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OCT/03/21  Letter To The Pirates  Pillaging The Cracked Pottery Before The World Lib...
JAN/28/21  Son Of A Lesser God  A Memoir Of Fatherhood By A Mountain Man's Grown S...
JAN/23/21  Apocalisp E-Book  A Memoir Of American Decline: March 2020
NOV/25/19  Book Of Nightmares  Now At Our E-Book Store
NOV/06/19  The Combat Space E-book  Essence - Ring - Cage - Duel - Survival
SEP/22/19  Three Savage Tales  Three Fiction Books By James LaFond Just Released ...
SEP/14/19  Plantation America E-Books  Cracker-Boy And The Greatest Lie Ever Sold Now On ...
MAR/15/19  ‘Where Do I Start?’  Reading The Old Twerp Who Had Lunch With Jack Dono...
MAR/12/19  Dis Kook Gotz Shares  Crackpot Industries Letter To Shareholders 2018
FEB/25/19  Kindle Quality Notice  Open Quality Warning Or Suppression
DEC/06/18  'Case Studies, Combatives And Resistance'  Crackpot Mailbox: Bryce Sharper Needs To Know
NOV/19/18  'A Starting Point?'  Crackpot Mailbox: Terminus Est Wants To Know About...
OCT/16/18  Censorship Test  Help Me Determine If A PDF Platform Is Defrauding ...
OCT/10/18  Crackpot Books  The Complete Listing From DarkEyedGirl, Crackpot B...
SEP/19/18  'Create Space Hold'  A Thought Crime Recategorized
AUG/09/18  Banjo Asks  Banjo And James Discuss The Crackpot's Masculinity...
JUL/24/18  Banned By Amazon  Tracking James LaFond's Unpaid Advertisement Agenc...
JUL/13/18  Mechanisms Of Control  Kicking The Cracked Pottery Down Conformist Lane
JUL/07/18  Messing With My Kindle Editions?  A Reader Heads Up From A Besieged Author
JUN/23/18  Shelters For The Self  The Captured Diary Of Petty Officer Second Class K...
JUN/21/18  The Shape Of Cracked Pottery To Come  Podcasting And Publishing News From The Ancient Cr...
MAY/07/18  Little Feet Going Nowhere  Sam Waterford's Outrageous Profession And The Fate...
FEB/18/18  The Pay Sucks  And Keep On Trucking—But The Jerk Behind The...
FEB/13/18  53 Books For My Dark-Eyed Girl  Thanks To The Readers For Helping Out
FEB/08/18  Son Of A Lesser God  In Print And On Kindle
JAN/06/18  The Original Harm City Trilogy  Here At Our Itty Bitty Book Store
DEC/31/17  Joe’s Take On The Bald Ape  A Reader’s Review Of 40,000 Years From Home:...
DEC/29/17  Tribes Pulp Yarns  A New Short Fiction Series
NOV/27/17  Thank You Amazon  Top 5 Sellers 11/27/17
NOV/19/17  Autumn In A Dying City  Letters From The Last Whiteman In Baltimore Kindle...
OCT/10/17  Are You A New Reader?  New Customer / Reader From Social Matter
OCT/09/17  In The Chinks Of The Machine  Those Who Could Not Change The World Kindle Editio...
OCT/09/17  One Soul Under God  The Humorously Examined Life Of Columbine Joe Kind...
OCT/08/17  White In The Savage Night  A Politically Incorrect Life—In Words: 2016 ...
OCT/08/17  The Mind Of Mescaline Franklin  The Awakening Of A Paleface Ethnocist Kindle Editi...
OCT/08/17  Incubus Of Your Sacred Emasculation  A Crackpot’s View Of How Eve Inherited It Al...
OCT/08/17  The Lies That Bind Us  The Foundational Falsehoods Of The American Dream ...
OCT/08/17  The Greatest Boxer  An Objective Ranking Of The Top Boxers Kindle Edit...
OCT/07/17  Right On White Time  The Black Spring Manual For Reparations Recover Ag...
OCT/07/17  Good Morning, Dindustan!  Urban Life At The End Of Caucasian Time Kindle Edi...
OCT/07/17  American Fist  A Fighter’s View Of Boxing Kindle Edition
OCT/07/17  He  Gilgamesh: Into The Face Of Time Kindle Edition
OCT/07/17  If I Were King  This Guy Would Handle The Details Kindle Edition
OCT/07/17  Night City  The Short Fiction Of James LaFond: 2015-16 Kindle ...
