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$ 5
Barbarism versus Civilization
Seeking a Postdomesticated Life
Dissident author James LaFond makes the case for Barbarism over Civilization, as a guiding masculine principle. If that bothers the perspective reader, then buy a pack of darts alongside the book and be sure of an enjoyable read whether you concur or not.
$ 15
On the Overton Railroad
A Collection of 11 Travel Books from 2018-19
In June 2018 James LaFond, an urban blight journalist from Baltimore, Maryland, was driven from his hometown by savage tribesmen. With a writing income of $230 per month, he was sustained by readers across the nation. The journals in this collection were written during that period.
$ 10
The Year the World Took the Z-Pill
Five Books from the Paradigm Year
In 2020 the author returned to the Insane East, where two friends wondered how not to be eaten by The Beast.
$ 7
Under the God of Things
The Masculine Condition within the Belly of the Soul-Eating Beast Known as Civilization
This Masculinity Omnibus contains 10,000 words of select essays from 2013-16 and the books: The Third Eye, Incubus of Your Sacred Emasculation, and At the End of Masculine Time
$ 6
Honor Among Men
Maintaining Masculine Identity in a Dishonorable World
Originally subtitled: Deeds, Fidelity, Autonomy, Value and Property: Supplement to Masculine Axis
$ 5
Son of a Lesser God
A Memoir of Fatherhood by a Mountain Man's Grown Son
Ishmael's recollections are given in his own words. The biographer's comments appear in italics and in verse.
$ 7
Masculine Axis
A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism
The Masculine Axis is the center; the center of gravity, the axis of rotation, the polar reference of the world we live in.
Harm City
$ 5
Thriving In Bad Places
Studies in Awareness, Avoidance and Counter-Aggression
Thriving In Bad Places is a book that posted exclusively on the Singletraveldude website. It is here released for the first time on this site. 2016, 160 pages
$ 10
Let the World Fend for Itself
Big Ron's Baltimore: A Working Man's View of Urban Blight
Let the World Fend for Itself is Big Ron's message to his fellow postmodern men as well as the story of our ruined city.
$ 5
Your Trojan Whorse
The Manual of Female Ownership
The Little Man in the Boat Needs a Captain!
$ 7
Taboo You
Way of the Terminal Man
Thirty years alone, on the streets of Baltimore without a friend, a gang, a club, or even a faithful dog to watch his back, has taught the author seven truths about living alone in a dangerous world. LaFond has alternately been the target of police aggression, black gang violence, and white supremacist assassins. Taboo You was written for those few men who find themselves alone in a world they do not agree with; a handbook for militant individuality in a collectivist age. If you vote, don’t buy this book.
$ 3
Menthol Rampage
Jay Jay Brooks is Dumped, Fired, Fliped Off, and Pissed Off
A Harm City Novelette, with a cast of made-for-noir Characters drawn from the Author's urban oral history.
$ 3
Understanding Assailant Behavior
In this eye-opening piece the author utilizes 16 brutal and hilarious true tales to illustrate how those who hunt us make lethality-enhancing and risk-limiting choices in their endless quest to separate us from our money, our virginity, our piece-of-mind, and our body.
$ 3
The Lesser Angels Of Our Nature
Coming of Age in a Racist Society
This troubling memoir chronicles the aggression of ideas that fuels the violence and inequity that engulfs us. The author recounts 24 tales of prejudice and hatred as he retraces his life from innocent boyhood, through a troubled youth and savage adulthood, and into fatalistic middle-age; a life lived within a violent, fractured, self-hating society at war with its own reason for being.
$ 5
When You're Food
A Fighter's View of Predatory Aggression
Engaging urban survival guide, brutal oral history and outrageous memoir, this disturbing book makes the case that civilization is a lie, human society is essentially cannibalistic, and you are on the menu. If you like Harm City you will love this; it's LaFond at his most politically incorrect.
$ 5
The Acts of Awes West: A Tale of Elder Earth
A mind with no name, working weird wills in a world long ago fallen insane, the Sorcerer is a seeker searching for Powers Unuttered, traversing a world riven by a false meridian. A Unique American Fantasy.
$ 10
America the Brutal
Short Novel Collection #1
Four Short Novels with Law Enforcement Themes: Ghost Snatcher, The Last Good Cop, Wake Christopher aka Whack the Blue, and Writ Hate
$ 10
Dark, Distant Futures
Short Novel Collection #2
Four Science-Fiction Short Novels: Supplicant Song, Confessor, Prentice Dolphin, Beyond the Pale
$ 10
Song of the Secret Gardener
The Jericho Bone and 4 other Historical Fantasies
The Jericho Bone (an updated edition of Black and Pale), Drink Deep the Night, and the short novels Yusef of the Dusk, Ire and Ice, and Under an Iron Crown
$ 12
Fiction Anthology One
7 Novelettes from Past & the Thunderbird collection
By This Axe!, Soter's Way, Organa, Buzz Bunny, Riding the Nightmare, God of War, and Thunderbird
$ 15
The Sunset Saga Complete
Science Fiction
Of the Sunset World, Pillagers of Time, Cities of Dust, Seven Moons Deep, and bonus prequel Out of Time
$ 3
Book of Nightmares
Being a Chronicle of Select Nightmares
The dreams James LaFond has allowed his readers access to are markedly energetic, vivid, and adventuresome in large part. While many of the dreams do contain violence, the violence rarely involves real bloodshed and murder, although there is one that comes close, as I recall. And a few of them are just simply downright childlike, fit as a fairy tale, touching, and charming.
