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The Blonde Huns  The Desert Of Wheat By Zane Grey
The Language Of Empire  The Professor And The Madman By Simon Winchester
Sorrow-of-the-People  The War That Killed Achilles By Caroline Alexander
Sinking The Atlantis Myth  Lost Continents By L.Sprague De Camp
The Slaves That Conquered A World  Nelson's Trafalgar By Roy Adkins: Stillbirth Of A ...
A Sci-fi Classic From 1971  To Our Scattered Bodies Go By Philip Jose Farmer
Footnotes To Infamy  Review Of The Wire: Season One
Surviving Bad Parents With Grace  The Glass Castle By Jeanette Walls
A Hungarian, A Texan, And Alexander The Great?  Swords Of The Hills By Robert E. Howard
The Information Ague  A Chilling Encounter With The Virtual Sodom & ...
Two Muggers  A Political Caricature
My Ugly Muse  On Prolific Writing
Someone Has Got Our Horses  Research Reflections & Book Review
Cleanse The Land  A Dark-age Fantasy Movie Review
The Spawn Of Big-Headed Yakub  Research Notes & Book Review
Inspired Movie As Education  The Way Back By Peter Weir
Frankenstein  Book Review
Slavery In Maryland, 1838  Frederick Douglas, An American Slave, Appendix 10
Interview With An Extraterrestrial Anthropologist  On Foreign Affairs And American Residency
Welcome To Our Site  A Note From The Author
A Question Of Mind  The Terminal Experiment By Robert J. Sawyer
On Writer's Block  Notes On Writing Despite Creative Obstacles
Bread And Circuses  A Culture Of Mass Diversion
Print Or PDF  The Book Geek Dilemma
The Recyclable Apocalypse  Enjoying The State-of-Emergency Event
An Open Letter To Takimag  Advice On Making Realistic Threat Assessments
History British Guilt Style  Video Documentary Review
Eight Years Of Mighty Right  A Letter From An Extraterrestrial Anthropologist
The Last Can Of Food On Earth  Chef LaFond's Post-Apocalyptic Kitchen
Seriously, Another Apocalypse?  Marketing Doom: A Ph. D. On The Hysteria Prowl
Dictatress Of The World  Studying Imperial Hubris With Michael Scheuer
New Age-Conservative-Feminist-Republicans  On The Endangered Ideology List
Blood & Thunder  Mark Finn On Robert E. Howard
Secrets Of The Mayan Astronomers  A Confession Of An Extraterrestrial Anthropologist
The Sin Of Letters  One Man's Crime Against Materialism
Anachronistically Yours  Crawling Into The Multimedia World
Alienation Nation  Defining Cultural Free Fall
The Most Coveted Stuff  An Odd Note On Hydration Politics
The God Of Things  The Native American End-time Prediction That Came ...
Into The Mind's Eye Of Mythic Hellas  Gene Wolfe's Novels Of Ancient Greece
From Beyond A Dark Age Grave  On Writing Prolifically Under Duress
Reader Favorites  Your Most And Least Favorite Pieces On The Site
Survivor Guilt  Of The Literary Kind
Slovomir Rawicz, The Long Walk  The True Story Of A Trek To Freedom
Alice B. Sheldon  The Woman Who Was James Tiptree, Junior
MMA Vampires  Really?
The Microeconomics Of Wife-beating  Condoms, Marital Immolation, Ho-macking & Bitc...
The Sale Of Pricilla Loosefoot  Half Broke Horses: A Biographical Novel By Jeannet...
Fighting The Forever War  The Sociodegradable War Hero
The Sleaziest Shipwreck  The Wreck Of The Medusa By Jonathan Miles
Zeitgeist And Zeitgeist Addendum  A Documentary Case Against Politics, Profit & ...
Toxic Toddler Planet  Hydration Profiteering And The Stupidest Ape In Th...
Getting Crude With The Locals  Someone Is Griping About Our Hazardous Waste Site,...
