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Jan 31, 2023   ‘Any Other Blade Instructors In Town?’
A Baltimore Operator Wants To Know Where To Find Escrima Instruction: 9/11/2022
Jan 18, 2023   ‘Starting Boxing And Grappling Together’
MC Revisits On The Road To Knucklehead Damascus: 8/2/2022
Jan 9, 2023   60 Years Fled On Planet Meathead
Training For My Final Fights On May 20, At Man Weekend 2023: 9/24/22, Utah
Dec 27, 2022   Being Predated
Marius Quizzes James On Knife Use Against Adult Bullies: 8/2/2022
Dec 26, 2022   Becoming The Inner Dark
Adult Bullying Part 3 Of 3
Dec 23, 2022   Finding The Inner Dark
Adult Bullying Part 2 Of 3
Dec 22, 2022   The Eaters Bark
Adult Bullying Part 1 Of 3
Dec 3, 2022   Ferality
Crux Cross On Crime And MC On Training: 12/3/2022
Nov 18, 2022   Call Of The Wile
Man Weekend Pre-Invitations For 2023: 6/15/2022
Nov 17, 2022   Post Fight Roster & Awards
Man Weekend 2022: 6/13/2022
Nov 16, 2022   Dancing With The Brick Mouse
Man Weekend 2022: 6/10-11/2022
Nov 15, 2022   Masculine Brutalistics
Man Weekend 2022: 6/11/2022
Nov 14, 2022   Masculine Kinetics
Man Weekend 2022: 6/11/2022
Nov 11, 2022   Masculine Logistics
Man Weekend 2022: 6/10-12/2022
Nov 10, 2022   Boxing With Paul Bingham
Man Weekend 2022: 6/11/2022
Nov 9, 2022   Meeting Andrew Edwards
Man Weekend 2022: 6/10/2022
Nov 8, 2022   Jersey Moon
Man Weekend 2022: 6/10/2022
Nov 7, 2022   Riding With Mescaline Franklin
Man Weekend 2022: 6/15/2022
Nov 4, 2022   Paletopia
East Tennessee: June 10, 2022
Sep 26, 2022   'A Hard Floor Is An Honest Friend!’
Self Defence Volume 2 By Jeth Randolph: 6/3/2022
Sep 22, 2022   Man Weekend 2023
Video Highlights And A Message From The Man Weekend Boss
Sep 16, 2022   Nicole
Corresponding With A British Babe About: Survival, Horses And Jeth Randolph: 5/4/2022
Sep 13, 2022   The Target Audience
Nicole The Brit And Don Quotays On Jeth Randolph's Urban Survival Method: 5/2/2022, Lancaster Pennsylvania
Jun 30, 2022   Training New Warriors
A Christian Soldier Consults The Hoodrat Oracle: 4/4/2022 Denver
Jun 24, 2022   Andrew Edwards Interviews The Crackpot
Warhorse Podcast #31: An Affair Of Honor Part Two
Jun 21, 2022   Portland Joe & The Brick Mouse
Addressing Muscular Tightness And Back Spasms In Your Prime: 3/3/2022
Apr 27, 2022   Man With A Name
Self Defence: Articles And Conversations From The One In One Journal, Volume One By Jeth Randolph
Apr 27, 2022   On Combat Forward
Jeth Randolph Of The One-in-One Journal
Apr 26, 2022   Biker Abatement
T-Rex Wonders Of The Advantage To A Motorcycle Helmet In Yeti-to-Yeti Combat: 2/15/22
Apr 25, 2022   Self Defence: Volume 2
A New Survival Taining Book By Jeth Randolph
Apr 25, 2022   Documenting The Death Of America
Han Silo And Hoary Hobo Discuss Next Level Street-Fighting: 2/13/22
Apr 15, 2022   Hobo Weapons
Viking Age Barbarian And The Sped Age Librarian Discuss Tools As Weapons: 2/21/22
Apr 13, 2022   Jump Rope?
Banjo Cues The Hobo On Skipping Rope: 2/13/22
Apr 9, 2022   An Affair Of Honor
An Invitation Only Agonistics Meet In June 2022
Apr 7, 2022   Chain Mail
Mister Grey Wonders About Iron Age Armor In The New Dark Age: 1/4/22
Mar 29, 2022   Rose City Exit
Reflections On Training And Drinking In Portland Oregon: 12/24/21
Mar 25, 2022   Crash Course Boxing
Prepping Portland Joe Part 2: 12/11/21
Mar 24, 2022   Prepping Portland Joe
Yeti Waters Relief Society HQ: 12/11/21
Feb 21, 2022   ‘What Kind Of Knife Should I Carry?’