Modern Combat
$ 5
Solo Boxing
Learning and Applying Punches for Fitness, Competition and Survival
The author of The Punishing Art and The First Boxers, details the mechanics and nuances of the four basic boxing punches in numerous variations, with notes on boxing, MMA, bare knuckle and self-defense applications as well as details on training equipment. 13 variations of the right hand and numerous bilateral training drills are included in this unique boxing resource.
$ 10
On Combat
Practical & Experiential Handbook of Autonomous Combat
A handbook of advice for practitioners of the armed and unarmed combat forms who fight for physical, moral and legal survival in this evil world. The capstone sequel to: The Fighting Edge, Winter of a Fighting Life, Letters from Planet Meathead, American Fist, Thriving in Bad Places, Let the Weak Fall, The Punishing Art, Twerps, Goons and Meatshields, Being a Bad Man in a Worse World, and The Combat Space
$ 10
The Combat Space
Essence - Ring - Cage - Duel - Survival
In The Combat Space James LaFond takes the reader through five fields of the combat experience: Mind & Body, Boxing, MMA, Stick & Blade use, and postmodern survival applications from awareness to legal preparedness.
$ 12
The Fighting Edge
Using Your Martial Arts to Fight Better
Once only available in hard-copy, this year 2000 title is now available for download at the JL store!
$ 6
Logic of Force
A Fighter's View of Blunt-Force Encounters
Once only available in hard-copy, this year 2012 title is now available for download at the JL store!
$ 25
Logic of Steel
A Fighter's View of Blade and Shank Encounters
A Classic from 2001 newly available at the JL store!
$ 5
Winter of a Fighting Life
A Kinetic Memoir
James LaFond has been fighting for longer than most active fighters have been alive. This book chronicles his many injuries: how, who, where, why, when, and why not! 11 photos and 68 pages of LaFond getting his butt kicked; a must read for anyone who dislikes the man!
$ 3
The Greatest Boxer
Who really was the Greatest? Rather than argue the point the author developed a system for using a fighter's record to determine his greatness as a boxer. Also includes rankings for the toughest, KO artists, undefeated champions, fighters who never lost a decision and weight class rankings.
$ 10
Advent America
Preconditions for Rebellion in Plantation America
Plantation America saw hundreds of acts of rebellion, unrest, insurrection, revolt and even attempted exodus. In this, the tenth of thirteen volumes, the author surveys the history of a rebel nation, whose standard historical accounts remarkably omit the rebellious aspects of its gestation.
$ 5
Orphan Nation
Child Bondage in the Anglo-American Experience
Background research for a novel on child bondage, not an academic history.
$ 3
Blue Eyed Daughter of Zeus
A Counterculture Exposition of an Unforgiven Book
Hobo author of the banned Barbarism versus Civilization, attempts to summarize a book whose author was executed for his literary work 20 years before his own misbegotten entry into our field of sorrow.
$ 10
The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
The Foundation of Our Misbegotten Nation
Volume 9 of the Plantation America Project: The Companion Volume to Cracker-Boy
$ 15
A History of Plantation America:1607–1865
686 pages of buried facts and exhumed truths, including over 100 runaway slave advertisements, original, annotated texts from Plantation America, and proof that many a race was enslaved to feed man's timeless greed.
$ 20
Broken Dance
Parts 1 thru 3
A Figther's View Of Boxing & Prize-Fighting From Pre-History to the Death Of Alexander. More than 100 exclusive illustrations by Joseph Bellofatto Jr. The First Boxers, The Gods of Boxing, All-Power-Fighting. 454+ pages, 147 illustrations, 23.1 MB download.
$ 8
Broken Dance: Volume III
A study of ancient Greek combat arts including: the arts and culture of arête [warrior-virtue], pale [wrestling], pentathlon [five exercises], pankration [all-power-thing]; rankings of historical fighters; appendices; and a 1000+ word Hellenik Glossary. 145+ pages, 31 illustrations, 5.9 MB download.
$ 8
The Gods of Boxing
Broken Dance: Volume II
A comprehensive study of ancient Greek boxing contests, training, methods, politics, and personalities. Every aspect of the ancient boxers' life is uncovered. Meet the heroes, villains, gods, and even a pre-Christian saint, who fought before the sacred altars of Thunderchief and the lesser Olympians. 189 pages, 69 illustrations, 10.2 MB download.
$ 8
The First Boxers
Broken Dance: Volume I
A systematic investigation of the origins of boxing; a biomechanical index of boxing methods; an exploration of sacral prizefighting in Babylon; the methods of the stick-fighting boxers of Egypt; and the secrets of the mysterious boxer kings of Crete. 120 pages, 47 illustrations, 7.8-MB download.
$ 7
By the Wine Dark Sea
A Sourcebook for Adventures Set in Ancient Hellas: 650 B.C.
By the Wine Dark Sea is a sourcebook of martial life and heroic themes set in Archaic Hellas in 650 B.C.
$ 7
Adventure Role Playing Game
The author of Tribes, Fights and The Sunset Saga has written an RPG focused on small scale adventures involving protagonists that are not superhuman, but truly human. What might it be like to be thrust into harrowing circumstance when you are not a superhero?
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