The Last Headbangers By Kevin Cook  The Insane Evolution Of America's Football Craze
Saving The American Ayatollah  The Latest Wet Dream From The U.S. Propaganda Mini...
The Classic Shipwreck  Caliban's Shore By Stephen Taylor
At The War Geek Round Table  Refighting The Pacific War With Jim Bresnahan
The Dead White Dude Who Saved My Mind  J. B. Bury At The Turn Of Two Lost Centuries
A Brief Definition Of American Royalty  Bank Of America: Too Crooked To Fail By Matt Taibb...
'Nits Make Lice'  The American Eugenics Movement
Peter Joseph On The Finite Economy  The Monster That Won't Let Go Until It Has Killed ...
Peak Prosperity  Are You Sick Of Being Lied To On Sunday Morning Ne...
The Last Valley  A Vintage Film Set Amidst A Forgotten War
Escape From Planet Meathead  Why Your Kid Should Be Fighting Instead Of Playing...
Apocalypse Pantry Update  Lengthening The End Time Gravy Train
Ghettonomics  A Humanitarian Mission For Vsauce Michael, The You...
Stranger Than Fiction, Bloodier Than D-Day  Conquistador By Buddy Levy
Nobody Else Can Save You  On The Highway To Hell With An Invisible Urban Eva...
Uncle Sam As A Redneck  The Story Of Our Army: WWII Children's Propaganda
The Man Who Ate Captain Cook's Big Toe  Typee: By Herman Melville
Go Tell The Spartans  'Sorry Sir, Last Stands Are Now Being Handled By S...
Stairway Of Integrity  Up From Slavery By Booker T. Washington: Appendix ...
An Ocean Of Lost Worlds  The Discovery Of Mankind By David Abulafia
On Safari With A Boy Named Ford  Voodoo Fire In Haiti By Richard A. Loederer
The Urban Grill  Friday's With Aldo #1
Thirsty Work  Machete Season By Jean Hatzfeld
Into The Mountains Of Madness  Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton By Edward Rice
The Original Rock Stars  The First Poets By Michael Schmidt
Our Pound Of Flesh  Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man By John Perkins
Soap-on-a-Rope Stocks Projected To Soar  Notes On Our Expanding Police State
'Reading Transports Me'  The Guards, A Novel By Ken Bruen
'When God Died He Left Madonna In Charge'  No Man's Land By Jack Donovan
Breeder's Digest  Initial Entry
Breeder's Digest #2  Grilling Season Edition
My Darling Donkey Boy  Our Little Egyptian Cousin By Blanche McManus
Who's For Dinner?  Flesh And Blood By Reay Tannahill
American Prophet  The Iron Heel By Jack London
Fear, Horror, Hate & Guilt  On Killing By Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman
On The Ocean  The Extraordinary Voyage Of Pytheas The Greek By B...
The Harm City Pollster #1  Search For The Articulate Snowman: Traitor, Hero O...
Despite A World Of Ironic-detachment  Leonardo By Serge Bramly & The World Of Leonar...
Ghetto Grocer #1  Nastay Monay
Ghetto Grocer #2  Bachelor Party At Parcel Pickup
Knowing Their Place: A Honcho On Their Bent Back  Born In Blood And Fire By John Charles Chasteen: A...
...And Something Else  Hunger By V. J. Waks
Breeder's Digest #3  Eight Uplifting Facts
Florida Cops Brace For Riots  A Harm City Heads Up
Worse Than You Can Imagine  No Fear? By J. T. C.
Narco-State News #1  Tracking The Real Zombie Apocalypse
War Heroes Of Planet Obadrone  The Return Of Your Fiendly Neighborhood Extraterre...
Five Slave Girls Freed  Police Arrest Saudi Hag Princess For Human Traffic...
That Guy With The Book!  Intellectual Speed Bump For The Next Revolution?
