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MAY/03/24 Battle
An Introductory Table Top War Game Simulation
APR/24/24 Nerder, Please!
The Graphomaniac Designed A Wargame And Wrote An RPG Setting
JAN/04/24 What Is It About Playing?
Crack Man Cues The Crack Pot
JAN/04/24 Pizza Wars?
Publishing Tabletop Games Online
NOV/23/23 Silver Gate Of Wormz
Crag Mouth #10: Interlude
NOV/22/23 Stonnish Dens
Crag Mouth #9
NOV/21/23 Crag Mouth Heap
Crag Mouth #8
NOV/20/23 The North Track
Crag Mouth #7
NOV/17/23 Weeper Bog And Cedar Forest
Crag Mouth #6
NOV/16/23 Willow Hamlet: Camp Continued
Society And Personalities: Crag Mouth #5.1
NOV/15/23 Willow Hamlet: Camp
Society And Personalities: Crag Mouth #5.0
NOV/14/23 Willow Hamlet: Stockade
Physical Description: Crag Mouth #4
NOV/13/23 Angel Of Dawns
The Front Tier To The Scarlet River: Crag Mouth #3
NOV/10/23 The Politics Of Passage
Barrier Town To Willow Hamlet: Crag Mouth #2
NOV/09/23 Overwatch Fief
Crag Mouth #1
NOV/08/23 Crag Mouth Draft
A 44-Year-Old Role Playing Adventure Reconstructed
NOV/07/23 Tranny Chess
Rules For Play With Two Queens: 3/27/2023
The Atom Bomb With Lame Gaming News: 2/24/2023
MAR/24/23 Jokers’ Dozen
A Card Game Designed And Developed With And For A 7-Year-Old Girl: 8/1/2022
JAN/10/23 Dear Mistah Jimmy
WEF Discusses Table Top Gaming And Demographic Shaming: 7/15/2022
JUN/28/22 No.Ass.Today.Oleg.
Musings On Fear News And Creep State Mind Control: 3/19/22
APR/06/22 Wargaming
Jack Man And The Crackpot Discuss Table Top War Gaming: 2/11/22
FEB/14/22 Life Is Tough
A Reality Debased Role Playing Game: 11/13/21
NOV/28/21 'Aphrodite And The Dog'
Gamers Of Earth Addendum 2
OCT/27/21 Knucklebones
Gamers Of Earth Addendum 1
OCT/27/21 Gamers Of Earth
Missive To The Nimbus-Brained Reader: 8/11/21
MAY/04/21 'A Venn Diagram'
WF Cues The Crackpot On Table Top Gaming
MAR/07/21 The Banker
Brian Jewell And James Discuss The All-American Game Monopoly
MAR/07/21 ‘A Cancer On The Soul’
Circa 3/3/2021, Answered From A ‘Read Only’ Brothel Patron Email Account
FEB/08/21 'Have You Ever Played Traveler?'
Jonah Has A Gaming Question
NOV/05/20 The Mythic Slave Girl
An Actualization Of The Most Ancient Social Class For Role Playing Games
SEP/01/20 Into Ruin
Plynimbus Cues The Crackpot On The Fate Of Civilization
JUN/28/20 Tribes? Pizza Wars?
Brett Wants To Know Where These Are
MAY/25/20 Combined Arms
Cavalry Q&A With Polynimbus
MAR/14/20 Knuckleheads, Wonderboys And Weirdworkers
Creative Gaming For Men And Boys
JAN/08/20 By The Wine Dark Sea
A Sourcebook For Adventures Set In Ancient Hellas: 650 B.C.
DEC/08/19 Warfare In Fantasy Settings
Crackpot Mailbox: Polynumnuts And James Nerd Out On Game Design
DEC/07/19 Dragonhawks
Crackpot Mailbox: The Khan Is Summoned From His Barrow Mound—by A Wargamer?
NOV/18/19 Heroic Forays
Crackpot Mialbox: Polynimbus And James Q & A On Heroic Action In Battle
OCT/11/19 Video Play Testing
Jakob And James Present Aspects Of The Feudal Estates Card Game
SEP/27/19 Feudal Estates
A Game Of Medieval Strife Played With Traditional Playing Cards With Tarot Options By Jacob Johnson And James LaFond
AUG/27/19 Heroics And Nomadism
Crackpot Mailbox: Polymachus And James Discuss RPG Games As A Study In Heroic Values
APR/01/19 Army Men
Household Combat For Father And Son With Belligerent Toys
MAR/26/19 Interactive Storytelling Guide
Campaign Notes For GROG RPG: Section 7
MAR/17/19 Combat Resolution
For The GROG RPG: Section 6
MAR/12/19 Melee Weapons & Armor
For The GROG RPG: Sections 5
MAR/09/19 Combat Skill Guide
For The GROG RPG: Section 4
MAR/06/19 Action Resolution
For GROG RPG: Section 3
MAR/04/19 Grog Character Sheet
For The Grog RPG
FEB/25/19 Grog
A Medieval Role Playing Game For Boys
FEB/23/19 Wargame Wednesday
Kind Words From A Keen Mind
FEB/19/19 ‘Hello Customer’
Erasing History One Purchase At A Time
FEB/16/19 The Street Scene
The Low-IQ Adult RPG Of Youth Street Life: C. 1990 By James LaFond, Nero The Pict And Mescaline Franklin
FEB/13/19 Knuckleheads And Wonderboys
Creative Gamming For Men And Boys
NOV/14/18 Bring On The Bots
Adapting To The End Time Count Down
JUL/24/18 Banned By Amazon
Tracking James LaFond's Unpaid Advertisement Agency Activity
NOV/16/17 Murderbowl Finale: 12/28 Update [343 Slain]
Mystery Meat Mania: Can You Guess How Many Kills The Harm City Hoodrats Will Clock This Year?