OCT/07/17  Poet  The Enlightened Fate Of Akbar Qama Kindle Edition
OCT/07/17  Paleface Sunset  A Guide To Cultural Resistance In The Age Of Felon...
OCT/07/17  Rubbing Out Palefaces  Moral Minority Survival At The End Of Caucasian Ti...
OCT/07/17  Into The Mountains Of Madness  All Three Volumes Of The Dissident Reader On Kindl...
OCT/06/17  A Thousand Years In His Soul: The Poets  Part One: Five Аrуаn Mystics At The Dawn Of The...
OCT/06/17  Happily Ever Under  The History Of The Sexes According To Jack And Jil...
OCT/06/17  Being A Bad Man In A Worse World  Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival ...
OCT/06/17  Habitat Hoodrat: Yo-Nation  Harm City U.S.A., 2016-17 Kindle Edition
OCT/06/17  Habitat Hoodrat: Ho-Nation  Harm City U.S.A: Winter 2015-16 Kindle Edition
OCT/06/17  A Thousand Years In His Soul: The Seers  Part One Kindle Edition
OCT/05/17  A Once Great Medieval City: 2016  Impressions Of Baltimore Maryland Kindle Edition
OCT/05/17  Malediction Song Kindle Edition  The Prequel To Reverent Chandler And NightSong Of ...
OCT/05/17  Dawn In Dindustan Kindle Edition  Conducting The Moral Autopsy 0f A Nation
OCT/04/17  A Well Of Heroes: Two  Kindle Edition
OCT/03/17  A White Christmas, Kindle Edition  The Sons Of Trinity Baxter And The Song Of Broke-A...
OCT/03/17  Drink Deep Of Night  Kindle Edition
OCT/03/17  A Hoodrat Halloween  Kindle Edition
OCT/01/17  So His Master May Have Him Again  A History Of Runaway White Slaves In Plantation Am...
SEP/29/17  Masculine Axis  A Meditation On Manhood And Heroism Kindle Edition
SEP/27/17  Let The Weak Fall  Kindle Edition
SEP/27/17  A Bright Shining Lie At Dusk  A Partial Exhumation Of The American Dream Kindle ...
SEP/10/17  The Pale Usher: Impressions Of Moby Dick  Herman Melville And Modern Man's Transcendental Jo...
SEP/01/17  Skulker Jones On Kindle  A Tale Of Dark Deviltry At The End Of Caucasian Ti...
SEP/01/17  'Congratulations On Another Book'  A Peek At The Editorial Process
AUG/19/17  The Punishing Art  Kindle Edition
AUG/19/17  Twerps, Goons And Meatshields  Kindle Edition
JUL/30/17  The Hunt For Whitey Kindle Edition  Kindle Edition
JUN/25/17  'Praise The Junky'  Recent Reviews From Amazon Readers
JUN/25/17  Den Of The Ender  Now Available On Kindle
MAR/18/17  Road Killing Kindle Edition  Two Novels In One Book: A Fat Bitch Addicted To Ve...
FEB/13/17  Your Top Ten Books?  The Graphomaniac Is Put On The Spot
FEB/13/17  A Missive From La Mano  When I Buy Your Books What's The Most Beneficial W...
FEB/12/17  A Thousand Years In His Soul  The Seers—Part One Kindle Edition
FEB/12/17  A Well Of Heroes: One  Kindle Edition
JAN/06/17  To Steal Him Into The Future  God's Picture Maker Kindle Edition
JAN/05/17  ‘No Dues, Rituals, Traditions Or Barriers’  Modern Agonistics Kindle Edition
JAN/04/17  Before The Sacred Altars  Gods Of Boxing Kindle Edition
JAN/02/17  One With The Sunken Star  Den Of The Ender Kindle Edition
JAN/01/17  The Dark Flowering Of Jay Jay Brooks  Menthol Rampage Kindle Edition
DEC/28/16  Scholar Of The Urban American Experience  T. Spoone Slickens, Inquire Kindle Edition
DEC/26/16  Shorn Of Little Sissy Things  Kindle Edition
DEC/21/16  Gilgamesh To Goliath  The First Boxers Kindle Edition: A Fighter’s...