Overflowing The Cup Of Wrath  The Rising Tide Of Color By Lothrop Stoddard
In The Missionary Position  An Echo From 'The Ruins Of A Once Great Medieval C...
Looking Glass By VJ Waks  ComicCon Chicago: 8/8-11/2013 & GENCON INDY: 8...
Narco-State News #2  Motown To Hotown
The More You Own, The More You're Owned  Culture In Decline: The Worst Reality Show Of All ...
Beyond The Garden Of Ishtar  Gilgamesh: A New English Version By Stephen Mitche...
Alienation Nation: Part Two  Resisting Cultural Free-Fall Through Fractional Au...
The Smiling Face Of The Fist Of Power  The Handbook Of Human Ownership: A Manual For New ...
Welcome Aboard Mass Hysteria Transit  And Thank You For Leaving Your WMDs At Home
Demonic Ted Nugent Meth-heads With Guns  Crossed By Garth Ennis And Jacen Burrows
Ghetto Grocer #3  Fort Hood-Rat
Tattoo Rick The Novelist  The Plates By Rick Catalano
Only Five Shrunken Heads!  The Greatest Talk Of Jacque Fresco
The Nine Wraith Kings  Meltdown: The Secret History Of The Global Financi...
Breeder's Digest #4  Empire Earth
Ghetto Grocer #4  Food Handling Horror Stories
A Conspiracy Of Kind  An Author-to-Author Discussion With VJ Waks
Man Is Born Unto Trouble  Bad Bob! By J.T.C.
Re-Killing Robert E. Howard  Solomon Kane And The Death Of A Genre
A Road With No Signposts  Solomon Kane: The Castle Of The Devil By Scott All...
Breeder's Digest #5  Welcome To The Homeland Jose And Jacques
From The Pit  Solomon Kane: Death's Black Riders By Scott Allie
Thrown To The Dogs  Hernando De Soto By David Ewing Duncan
Breeder's Digest #6  Are You Breeding Competitively?
White Coral Eyes  If They Could Only Talk By Hannah Bloch
No Humans Allowed  District 9 By Neill Blomkamp
Once That Minimum Is Achieved  1984: A Novel By George Orwell
Breeder's Digest #7  Postmodern Slavery, And The Priest-King Of Gotham
Blood And Salt  When Asia Was The World By Stewart Gordon
Truth Is Tribal  A Fetish For The Apocalypse With Charles Veitch &a...
Narco-state News #3  Planet Prozac
Four Minutes To Midnight  Watchmen By Zach Snyder
Against The Green Book  The Abolition Of Man By C.S. Lewis
Against The Tribe  An Untitled Story By Robert E. Howard
The Pride Of Savages  Warriors Of The Rainbow [True Warrior] By Wei Te-S...
The Lady And The Grunt  Her's & His' Reviews With VJ Waks
'What It's Like To Be Wrong'  Cape Fear With Gregory Peck And Robert Mitchum
'On A Placid Island Of Ignorance'  The Call Of Cthulhu By H.P. Lovecraft
The Sport Of Kings #1  A Wargamer's View Of The 2014 U.S. Invasion Of Syr...
The Drawing Board #1  Vampire State By Dominick Mattero
The Devil Dresses Like A Fried Chicken Salesman  Wassup? & It's A Deal By J.T.C.
Surfing The Apocalypse In A Wheelchair  Miracles For The Damned By Simon Clark
Beyond The Thieves Pole  The Weight Of The Dead By Brian Hodge
From A Prodigious Coach Driven By Hunger  Looking Back By Edward Bellamy
The Drawing Board #2  The Ecstasy Of Defeat By David Lumsden
'They Came From Cleveland'  They Live By John Carpenter
‘Throwing Lawn Darts Over A Fence’  Syria: The History And Future Of Imminent War By S...
Breeder's Digest #8  Nuking ‘The Middle Eastern’
The Penance Of General Butt Naked  The Cannibal Warlords Of Liberia
Welcome To NonSpace  Fear With A Thousand Eyes: Part 1 & 2 By No Am...
