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What Is The Boned Zone?  The Aggression Matrix: Defining Violence / Or, A P...
Officer ManFriendly  The Price Of Specific Autonomy
Attack Of The Last Virgin  The Troubled Plight Of A Bus Prophet: A Tame Negro...
Stoning Baboons  A Perspective On Victim Selection
Joneekwa  On Foot And Female In Harm City
A Ghost Of Patton's Army  Surviving The War On Hitler And The War On Drugs
Managing Violence  Guidelines For Dealing With Convergence Predation
Man-Child Apocalypse & The Evils Of Charity  How To Combat Coercion Every Day Of Your Life
The Hos Of Jupiter  The Violent Hip Hop Female In Action
The Yos Of Venus  Man-children On Parade
Anatomy Of A Knockout  An Abridged Archive From The Violence Project
Why You Are Food  The Social Mechanics Of Alienation
Charm City  The Brighter Side Of Baltimore
Fat City  Notes On Postmodern Livestock Management
Banno's Boys  A Real Knife-Fighter's Legacy
Living Lost  Honoring A Derided Male Instinct
Vagabond  The Harmed Life
Rat Ratification  An Actual Alien Invasion: The Army Beneath Our Fee...
Where Is Superman When You Need Him?  A Mugging Gone Wrong
Crime And Payment  A Brief Memoir Of A Teenage Drug Dealer
Andy Boy  A Profile In Mismanaging Aggression
Gutter Zombies  The Mentholated Undead
Stupid Stan, Big Cheat And Tricky  Wading In The Shallow End Of The Gene Pool With So...
The Adolescent Art  Passive-Aggressive Intimidation: Who, How And Why
The Case For The Panhandler Genocide  Why Beggars Should Starve
Wood Shampoo Wannabes  When The Policeman Is Not Your Friend
You The Criminal  Defending Against The Biggest Aggressor Of Them Al...
Officer Thirsty  Surviving Behind The Counter
The Yo Hat  The 3XL Life Of A Hip-Hop Emblem
Taking One For The Man  Rejecting The Monopoly Of Force
The Insanity Box  Mass Transit In 'The Greatest City In America'
Getting Out Of Dodge  Assessing The Lethality Of Your Habitat—You W...
A Pack Of Camels  Anecdote
Sloth In The City  Why Vice Is Good For Self-defense
I Know That's Right!  Gorilla Wall Paul In The Ghetto
Hunting Chumps #1: Ambushing  The First In A Series Of Guides On Hands-on Redist...
Harm City Sagacity  Random Quotes From The Ghetto
Harm City  Urban Survival In The Postmodern World
Running From The Cops #1  A Public Service Guide For The Spry Ghettoite
The Logic Of Steel: Story Over Stats  Notes On The Author's Methodology
Harm City Holdout  A Normal Saturday Night In Baltimore
Charm City Vacancy  Baltimore's Urban Decay Photography
Harm City Handbook #1  How To Profile Yourself As A Violence Target
The Murderous Company We Keep  Edged-Weapon Defense & Crimes
The Streets Have Eyes #1  From Hood-rats To Heavy Metal Meat-munchers
Immunity To Gravity  Some Thoughts On Junky Superpowers
Panhandler Nation #1  Two Rearguard Actions Against The Subhuman Hordes
The Streets Have Eyes #2  Bruce The Bricklayer
Panhandler Nation #2  Little Eddie Horn: Wonderboy Of Beggars
KickAssMallCop  Real Life Urban Superhero Darien Long
Your Crumbling Metropolis  Do You Have A Harm City Story?
Urban Flight  Some Tips On Doing Suburbia Right
Harm City Handbook #2  Justifiable Armed Defense In Public Spaces
The Oldest Form Of Transportation  On Foot In Harm City
Z-man & Skittle  Harm City Ethics 101
Harm City Groupies  Internet Dating Hazards From Kazan To Ulan Bator: ...
An Actual Teenage Fight  Rare Mutual Combat News Flash
Big Brother Cares  Self-Defense For Your Smart Phone
Supaman!  Look Out For That Curb...
Whipped!  Do Not Move In With Your Baby's Mamma Until You Re...
Ghetto News Flash  Social Conservatives Strike Back, And Strike Low.....
The Streets Have Eyes #3  Claire: My Crack-head Cousin
Panhandler Nation #3  KayJay, Crumb & Millatime, Movin' On Up
Harm City Handbook #3  Justifiable Armed Home Defense: Firearms & Ext...
