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By This Axe!
The Rebirth of an Ancient God in Modern America (Novelette)
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By This Axe!
This myopic adventure blends military science-fiction and mythic fantasy as Yule First Warrior of the Eternal Hall and God of War over Men is cast down from Heaven to wander 21st Century America in a brutal quest for a much coveted head that remains maddeningly attached to the body of a meddlesome prophet.
Parental Warning: Explicit sexual situations, extreme violence and brutality.

Yule First Warrior of the Eternal Hall, God of War over Men, is reawakened by the Supreme Goddess and made to answer for his betrayal of his brother and sister deities.
...With that she seized him in her slathering jaws and bounded out of the Hall and up the tale of the great serpent that girded the World of Men. She ran through the everlasting forest of spikes that sprouted from the spine of the Worldgird Serpent. Day gave way to night as they circled the spherical World of Men, and then gave way to night again as she finally ran between the mountains that were the horns of her mighty pet. They now stood above the shimmering night-shrouded Earth, sparkling with the ever present yet pathetic attempts of men to light their darkened world. He dangled there above a vast world of puny creatures made in his mighty image. Then, with a turn of her acre-long snout she cast him down through the clouds, and he fell…

Zack Sandlin, February 2012
"This is a great piece of American literature. I was so into it I almost missed my stop twice. My favorite part was the limo scene and the purple scarf. I was laughing so hard I had to put it down!"
"Yule or Yo - had me rolling on the floor laughing. How odd earth would be to a true super-being. The description of his mother made me a little sick to my stomach, more so then the battle at the end. You really know how to write gruesome battle scenes—so vivid. Your descriptions of the car-Charger and the motorcycle were great. I loved how he took out the drug-dealers. I could really see his gleaming axe. This story was really deep and had a lot of metaphors."

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