Maybe He's A Dummy  Cowboys & Aliens By Jon Favreau
Under Nine Gods  Lays Of Ancient Rome By T. B. Macaulay
Breeder's Digest #9  ‘People Wish To Be Bobble Heads’
Amid Hymns Of Hate  The Renaissance By Will Durant
Ghetto Grocer #5  Foodstampable: Will The State Subsidize Your Party
Where Could They Go?  Conan: Queen Of The Black Coast From Dark Horse
Where Has The Reader Gone?  Results Of An Interview With A Maryland Librarian
Genghis Khan’s Balls  Were You Bred For War? By Stefan Molyneux
Message In The Bottle Insane  A Luddite Barbarian’s Trip To A Modern Art M...
The Drawing Board #3  The Fencemen By Dominick Mattero
Rape, Pollution, Hate & Drugs  Four Vice News Documentaries
Egghead On A Spike  A Baltimore Academic Censured By The Nazi Surveill...
Breeder's Digest #10  Who’s Killing Who And How?
Keep On Truckin’  The Sissy, Last Rites, Why Should I? And Room 301 ...
Shaka Zulu’s Balls  The Royal Swazi Horn Dog’s Next Bride & ...
A Letter From Planet Estrogen  James Is Judged By A Female Reader
We Live In The Future  Viking: The Long Cold Fire By Ivan Brandon & N...
The Most Evil Presidents  A Reader Poll Concerning The Projected Book
Breeder's Digest #11  Your Offseason Vacation Guide
Strawberries Four Times Bigger And Better  Savage Kingdom By Benjamin Woolley:Appendix 13
That Gaijin Mojo  Shinku By Ron Marz And Lee Moder
‘Drums, Cannon And Human Misery’  Napoleoon Bonaparte By Alan Schom
Terribly Still Singular Things  Dracula With Frank Langella And Laurence Oliver
‘Society As Mutual Masturbation'  The Policeman Is Your Friend And Other Lies By Ned...
'This Should Have Been Our Moment'  Deleted Scenes From The Walking Dead Second Season
'Down The Grim And Bloody Eons'  The Shadow Kingdom By Robert E. Howard
Narco State News #4  Junky Cognate
Breeder’s Digest #12  Beggars At The Gate
The King’s Hand  Notes On The Forever War
‘The First Sketch Of The Real God’  That Hideous Strength By C. S. Lewis
Without A Shudder Of Horror  The Revolt Of The Masses By Jose Ortega Y Gasset
Read Fred Reed  The Crazy Uncle You Wish You Had
‘Racing The Sun’  The Art Of Joseph L. Bellofatto Junior
Look Ra, No Slaves!  A British Revisionist View Of Building The Great P...
Gender In Fiction With V.J. Waks  'His Take, Her Take' Book Review Ground Rules
‘Kisses For Us All’  His Take, Her Take: Bram Stoker’s Dracula Wi...
The Little King And The Old Worm  Pax Romana By Jonathan Hickman
The Hand Of The Voice  The Nightly News By Jonathan Hickman
The Engineering Of Consent  MIT Professor Noam Chomsky On Propaganda, Liberali...
Glut Mad Fangs  In The Forest Of Villefere, A Song Of The Werewolf...
Hit Girl  Kick-Ass, With Nic Cage, A Creepy Little Girl And ...
Is That A Horizon?  Pride Of Baghdad By Brian K. Vaughan And Niko Henr...
The Drawing Board #4  The Sixth Level Of Hell, By Dominick Mattero
In Astroscope!  Rocky Jones: Space Ranger, Six 1950s Sci-Fi TV Epi...
He Said Coldly  Solomon Kane: Red Shadows By Bruce Jones
You Think Your Job Sucks?  Nightmare Building A Dream A Short Video On Workin...
‘Letin’ The Trash Takeout The Trash’  A Fathers' Day Movie Idea: The Baytown Outlaws By ...