True That  Is Harm City Fact Or Fiction?
Big Chev & Little Bad  Awakening To The Post-Racial Violence Paradigm Wit...
The Fall Of Gorilla Wall Paul  A Harm City Hero Memorial
Getting Smoked, Stuckup, Jacked And Bagged  Notes On Criminal Uses Of The Handgun
Running From The Cops #2  Steevo Shakin' & Bakin' On The City Line
How Long Does It Take A Dying City To Eat $3.50?  Harm City Lite: Sunday May 5, 2013
On The Steps  Urban Traditions: Body Punching & Sports As An...
Hauling Ass  Some Thoughts On Wide-skirt TV Abductions
Joe-Damn!  A Harm City Snapshot
Panhandler Nation #4  Gotham: Another Case For The Panhandler Genocide
In Harm's Sway  An Alternative Lifestyle Violence Anecdote
The City That Breeds  A Baltimore Area Youth Counselor's Blog
The Streets Have Eyes #4  "Ad Da Speed A Fright!"
Panhandler Nation #5  'Excuse Me Sir, My Fetus Is Jonesing'
Call 311...  Urban Re-Gentrification Tastes The Back Of The Man...
Panhandler Nation #6  Chiquita Madre Bes' Not Be Hatin' On Miss Ezz
Hunting Chumps #2  The Virtues Of A Slow Wingman
Panhandler Nation #7  Barefoot And Bearded In Paradise Found
It's Unlocked!  Vigilance Versus Complacence
Windy City News Flash  Chicago Father's Day Weekend Marred By Appalling M...
Panhandler Nation #8  The Day After Food Stamps
Bringing On The Harm  Harm City Hood-rats Put On A Live-fire Clinic For ...
Jack-Boot Brigade #1  Nevada Thug Cops Sued For Home Invasions
Snotzi Nazi  Harm City Delilah #1
Panhandler Nation #9  Investment Begging 101
Panhandler Nation #10  Bad For Business
John The Apostle  Persecution Of Another Harm City Visionary
Running From The Cops #3  Steevo On Officer Horse
Gutting Fat Joe's House  A Vintage Thug Police Story
Crushing The Flinch Reflex  A Remarkable Knife Tragedy
Harm City Courtship  One Man's Crocodilian Mating Strategy
This One's Fo Skittle  Harm City Hood-rats Serve Notice To Hispanics
Black Gorilla Family News #1  Behind Bars, Commander Booty Master Says 'Uncle' T...
Black Gorilla Family News #2  'Public Enemy No.1'
Naymond And Bruce  A Harm City Knife Fight
Those Who Walk Alone  Why Hood-Rats Always Want More Than 'The Time'
Give Me Yo F..... Money!  Straight-up In The Hood
Jack-Boot Brigade #3  21 Feet To Doom
She's So C-c-cold!  Kenny, The KFC Bankers & Cutie Perk
Oliver On Stupid Shit  'If You Meet One Dude In Baltimore You Have Met Fi...
Two Masked Gunmen  A Ghetto Grocer War Story
Taking Out The Trash  An Epic Ghetto Brawl In Which Oliver Was Not Jumpe...
'Against The News'  The Rundown: Trying To Get Through The Hood With A...
Who Is Hunting You Mister Suburbia?  How Harm City Hood-rats Are Serving As National Ro...
Narco Night Train  A Night Roasting In The Flaming Cultural Wreckage ...
The Four Faces Of Cowardice  How Fear And Inaction Hamper Us All
Eric's Backpack  An Example Of Novice Pack Predation
Doing The Right Thing  And Not Getting Burned
The Seven Dwarves Of Pratt Street  A Case Study In Conditional Ethnic Aggression
The Streets Have Eyes #5  Nasty Norman & The Carryout Girl
The Streets Have Eyes #6  The Tao Of Captain Backwash
The City That Keeps Breeding  Another Writer On The Harm City Scene
Supacop Smackdown!  T-Bone's Crackhouse Ho Rumble
The Bro Train  On The Extinction Of Men
‘They Should Not Have Bumped Into Us’  Baltimore City Assistant Prosecutor Involved In Gh...
When Your Helper Steals Your Tools  Primordial Human Resources Development With Dante ...