Portland Joe Wants To Know: Dateline 11/17/21
Feb 18, 2022   Swords And Machetes
How To Defend Against The Most Common Homeless Weapon & The Coming Of The Machete Virus: 11/24/21
Feb 16, 2022   Nunchucks
Portland Joe Wants To Know The Practicality Of The Japanese Rice Flail As A Defensive Weapon: 11/24/21
Feb 11, 2022   Experimental Combat Reconstruction
Portland Joe Cues The Crackpot On Lars Anderson: 12/30/21
Jan 30, 2022   Strong Devil
Part Three Of A Young Screw’s Term In Hither Hell: 11/21/21
Jan 29, 2022   Come Devil
Part Two Of A Young Screw’s Term In Hither Hell: 11/21/21
Jan 28, 2022   Young Devil
Part One Of A Young Screw’s Term In Hither Hell: 11/21/21
Jan 18, 2022   Why Eat The Rich?
The Best Reason For A Knucklehead To Hate The Leisure Clawss: 12/4/21
Jan 17, 2022   Sparring On
A Reader Discusses Combat Performance Goals[12/7/21
Jan 14, 2022   Winter Sports
A Reader Shares Some Of His Combat Journey: 12/4/21
Jan 10, 2022   'Do You Still Coach?'
Bradley Is Wondering About Crackpot Combat Training: Dateline 11/7/21
Jan 3, 2022   Against The Orthodoxy
Electric Dan And T-Rex Chaff Under The Rule Slave Law: 10/17/21
Jan 2, 2022   Advice For A Kulak
Crackpot Comments In Brackets: 12/4/21
Dec 15, 2021   Stick Size?
Selecting Rattan Sticks For Training: Dateline 9/27/21
Nov 20, 2021   Her Partner And Trainer
The Terminal Arc Of Boxing And A Crackpot Solution
Nov 17, 2021   The 1, 4, 2 Combo
Enjoying The Work Of Boxing Coach Wilson Pitts
Nov 16, 2021   Bob Or A Bag?
JW Cues The Crackpot On Free-standing Striking Apparatus
Nov 14, 2021   Regeration Of The Species
Marius Cues The Crackpot On Bottleneck Evolution In Humans
Nov 10, 2021   The Bitter Logic Of Steel
Viking Age Barbarian Cues The Crackpot On Lockdown Home Invasions
Nov 1, 2021   Gutjam Sam
A Knife Designer Wonders About Sparring Knife Length
Oct 25, 2021   Rating Combat Methods For Self-Defense
The Crack Man Cues The Crackpot
Oct 17, 2021   'Heaven Six'
Pat Cues The Crackpot On FMA And Boxing Crossover Training: 8/8/21
Oct 3, 2021   Becoming The Bully
Michael Collins And The Crackpot Discuss Punishing It Forward: 8/8/21
Oct 2, 2021   Knife Versus Martial Arts
A Big Ron Baltimore Cookout Combat Relation: 7/29/21
Sep 22, 2021   A Devil Claw?
Electric Dan Wonders If The Crackpot Would Like To Design A Knife
Sep 19, 2021   Toughest Boxers?
Okay, Mister Jim, Asks Sensie Steve, Who Was The Toughest?
Aug 28, 2021   Pain
Charting A Functional Scale
Aug 23, 2021   Way Of The Gat
Hobo Survival Training Videos
Aug 9, 2021   Pigskin Feud
Yeti KO's Kang In Low IQ Higher Education Beach Debate
Aug 8, 2021   'I Didn't Know We Were Knife Fighting'
The Crackpot Critiques A Stabbing
Jul 28, 2021   'After High School'
Michael Collins Bully Odyssey Part 5
Jul 27, 2021   BJJ, Muay Thai And Boxing
Michael Collins' Bully Odyssey Part 4
Jul 26, 2021   'To The Youth Psyche Hospital'
Michael Collins Bully Odyssey Part 3
Jul 25, 2021   'I Joined The Wrestling Team'
Michael Collins' Bully Odyssey Part 2
Jul 23, 2021   Chinesium Cuck Horizon
JW And The Crackpot Discuss Edged Phallic Symbology And Cuckology
Jul 20, 2021   Trials Of Youth
Michael Collins' Bully Odyssey Part 1
Jul 19, 2021   Thoughts On Power
Marked Vantage And The Crackpot Discuss Heavy Hitting And Juicing
Jul 6, 2021   Letters From The Edge
Viking Age Barbarian, Mister Grey And Satrap Of Kulakistan: Date Line 7/1/2021
Jun 26, 2021   'Anger And Aggression'
Thawtcriminalwitz Prompts The Crackpot On A Self-Defense Advice Video
Jun 11, 2021   In All Of Boxing History
Big C Wants To Know About Crackpot Dream Match-Ups
Jun 7, 2021   'Jaw Injury?'