NOV/05/17 Hero, King, Captain
Optionally Leader Rules Of Divine Right Or Other Tabletop Battle Game
OCT/16/17 Las Vegas Witness Body Count
False News Fallout From The Vegas Slaughter: Updated 10/17/17
OCT/15/17 Tabletop To Computer Gaming
Nero The Pict And James On Varg And Simulation Platforms
JUL/03/17 'Blood And Snot'
'What Is Your Take On The Warhammer Universes (Both Fantasy And 40k)?'
JUN/07/17 ‘Death Keeps No Calendar’
The Coming, For MYFAROG By Varg Vikernes, 75 Pages
MAY/03/17 Was The M4 Sherman Tank Really That Bad?
Jeremy Bentham's Magnum Opus On The Most Derided Tank Of World War Two
APR/20/17 ‘I Have Unwittingly Ruined My Country’
The Rothschild Zionist Banksters... Why They Love Making War! By Michael Rivero
APR/13/17 God May Not Throw Dice
But What About God Emperors? China, Korea, Syria, Chechnya
APR/11/17 Chess Master Or Checkers Player?
Chateau Heartiste, Jeremy Bentham And Niccolo Machiavelli
APR/07/17 Tarnishing The Hood Ornament Of State
A Man Question From A Jilted Voter
MAR/19/17 Army Guys
A Functional Gift For The Little General In Your Life
FEB/27/17 'Paranoid And Ruthless'
North Korea: Purging The Dynasty - Strategy Page
FEB/24/17 WWII Reading List
Jeremy Bentham's Bibliographic Sketch Of WWII
FEB/23/17 WWII In Less Than 200 Words?
Ethan Wants To Know
JAN/25/17 Betraying The White Dragon
LITERAL Trojan Whorse
JAN/23/17 ‘According To Steve At The Diner’
'This Article Was Written By One Of The Transcendent Greybeards Of Our Mountain Retreat!'
JAN/20/17 Real Giants In Combat
Size Liabilities, Advantages And Relationships With Tactics And Three Plausible Giant Types
JAN/17/17 Giants In Fantasy Combat?
A Nerdish Man Question—But A Man Question It Is
JAN/15/17 'Our Stupidity'
Jihad Update With Jeremy Bentham
JAN/14/17 Kman's Stand
Comment Of The Week: Jan-14-2017
DEC/23/16 Iran Versus The Arabs
And Putin To Democratic Party: You Lost, Get Over It
DEC/20/16 Spanish Crusaders In WWII
Blue Division Soldier, 1941-45: Spanish Volunteer On The Eastern Front By C. Caballero Jurado, Illustrated By Ramiro Bujeiro
DEC/12/16 Hero Generals
Rating Ancient To Early Modern Generals #1
DEC/09/16 A Conclave Of Heroes
Tying The Individual To The State
AUG/02/16 ‘Birds Of Prey’
Out Of The Ashes: The Warplanes Of World War II: Legendary Combat Aircraft—The Germans
JUL/30/16 ‘Into The Pit’
Hungary In World War II By Thomas Kane, Nov/Dec 1994 Issue Of Command, Pages 10-16
JUL/07/16 If Trump Wins
Will He Be Killed, Marginalized Or Effective?
JUN/15/16 Hel Grins, Toothless In The Dark
A Man Question On The Significance Of The Orlando Attack Draws A Crackpot Theory
MAY/19/16 Refighting Vietnam With Sam J.
Wrestling Over James’ Assertion That Vietnam Was America’s Most Unjust War
MAY/10/16 ‘The American Public Myth’
The Presidency: Dwight D. Eisenhower & The Cold War A Lecture By Jeremy Black At The New York Historical Society
MAR/21/16 ‘What If’
‘The U.S. Had Sat Out WWII And Ended Up Facing Imperial Japan And Nazi Germany In A Cold War?’
JAN/26/16 Dice And Die
If I Play Dice With Dice, Why Do I Call One A Die?
DEC/04/15 Who Would You Speak With?
If You Could Talk With Three Historical Figures Who Would They Be?
OCT/28/15 The Top 13 Military Adventures
A Man Question From Joel
SEP/26/15 ‘Shaping The Post War World’
Stutka Joe On Churchill: Extended Example Of Play (Revised) V4
AUG/26/15 ‘Working Class Man Movies?’
A Man Question From Malcolm
AUG/16/15 Lord Of The Neocon Nazgul
Max Boot: Lessons From The History Of Guerrilla Warfare
JUL/24/15 Reign Of Fire
A Man Question On Primitive Weapon Evolution From Mathew
JUN/12/15 ‘The European Age’
White Nationalist, Mescaline Franklin, Asks The Author To Define The Modern Age
MAR/24/15 Breaking The Game
Setting Your Own Victory Conditions
MAR/04/15 20 Most Influential People Of History
James LaFond’s Unqualified Picks In Chronological Order
FEB/26/15 By The Wine Dark Sea
A Sourcebook For Adventures Set In Ancient Hellas: 650 B.C.
FEB/18/15 Prognostications From An Aging Gamer
By A Middle-Aged White Suburban Geek
APR/07/14 ‘Not Black Leaf!’
Dark Dungeons By J.T.C.
FEB/28/14 God Shall Know His Own
Allegorical Warfare In The Christian Tradition
FEB/28/14 Empires In Arms 21214 Variant
Victory Conditions And Play Modifications For The 2012-2013 NEBO Campaign
FEB/28/14 Black Powder Cavalry Notes
Options For Erik Lee’s Civil War
FEB/28/14 Chess With Tamerlane
The Pursuit Of Adventure Gaming
Triumph Forum
Support And Commentary For The Triumph RPG
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