When Your Helper Drives Your Truck Stoned  Primordial Human Resources Development With Dante ...
Harm City’s Plantation Master Is Back  The Premier Of The People’s Republic Of Mary...
Two Front Teeth  The Harm City Price
The Walk-Up  A Harm City Shooting
The Concrete Runway  Two Models Attacked By A Classic Pervert—a Ha...
Crumbs  A Ghetto Grocer War Story
‘Don’ Dey Know People Gots Ta Eat!’  A Ghetto Grocer War Story
The Ethics Of Stomping  The Violent Creed Of A Cowardly New World, Correct...
Whacking Bad Guys  On Blunt Self-Defense Weapons
Rubbing Out The Old Tribe  The Logistics Of Abducting And Selling Ray Lewis
NOV/02/13  Hacker John On Hood-rats  Harm City Handbook #4
NOV/06/13  Holding Doors For Amazons  Notes From A World Beyond Gender
NOV/06/13  Panhandler Nation #11  Unilaterally Cruel In High Heels
NOV/12/13  ‘How They Roll’  The New Paradigm In Domestic Violence
NOV/13/13  Thugs, Junkies And Fat Women  The Bomb In The Brain By Stefan Molyneux
NOV/14/13  The Man Manifesto  Three Reasons Why Invasive Genitalia Does Not Equa...
NOV/19/13  Dai Macedo  A Public Service For My Harm City Bruthas
NOV/20/13  Plastic Or Steel?  The Harm City Return Of The Shotgun Bandits
NOV/22/13  Black Gorilla Family News #3  The Extent Of Power
NOV/23/13  Tupac Is You Sure?  11/22/13 11:08 P. M. Eastern Avenue & Stemmer&...
NOV/23/13  Black Gorilla Family News #4  The BGF Has A Pension Plan
NOV/24/13  Punishing Innocence  Why Does The Greatest Man Of The Greatest Nation I...
NOV/29/13  Mo Coffee  Homeless In Harm City
DEC/02/13  Where The Hell Is Charles Bronson?  A Female Reader Critique’s When You’re...
DEC/04/13  Landing In Harm City, 1981  How The Ghetto Got My Soul #1
DEC/05/13  ‘A Bigass Turkey’  A Harm City Holiday
DEC/06/13  NEBO Nose  A Harm City Classic
DEC/07/13  ‘Excuse Me’  The Woman We Need
DEC/15/13  Affluenza Outbreak  Texas Judge Sanctions Rich Brat's Right To Indiscr...
DEC/19/13  Dirty Thirty—God Help You  The Ghetto Grocer #8: War Stories From A Washingto...
DEC/19/13  The Streets Have Eyes #8  Denizen Cane On The Bus Of Heaven
DEC/21/13  The Streets Have Eyes #9  The Fate Of Denizen Cane
DEC/24/13  Heads Up He-man  Let's Not End Up Sharing A Cell With This Dude
DEC/24/13  Panhandler Nation #12  Longman
DEC/26/13  In The Graveyard Of My Youth  How The Ghetto Got My Soul #2: A Harm City Holiday
JAN/02/14  Pops Takes One For The Team  Your Extraterrestrial Anthropologist On The Slaugh...
JAN/04/14  I Broke Into A House Tonight  And The Guy Is Still Asleep Across The Hall: Notes...
JAN/04/14  Angel  A Child’s Tale From The Harm City Archives
JAN/04/14  Mike Dawson & Dave Stewart  Welcome To The Man Cave
JAN/07/14  Ajay And The Fool  A Ghetto Grocer Snap Shot
JAN/07/14  The Streets Have Eyes #10  Coversatin’ With Car
JAN/10/14  Conservative Cashier To Be Martyred By Retailer  A Ghetto Grocer Reality Check
JAN/15/14  Dave The Twerp  Rudeness And The Extinction Of Men
JAN/15/14  An Urban Safari Destination?  Mexican Tunnel Rats Infiltrate American City's Sto...
JAN/19/14  The Pan-Islamic Pizza Parlor  A Harm City Snapshot
JAN/21/14  Da Dawg’s Life  Harm City On Four Legs
JAN/22/14  Media Sponsored Terrorism & You  The 10 Dynamics Of ‘The Knockout Game’...
JAN/23/14  The Dopefiend Lean  That Guy’s On Heroin, ‘Living In Balti...