How To Maintain Your Lower Lantern After Impact, Dateline 5/30/21
Jun 4, 2021   Fighting Without The Crowd
Brandon Cues The Crackpot On Maskland Prizefighting
May 28, 2021   Bantuistan Confidential And The Conan Answer
Don Quotays Cues The Crackpot On MMA, BJJ And Parking Lot Chimpmania Intersectionality
May 22, 2021   Telescopic Batons?
Joe Portland Is Wondering Why The ASP Doesn't Make The Weapon Grade
May 14, 2021   Skinhead Machete Versus Klingon Knife
The Crackpot Takes Bio-Mechanical Note Of The Most Momentous Event Of The 21st Century
May 8, 2021   Kali?
CB MacCull Asks The Crackpot About Knife Fighting Activity
May 4, 2021   Fighting With A Butcher Knife
Michael Collins Queries The Crackpot From His Chinese Exile
May 3, 2021   Knife Recommendations
Dark Enlightenment Cues The Crackpot On Training And Arming For Cutlass Combat
Apr 24, 2021   Sheeeet Sixteen
Applying The Chuck Norris Rule To Bytchez
Apr 19, 2021   Knife Sparring?
Jerry And Nate Want To Know Why Since Knife Duels Are So Unusual
Apr 12, 2021   I Do Not Recall This
A Talk With Rusty About Knives It Seems
Apr 9, 2021   Paramour Of The Quean
Juan Stabone Cues The Crackpot On A Big Bantu Throwdown
Apr 9, 2021   Machete Counter Attack
Reparations Recover Agents Rebuffed By The Last Man In Oakland
Apr 5, 2021   Faith In Self-Improvement
Rusty Asks The Crackpot About Why Fighters Train
Mar 28, 2021   Glass Jaw Compensation
Marius Discusses Dentistry, Dysgenic Modernity And Combat Training With The Crackpot
Mar 28, 2021   Viking Age Barbarian News
Ragnaroking Is In Print On The South American River
Mar 27, 2021   Of Battle Fury
News Of An MMA Stud Being Fought To A Draw By A Scrawny Tweaker Baffles Meathead Gods
Mar 20, 2021   Hunting For Relaxation
Saturday Night With Michael Collins
Mar 17, 2021   'I Want To Start A Stick Fighting Club'
Baruch Queries The Crackpot On Starting A Stick Fighting Club
Mar 16, 2021   The Five Kinds Of Combat Pain
Jason Wonders At The Winter Of A Fighting Life And The Downside Of Combat Training
Mar 7, 2021   ‘Endurance?’
Monday With Michael Collins: Dateline 3/7/21
Mar 7, 2021   Goon Down!
Two Small Wrestlers Drum Two Large Football Players
Feb 22, 2021   ‘How Do I Psychologically Become Stronger?’
Monday With Michael Collins #2
Feb 22, 2021   Back To The Stone Age
Shep And Don Quotays Cue The Crackpot On Raw Combat
Feb 15, 2021   Writing On Your Own Platform
Brian Jewell Reviews Mathew Polly's Bruce Lee: A Life
Feb 15, 2021   ‘A Shifting Step’
Michael Collins Asks About Bareknuckle Instructors
Feb 8, 2021   Sifu Brian On Boxing
A Look At An Iconic Boxing Book By Joyce Carol Oates
Feb 2, 2021   Mob Tactics
Marius Cues The Crackpot On Trench Fighting
Jan 29, 2021   The Helmet Crest
Why Horsehair Crests Were Worn On Helmets
Jan 27, 2021   To Mock The Quean
Notes On Surviving The Wytch-Finder Continuum With Lynn And Jeremy
Jan 23, 2021   Experts Against Combat
With Brian Jewell And Jeremy Bentham
Jan 15, 2021   In The Pocket
Why Work In Your Partner’s Wheelhouse?
Jan 13, 2021   Combat And Social Distancing
Brian Jewell Cues The Cracked Pottery On The Fight Choreography For Phillip K. Dick's Ongoing Novel
Jan 11, 2021   Action Over Possession
Jan 6, 2021   ‘In The Moment’
Life Lessons Learned From Sparring By Sifu Brian William Jewell
Jan 6, 2021   The Grey One Rises In The East
Sharp Steel Dueling In Hamburg Germany
Dec 31, 2020   My Handlers
A Fed-Posting Journal
Dec 31, 2020   The Bat 2
How Is The Bat Best Used As An Improvised Extension Weapon?
Dec 28, 2020   Grafting A New Branch?
Resisting Colonization Through Friendship
Dec 26, 2020   ‘In Satan’s Backyard’
Street Beefs MMA, Kickboxing And Boxing
Dec 21, 2020   Shaving Sideways
Razor Deployment: Increase Mather XXI Asks The Crackpot About Carrying Razors For Survival
Dec 21, 2020   The Bat 1
How Is The Baseball Bat Generally Used As An Improvised Extension Weapon?

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