DEC/20/16  Bart Davidson’s Damnation  The Consultant On Kindle
DEC/19/16  Tribalism And The Alpha Male  Of Lions And Men Kindle Edition
DEC/18/16  Against All Material Odds  Fat Girl Dancing Kindle Edition
DEC/12/16  The Boned Zone  Surviving Urban Predation Kindle Edition
DEC/09/16  This Design Is Called Paisley  The Seduction Of Mister Slickery Kindle Edition
DEC/06/16  How The Ghetto Got My Soul  Kindle Glitch Being Fixed
DEC/05/16  Waking Up In Indian Country  Harm City: 2015 Kindle Edition
DEC/03/16  In The Dying Days Of April 2015  War Drums: Forty Miles From The Big House On Kindl...
NOV/30/16  Do You Know A Loser With A Kindle?  When Your Job Sucks: Postmodern Wage Slave Narrati...
NOV/30/16  Take Me To Your Breeder On Kindle  Letters From An Extraterrestrial Anthropologist
NOV/13/16  The Manuel Of Female Ownership  Your Trojan Whorse Is Available At Our E-Store
NOV/05/16  Under The God Of Things  Kindle Edition: Omnibus Masculinity Collection
OCT/15/16  DoomFawn  Kindle Edition
OCT/15/16  Into Wicked Company  Kindle Edition
SEP/24/16  Alienation Nation Kindle Edition  Surviving Cultural Free Fall
AUG/20/16  Darkly: Kindle Edition  The Short Fiction Of James LaFond: 2012-2014
AUG/20/16  How The Ghetto Got My Soul  Kindle Edition
AUG/20/16  By The Wine Dark Sea  Kindle Edition
AUG/13/16  Narco Night Train Kindle Edition  A Dissident View Of The American Narcostate
AUG/13/16  40,000 Years From Home Kindle Edition  A History Of Human Aggression
AUG/13/16  The Ghetto Grocer Kindle Edition  50 True Tales Of Supermarket Misadventure
AUG/01/16  Winter Of A Fighting Life Kindle Edition  A Record Of One Knucklehead’s Concussive Jou...
AUG/01/16  The Streets Have Eyes Kindle Edition  Tales Of The Strange Urban Kind
AUG/01/16  Panhandler Nation Kindle Edition  The Art Of Guilt-Harvesting Writ Small
JUL/12/16  ‘Bring On The Next Ice Age’  Kindle-Borne Acclaim For What Could Become The Mos...
JUL/10/16  Lesser Angels Of Our Nature Kindle Edition  The Most Truthful Book On Racism You Will Read
JUL/10/16  Winter Of A Fighting Life  Kindle Edition
JUN/25/16  Why Don't You Commercialize The Site?  I Agree With Sid Vic, You Should Be Making Money, ...
JUN/25/16  America In Chains Kindle Edition  By James LaFond: The Real History Of American Slav...
JUN/25/16  The World Is Our Widow Kindle Edition  By James LaFond: Victorian Scholar And Adventurer ...
JUN/21/16  The Manly Art Of Conversation  The GQ Mugging Inquest Kindle Edition By James LaF...
JUN/21/16  Letters From Planet Meathead  Kindle Edition By James LaFond
JUN/21/16  Easy Chair And Other Stories  Kindle Edition By James LaFond
JUN/11/16  Organa  Kindle Edition
JUN/11/16  Our Captain  Kindle Edition
JUN/11/16  A Sickness Of The Heart: Part One  Kindle Edition
MAY/14/16  ‘Yo, Cave-Boy?’  Welcome To Harm City, White-Boy Kindle Edition
MAY/14/16  Whigger LeBron’s Unpardonable Parable  And Many More Enlightening Essays On Race And Disg...
MAY/09/16  Dream Flower Kindle Edition  Five Dark Tales
MAY/09/16  Stillbirth Of A Nation Kindle Edition  Read About The Holocaust That Did Not Happen In Th...
MAY/09/16  Hurt Stoker Kindle Edition  Whiff Gleason Has Made It Into The Virtual Big Hou...
MAY/02/16  Political Incorrectness On Kindle  Notes On Device Reading Quality
MAY/01/16  Ire And Ice Kindle Edition  A Punch Buggy Book
MAY/01/16  The Jericho Bone Kindle Edition  A Punch Buggy Book
APR/16/16  Reverent Chandler On Kindle  Enjoy The Saga Of Fend On Your Infernal Device
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The author returns to the Northwest, to discover that there too hungered the insatiable social Beast.
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