JAN/26/14  Red Tee  Nightfall In The Narcostate
JAN/29/14  'The Gray Area'  UK's Scariest Debt Collector By Vice
JAN/29/14  ‘A Walk In The Park’  On Being Hunted In Harm City
JAN/30/14  Billy Pud’s Shot  The Old School Urban Buzz: A Harm City Classic
JAN/30/14  Mrs. Bell  A Bambi Eye View Of Harm City Mass Transit
JAN/30/14  ‘Fighting Crime With Post-it Notes’  Why Smart Statistics Are The Key To Fighting Crime...
JAN/31/14  Ben: A Bus Stop Conversation  Adjusting To A World Without Respect
FEB/02/14  ‘Get Back’  Hunting Humor In Harm City
FEB/04/14  Zombie Bait #1  When The Zombies Rise Stake These Two Out First
FEB/06/14  Narcostate News #5  ‘White Kills 10 Baltimore Junkies’
FEB/06/14  Zombie Bait #2  10 Arguments For White Genocide
FEB/07/14  Taboo You  Way Of The Terminal Man: Author’s Notebook #...
FEB/10/14  The Harm City Pollster #2  Ghetto Opinions On China White Overdoses
FEB/12/14  Sam Yo  On Getting Got
FEB/12/14  At Dusk  Jackboot Brigade #4
FEB/14/14  The Gears In The Insanity Box  Embattled Hipster/Yuppies, Violent Blacks, A Short...
FEB/14/14  Crotch Rocket Kids  Dirt Bikes In The Ghetto
FEB/18/14  Heinous Huffers  The Most Despicable Dopefiends
FEB/19/14  Transgender Violence  A Brief Survey Of Violent Answers To Optional Fema...
FEB/21/14  ‘You People’  A Moronic Taste Of Harm City
FEB/22/14  The Snitch Rat  Cop On Cop Crime
FEB/24/14  'Warning Barbed Wire'  The Criminal Manchild Under The Mommy State
FEB/25/14  David Duren-Sanner  3.0 Student Persecuted By The Peoples’ Repub...
FEB/28/14  Oxymoronic Aid  Some Thoughts On ‘The Other Cripps’
MAR/03/14  The Unseen Gutter  The Dwindling State Of Our Crime Perception
MAR/10/14  Fort Hoodrat Blues  The Day Before Food Stamps In An Embattled Ghetto ...
MAR/10/14  The Skateboard  Billy, Aunt Jane & Da White Thugz
MAR/10/14  ‘Da Complexion Fo Da Protection’  Working The Tie Shtick As A For-profit Shoplifter
MAR/13/14  Merely Reprehensible  Zombie Bait #3
MAR/14/14  ‘Violence Is The Gold Standard’  A Practical Tactical Podcast By Casey Bohn, With J...
MAR/19/14  ‘Junkie Juice In Aisle Nine’  A Survey Of Subhuman Stains In Harm City Eateries ...
MAR/21/14  The Parking Lot  The Venerable Harm City Threat Zone
MAR/25/14  ‘Defiance Incarnate’  Samson And Delilah By Joseph Bellofatto
MAR/25/14  Colby En Crew  Dognapping Countermeasures
APR/09/14  Six-to-One  The Cop Thug Matrix
APR/09/14  ‘Happy Birthday’  Gotch-ya!, March 05, 2014, Issue 336, Wanted-Arres...
APR/11/14  That Handle On Your Back  Required Reading For Load-bearing Urban Human Prey
APR/12/14  Crack Hos & Heroin Honeys  One Night In A Supermarket Restroom
APR/16/14  The Blight Of Spring  An Extraterrestrial View Of Your Panhandler Nation
APR/18/14  Harm City Financial  An Excerpt From James’ Upcoming Book Taboo Y...
APR/29/14  The Harm City Arena  An Insane Evening In Dana White’s Play Pen
APR/29/14  Harm City Hospital  Violence In The ER & The New Compliance Paradi...
MAY/01/14  ‘Dreadlocked’  Zombie Bait #4
MAY/04/14  We The Children  The 1,000th Post
MAY/07/14  Reading Masculine Sign  Addendum Notes On Masculine Alliance From The Upco...
MAY/08/14  Playa Down! Playa Down!!  Yo, Check Dis Out ‘Fo Ya Cheat On Both Yo Ba...
MAY/08/14  Harm City Hicks  Painfully Sober Stoner Trash And A Trashed Motoris...
