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Black & Pale
Fruit of The Deceiver Omnibus Edition
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Black & Pale
This omnibus edition includes the novella Fruit of The Deceiver (Book One: The Black Horseman), the novel Forty Hands of Night (Book Two: The Pale Horseman), the never before published vignette Seeds of The Deceiver, and the short The Song of Jeannot.

Dust Cover
In the year 1201, in the midst of the worst famine in recorded history, the adults of Egypt waged a war of extermination upon its children. Nearly every child of one of the wealthiest and militarily secure nations on earth, was hunted, captured, killed, and then eaten, by strangers, parents, and grandparents. Though the poor had nothing else to eat but their young and their dead, the wealthy engaged in child-eating—as well as the gourmet preparation of overweight people—as a culinary art.
The travelling doctor, Abd al-Latif, left a detailed, yet reluctant, account of this year of grisly feasting. This is his story.
Table of Contents
  • Fruit of The Deceiver (Book One: The Black Horseman)
  • Author’s Notes
  • Prologue: The Jericho Bone
  • Chapter 1: The Lone Quill
  • Under the Wolf’s Tail
  • The Subtle One
  • Chapter 2: A Man Well-traveled
  • Chapter 3: Fisherman of Tennis
    • The Weeping Reeds
    • The Fakir
  • Chapter 4: Enter The Sign Of Aires
    • House of Plenty
    • A Physician’s Duty
    • Enter the Sign of Aires
  • Chapter 5: Children of The Poor
    • Those Most Vile
    • Tent of the Damned
  • Chapter 6: The Commandant’s Palace
    • The Hippopotamus
    • The Lamb
    • The Hawk
    • The Ibis
    • The Tug-of-War
    • The Horseman
    • The Fat Baby’s Mother
    • The Lily-patch
    • The Day of Reckoning
    • Two Pieces of Silver
    • The Day of Retribution
    • The Poor
  • Chapter 7: The Fallen Veil
    • The Jihadist
    • The Midwife
  • Chapter 8: The Bookseller
    • The Last Candle
    • The Ruffians of Ahmad ibn Touloun
    • Knives Under The Moon
  • Chapter 9: A Man You Can Count On
    • The Tomb of God’s Name
    • Song of The Deceiver
    • Mud Mad Hands
  • Epilogue: Baby of the Lilies
    • River of Repose
    • Into The Moon
  • Forty Hands of Night (Book Two: The Pale Horseman)
    • Protagonists in Order of Appearance
    • Author’s Notes
    • Prologue: Locusts
      • Moses
      • Locusts on the Tree
      • The Pale Horseman
    • Chapter 1: The Basket
      • Geographical Note
      • Under The Vulture Moon
      • For Shame’s Sake
      • The Path to Hell is Paved with Stakes
    • Chapter 2: After Dusk
      • The Wanderer’s Way
      • The Slave Girl
    • Chapter 3: The Newlyweds
      • Paradise Damned
      • The Night Alive
      • The Midnight Lovers
    • Chapter 4: The Market
      • The Eye of Dawn
      • The Wretched Stall
    • Chapter 5: The Stakes
      • I Stand in Your Shadow
      • A Poppy Tale
      • Master of The Stakes
    • Chapter 6: The Table
      • The Fear of Snouts
      • To Drown in Rosewater
      • The House of Bengar el-Fez
      • The Pit of Bengar el-Fez
      • The Licking of Knives
    • Chapter 7: The Horseman’s Wife
      • The Mourning Bird
      • The Ravening Way
      • The Baby Stealing Rascal
      • The Last Baby
    • Chapter 8: The Quill Hajj
      • As the Wind Blows
      • The Reed Caliph
      • The Beggar
      • Thirty Years of Sorrow
      • We the Weeping
    • Chapter 9: Passerby Isle
      • The Couch Unkind
      • The Ruffians of Raudha
    • Chapter 10: The Forsaken Spot
      • The Dry Quill
      • The Grocer of Atfih
    • Chapter 11: The Rascals of Misr
      • By The Wishing Well
      • The Ruin of Misr
      • The Inevitable
      • The Rascals of Karafa
      • Under the Butcher’s Cloak
    • Chapter 12: The Harvester’s Sickle Road
      • The Turk
      • The Candle
      • Beneath the Wagon’s Wheel
    • Chapter 13: Eyes of The Frank
      • A Pain in My Well-worn Ass
      • Shaykh Metawi al-Akbar’s Ear
      • The Back Door to Hell
      • Eyes of the Frank
    • Chapter 14: Forty Hands of Night
      • The Long Hand of Alamut
      • A Cloven Dawn
      • Forty Hands of Night
    • Chapter 15: Fruit of The Deceiver
      • The Faceless One
      • Seven Hells on My Heels
      • Walking to Hell
      • A Man Well-compensated
    • Epilogue: I, Locust
      • Ebil Alone
      • Mother Tree
      • Professor Jeannot
  • Seeds of The Deceiver
    • Circa, 73,000 B.C.
    • 1201 A.D.
  • The Song of Jeannot
    • My Mamaloi
      • My Boy
      • Devil's Island
      • Papaloi
    • Wet Me Dead
      • Clay-skin Man
      • Oh Papaloi
    • Drink Me Dry
      • Upon the Poop Deck
      • Midnight Low

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