Why You Don’t Get Laid  Your Trojan Whorse: Appendix, Repossessing Your Ma...
The Third Baptism  Hardcore History And Intellectual Contagion With D...
Conan’s Dance Card  A Survey Of The Fictional Barbarian’s Leadin...
‘My Toddler Is A Violent Racist’  The White Devils And The Legend Of Catcher Freeman
‘Mother Nature Is A Serial Killer’  World War Z By Marc Foster
The Last Of The Magicians  Archimedes To Hawking By Clifford A. Pickover
Incubus Of A Six-year-old President  Hardcore History: The American Peril By Dan Carlin
Gay Rapists Of The Caribbean  The Lies That Bind Us: Part One
Homo Evolutis  Juan Enriquez On Upgrading Us
‘Coward Sociopath Dudes’  No Justice, No Peace By Michael Prsyner
‘Unreasonable People Nailing Jello To A Wall’  Stefan Molyneux On The All-Discipline
Beyond Stalin’s Wettest Dream  Tracking The Dark Flowering Of Hysteria With Fred ...
'Machete Happens'  Machete Kills: A C-list Death Fest With Jonny Trej...
When The Great Horn Boomed  The Proud Tower: The Patricians By Barbara Tuchman
Breeder’s Digest #13  Why Karachi Pakistan Has The Most Honest Politicia...
NOV/05/13  Out Of The Ark  The Slugger And Something In Common? By J.T.C.
NOV/05/13  Irresponsible Pictures  Lone Wolf And Cub #3 By Kazuo Koike And Goseki Koj...
NOV/05/13  Volcano Over Morgantown  Master Of The World With Vincent Price And Charles...
NOV/05/13  Living Writing  One Reason Why Your Output Can Crash
NOV/05/13  Murdering Protagonists  Are Long-lived Characters Endangered?
NOV/06/13  ‘The Secret Cause Of All Suffering’  The Power Of Myth By Joseph Campbell, With Bill Mo...
NOV/06/13  The Best Books Are Free  The Gutenberg Project
NOV/06/13  With Somber Fire  His Take, Her Take: Queen Of The Black Coast By Ro...
NOV/08/13  Breeder’s Digest #14  Where Are America’s 15 Million Psychopaths?
NOV/08/13  ‘With The Mystery And Menace Of Fog’  A Blueprint For Armageddon By Dan Carlin
NOV/10/13  The Ghetto Grocer #6  What Retailers Do With The Meat You Eat, Part 1
NOV/11/13  Sold Down The River  12 Years A Slave By Steve McQueen
NOV/12/13  God With A Gun  Thor’s Angels By Dan Carlin
NOV/18/13  Honor Among Men  Who Behaves More Honorably: Men, Women, Or Martial...
NOV/18/13  Why Grownups Suck  Author’s Notebook #8: A Guide To Parents, Te...
NOV/18/13  ‘It Was Nice’  Hannah With Eric Bana And Kate Blanchet
NOV/18/13  ‘Orwell Was An Optimist’  Mikko Hypponen On The Global Anglo Superstate
NOV/19/13  A Crack-head Cat & Psychodelic Lollypop  My Best Friend By J.T.C.
NOV/19/13  ‘Your Childish Jealousies And Suspicions’  The Day The Earth Stood Still: The Original 1951 M...
NOV/20/13  A Call From Jan  Writing In The Shadows Of Self-censorship
NOV/20/13  ‘Still A Hamster’  The Bugs In Darwin: 11/8/13 By Fred Reed
NOV/20/13  ‘Dead Houses’ And ‘Sacred Things’  Fools, Martyrs, Traitors By Lacey Baldwin Smith
NOV/20/13  ‘Another Mask On The Wall’  Death Throws Of The [Roman] Republic: Part One By ...
NOV/23/13  Ghetto Grocer #7  Three Food Stamp Case Studies From October 2013
NOV/25/13  PIG  The Politically Incorrect Guide To The Civil War B...