MAY/12/14  ‘No-Parent’ Nation  Notes On A Commencement Address By Byron Pitts
MAY/13/14  Wimps, Hotheads & Head-cases  A Checklist For Breaking Minds: An Excerpt From Th...
MAY/13/14  Harm City Asylum  The Measure Of Our Racial Fantasia
MAY/16/14  ‘The Rotten Apple’  New York Gangsters By Al Profit
MAY/19/14  Harm City Seat Beat  How One Drug Wholesaler Uses Police For Muscle
MAY/23/14  Saturnalia Forever  Harm City Philosophy: A Ghetto Guide To Political ...
MAY/26/14  Breeder’s Digest #21  Breeding, Feeding And Culling In Harm City U.S.A.
MAY/27/14  Thug Girl And The Prophetess  A Harm City Dialogue
MAY/29/14  WIC Reality  The Ghetto Grocer On The Malleability Of Your Coll...
MAY/30/14  The Streets Have Eyes #11  Tiny Dancer
MAY/30/14  The Fifth Week  A Taste Of The End Time In Harm City
JUN/01/14  ‘Five-O Yo?’  ‘Is You Serious?’: The Rise Of Vanilla...
JUN/02/14  The Harm City Hunter  A Talk And A Walk In A Crime-rich Environment
JUN/05/14  Harm City High  The ‘Violence Guy’ Takes A Look At &ls...
JUN/07/14  ‘If I Get Me A Half-Breed’  Tommy Sotomayor On ‘These Dumbass Hoodrats&r...
JUN/11/14  ‘Cow Attempts To Fishhook Nerd’  A Viral Video Gives A Glimpse Into Our Emerging Vi...
JUN/11/14  Mister Twix  Ten Minutes In The Life Of A Writer
JUN/11/14  ‘I’ll Always Be A Gringo’  Mighty White By Jack Donovan, A Point Of Departure...
JUN/12/14  ‘Another Chance For Men’  Bridget Calls For Harm City Masculinity
JUN/12/14  ‘Standing Off’  Notes On Vigilance
JUN/12/14  Mister Jesse  The Worst Job In Harm City
JUN/17/14  ‘And Your Mongrel Children Too!’  A Race-mixing Road Trip
JUN/17/14  The Backhand Of Justice  Finding Mister Jesse
JUN/19/14  Planet Psychobitch  The Truth About Domestic Violence By Stefan Molyne...
JUN/20/14  When Your Back Is To The Wall  The Best Home Defense Knife
JUN/20/14  Bubba And The Mud Sharks  Cautionary Supermarket Pickup Tales From The Ghett...
JUN/20/14  ‘Ear To Ear’  The State Versus A Domestic Dog
JUN/23/14  The White Vice Lords  Harm City Opens It’s Unclean Arms
JUN/25/14  Breaking Up The Pack  Harm County Police In Action
JUN/26/14  On Getting Stabbed  Backstabbing Survivor Makes What He Thinks May Be ...
JUN/26/14  The Real Mothership  Conveyance Shoplifting And Ham Slice Ebo In The Ho...
JUN/26/14  ‘Look Son!’  A Man Question By From Brooklyn Shane
JUN/29/14  ‘Before The Bitchin' En The Snitchin’  ‘Rollin’ By Al Profit
JUL/01/14  24 Hours In The Armpit Of The East Coast  Harm City Lite
JUL/03/14  Cop Pulled Over By Trucker  Uses Slick Willy Defense
JUL/06/14  ‘Once Across The Head’  Sword Versus Brush: A Logic Of Steel Update
JUL/07/14  Jaywalking  In Defense Of Street Walking
JUL/07/14  ‘Rat-Smack City’  Breeders Digest #22
JUL/08/14  ‘Drug-head Dykes’  And ‘Mudshark Grannies’: A Snapshot Of...
JUL/08/14  ‘Serving The Poor’  A Politically Incorrect Trip Down Our River Of Sel...
JUL/10/14  A Conversation Between Zombies  On The Bus To Purgatory With Two Arguments For Whi...
JUL/10/14  Anthony’s Scooter  Stopping A Property Crime In Progress
JUL/10/14  ‘Like Conquered Prey’  Death Slap By Caitlin Nolan And Barry Paddock, New...
