reading From Pages 82-83 Of A Word From The Outer Dark
AUG/13/18 A Bronze Age Warlord
Considering A Hero Grave
AUG/04/18 ‘This Impetuous Chieftain’
Could This Be The Man That Kull, Conan, El Borak And Black Vulmea Were Modeled Upon?
JUL/05/18 Monster To Boss
The Heroic Visons Of J.R.R. Tolkien And Robert E. Howard By James LaFond
JUN/20/18 ‘The Pulse Of Life’
James LaFond's Impressions Of A Moment By Robert E. Howard
JUN/13/18 ‘Against The Sunset’
James LaFond's Impressions Of Autumn By Robert E. Howard
JUN/11/18 ‘Slave Of The Greater Freedom’
The Adventurer And Shadow Of Dreams By Robert E. Howard
MAY/20/18 'This Bad Mofo'
Captain John Smith: The Inspiration For Solomon Kane And Conan?
MAY/15/18 ‘To Die’
James LaFond's Impressions Of Two Men By Robert E. Howard
FEB/17/18 Elemental Omens
A Masculine Journey With Bart Maney
JAN/10/18 Robert Stark Interviews James LaFond
The Stark Truth With Robert Stark
JAN/07/18 ‘What Do You Mean By Peril?’
Experiential Impressions Of Man Eaters Of Zamboula, Also Published As Shadows In Zamboula By Robert E. Howard
OCT/11/17 The Song Of Amheirgin
Circa 1270 B.C.
AUG/23/17 Hero Song Of The Thugs
Lynn Lockhart Questions The Postmodern Urban Humbaba
JUN/15/17 ‘Ye Are Men’
Reconsidering Robert E. Howard
MAY/12/17 ‘People, Not Pots’
Once Again, Robert E. Howard Saw The Truth Where Anthropologists And Historians Have Posited Lies
APR/28/17 A Well Of Heroes: Two
Literary Impressions Of The Prose And Verse Of Robert E. Howard Paperback – April 28, 2017
FEB/24/17 Irish- And Scottish-American Heroes
El Borak And Other Desert Adventures By Robert E. Howard
FEB/20/17 ‘A Defining Trait Of Humanity’
Paideia And Colonization By Thomas McEvilly From The Shape Of Ancient Thought
FEB/19/17 Howard And De Camp?
Dave Wants To Know Which Edition Of Conan Tales Our Sons Should Read
DEC/28/16 'Sword And Fist?'
A Man Question About Robert E. Howard's Literary Swordsmanship From Joel
SEP/30/16 Twelve Tears For The Goddess
Homer, Howard, Melville, Junger And The 12 Most Masculine Stories In Western Literature
SEP/28/16 'The Ferocity Of A Tiger'
The Totemic Imagery Of Robert E. Howard
SEP/02/16 Ebon Throne
Overture To Dark Art Of An Aryаn Mystic
AUG/29/16 'The Writer Of Today'
Robert E. Howard, As A Literary Mirror
AUG/26/16 Perspective Break
When Will There Be More Robert E. Howard?
JUL/11/16 Summer Dream
Retooling The Nonfiction Mind
JUL/10/16 ‘Did Robert E. Howard Hunt?’
A Man Question From Ishmael
JUL/09/16 The White Stranger
Melissa And Tammy In Dindustan
JUL/07/16 The Primal Hero
Hunter-Gatherer And Settled Origins Of Heroism: A Survey Of 12 Epics, From Gilgamesh To The Lord Of The Rings
JUL/07/16 ‘Complacent, Routinary, And Egomaniacal’
The Active Side Of Infinity By Carlos Castaneda
JUL/01/16 ‘War And Faith’
(2) The Seven Ages Of Britain - Age Of Worship (1170-1400)
JUN/30/16 Seven Faces Of The Hero
The Fundamental Attributes That Define The Hero
JUN/27/16 'Torches For A King’s Pyre!'
The Uncertain Genesis Of The Most Persistent Character In Modern Masculine Fiction
JUN/24/16 Alpha And Omega
Leader And Outcast Heroes In Myth, Fiction And History
JUN/24/16 ‘The Garlic Eaters’
The Little People By Robert E. Howard
JUN/23/16 ‘The Most Violent Aryаn Heroes?’
A Man Question From Max
JUN/23/16 A Well Of Heroes: One
Literary Impressions Of The Prose And Verse Of Robert E. Howard Paperback – June 23, 2016 By James LaFond
JUN/19/16 'Raping A Virgin Of The White Race'
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly By Sergio Leone, With Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach And Lee Van Cleef
JUN/11/16 Kinsmen And Farslayer
Developing Impressions Of The Heroic Subtext
JUN/10/16 A Well Of Heroes: Two
Posts Beginning 6/10/16
JUN/10/16 REH Feature Reviews
The Series Scheme For A Well Of Heroes—Literary Impressions Of The Prose And Verse Of Robert E. Howard
MAY/31/16 ‘A Mythological Index’
A Man Question From Trevor
MAY/28/16 Overture
A Well Of Heroes: Volume One
MAY/23/16 ‘In A Devil Of A Mess’
The Feminine View Of Conan
MAY/23/16 Conan’s Mating Standards
A Survey Of The Fictional Barbarian’s Leading Ladies, Love Interests And Estrogenic Impedimenta
MAY/10/16 No Super Soldier Soap Opera
Artifice In Heroic Fiction And The Unique Contribution Of Robert E. Howard
MAY/06/16 Of A Scribe
On Reviewing Heroic Fiction

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