JUL/16/14  ‘Self-Initiated Field Activity’  Contempt Of Cop, And How To Avoid It By James Tarr...
JUL/18/14  Gangland Training Fatality  Righteous Thug In Police-Occupied Harm City Tragic...
JUL/18/14  Fighting On The Job  Jimmy And The Tree Jockeys
JUL/18/14  ‘Thug In Peace’  The ‘Feral Tribalism’ Aftermath Of A C...
JUL/18/14  Big Roy And The Boy  A Harm City Dialogue With Miss JoJo
JUL/20/14  ‘Cutting Out The Man’  Urban Hacks And Guerilla Courtesy
JUL/22/14  Harm City Hit & Run  Just Trying To Get A Beer In Baltimore
JUL/24/14  Black Bourgeois Gambling Epidemic!  The Most Racist ‘Public Service’ Ad Ev...
JUL/24/14  A Skulker In The Yard  Dealing With The Nosey Lone Male
JUL/27/14  ‘Carrying A Knife In Public’  What To Know When You Carry A Knife By Mike Haskew...
JUL/27/14  ‘Knowledge Weighs Nothing’  Lessons From The Typhoon Apocalypse By Art Merrill...
JUL/27/14  Aunt Jemima Versus Hungry Jack  A Stovetop Race War!
JUL/28/14  The Eaters Of Carp  An Excerpt From The Lesser Angels Of Our Nature
JUL/31/14  DoT Spelling Bee 
AUG/01/14  Militant Devolution  18 “Anti-racist” Thugs Storm Illinois ...
AUG/08/14  ‘What Are You Looking At?’  How To Answer This Perennial Jerk Challenge: A Man...
AUG/11/14  Five Heads In An Alley  VERMINOCRACY II: THE ISLAMIC CALIPHATE By Colin Li...
AUG/11/14  Urban Honor By Odd Ways  Simon, Boost, The White Vice Lords, The Geneva Con...
AUG/14/14  The Toddler Dopefiend Lexicon  Or Little Jonny And The Fate Of The Great Nordic R...
AUG/20/14  Our Bone Yard The State  A Day Prying Into The Shadows Of The Circle Of Lie...
AUG/20/14  Running Wire  The Best Clue You Are In A Bad Neighborhood
AUG/21/14  The Mo-ped Boyz,  Slave Reporter Justin Fenton, Mayor O’Mama A...
AUG/21/14  At The Bar  A Logic Of Force Addendum On The Classic Drunken J...
AUG/24/14  A Rape In Progress  A Reflection On A Justified Civilian Shooting
AUG/24/14  ‘Snitches Get Stitches’  A Doper’s View Of The Police State
AUG/26/14  Do The Bright Thing, Not The Right Thing  The Streets Have Eyes #12
AUG/26/14  The Vengeance Of Denizen Kane  The Streets Have Eyes #13 Warning: Do Not Read Thi...
AUG/28/14  ‘The Wrong Guy’  4 Links To The Fate Of 2 Innocent Unarmed Black Te...
AUG/28/14  The Way Of The Beard  A Summer Midnight In Harm City
AUG/31/14  Junkie Apocalypse  Celebrating The Panhandler Nation Holiday
AUG/31/14  Stretch And Stout  Panhandling And Managing Your Approach Zone
SEP/03/14  The 7 Panhandler Nations  Adaptable Faces Of Urban Blight
SEP/08/14  The Harm City Food Chain  Context For The Violence Which Is So Often Misinte...
SEP/08/14  Roderick’s Plight  ‘I Survived The Nineteen-Sixties For This?&r...
SEP/08/14  The Invisible Hate Crime  A ‘Fan-mob’ Stomping In Memphis
SEP/09/14  The Complete Pimp Slap  A Graduate Course With Ray Ray Ravens Rice!
SEP/11/14  Delivering Funeral Flowers  Two Innocent Unarmed Black Teens In Action
SEP/16/14  The Most Dangerous Food  The Ghetto Grocer #10
SEP/19/14  ‘Yo Yo, Yo!’  Can You Translate That Sentence? An Ebonic Grammat...

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In June 2018 James LaFond, an urban blight journalist from Baltimore, Maryland, was driven from his hometown by savage tribesmen. With a writing income of $230 per month, he was sustained by readers across the nation. The journals in this collection were written during that period.
Upon The Earth Plantation America The Combat Space Harm City to Chicongo The Man Cave
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