NOV/27/13  Breeder’s Digest #15  The Care & Feeding Of Barbarian Whelps And Civ...
NOV/27/13  Does Elderly Equal Obsolete?  How Societies Can Grow Old Better By Jared Diamond
NOV/27/13  Branding Fear  The Deadly Genius Of Drug Cartels By Rodrigo Canal...
DEC/02/13  Typhoon Relief Donations  How You Can Help The Survivors In The Philippines
DEC/02/13  Golden Eyes  Hammerspace By V.J. Waks
DEC/06/13  The Meaning Of The Purple Smoke  The Beast That Shouted Love At The Heart Of The Wo...
DEC/06/13  Absolutely  The Most Evil Character In Fiction
DEC/07/13  'A Celestial Can Of Raid'  Logical Insanity By Dan Carlin
DEC/08/13  Backstage At The Apocalypse  8 Mile With Eminem & Kim Bassinger
DEC/09/13  ‘And Then It Hit The Fan’  The Death Cookie By J.T.C.
DEC/09/13  ‘Like Some Monstrous Tree’  Red Soil By Robert Dunbar
DEC/10/13  Four Angry Elements  The Sword By The Luna Brothers
DEC/11/13  ‘Was J. Edgar Hoover Nuts?’  Radical Thoughts By Dan Carlin
DEC/11/13  ‘Dreams That Shun The Sun’  Cimmeria By Robert E. Howard
DEC/11/13  ‘Doom Hounds Your Heels’  The Phoenix On The Sword By Robert E. Howard
DEC/12/13  Overcome The Wind  War Of The Arrows With Park Hae-Il And Ryu Seung-R...
DEC/13/13  ‘A Wisp Of Gossamer’  The Frost Giant’s Daughter By Robert E. Howa...
DEC/13/13  Exploit This  Breeder’s Digest #16
DEC/14/13  Meth-head Minister  Drunken Glory, Vice Documentary
DEC/15/13  ‘I Don’t Kill Women And Children’  Ice Man With Michael Shannon As Hit Man Richard Ku...
DEC/16/13  ‘Lost In Time’  The Astounding Harry Bates, A Video Biography
DEC/17/13  Wimp Of The Year  White Student Union By Vice
DEC/18/13  The Morality Box  Defining Right And Wrong In The Past, Present And ...
DEC/19/13  Black Gorilla Family News #5  'Up Da Hill' En 'Down Da Hill': The BGF Minor Leag...
DEC/20/13  ‘What Has Survived’  Nassim Taleb On ‘Skin In The Game’
DEC/20/13  ‘Eyes Forward’  Manifest Destiny #1 By Chris Dingess, Mathew Rober...
DEC/20/13  Three Worlds Meet  The Trapper’s Bride By Rex Allen Norman
DEC/20/13  ‘Death In A Lonely Place At Midnight’  The God In The Bowl By Robert E. Howard
DEC/22/13  ‘I Am The Logical Conclusion’  Under The Nihil By Andy Nowicki
DEC/23/13  ‘The Smartest Niggеr In The Pine Woods.'  Twelve Years A Slave By Solomon Northup: Appendix ...
DEC/26/13  ‘The Flute Of The Fallen Tiger’  Lone Wolf And Cub #4 By Kazuo Koike And Goseki Koj...
DEC/26/13  A Hostile Work Environment  A Note On The Subversion Of National Identity
DEC/27/13  Ghetto Grocer #9  What Retailers Do With The Meat You Eat: Part 2, R...
DEC/27/13  ‘Obedience Is Due’  Antigone By Sophocles
DEC/30/13  'Michael Douglas Didn't Marry Me Either'  Welcome To The Man Cave
JAN/02/14  ‘This Megalomaniac Disk’  Out Of The Silent Planet By C.S. Lewis
JAN/02/14  ‘We All Deserve To Go To Hell’  Charlie’s Ants By J.T.C.
JAN/02/14  ‘Morning-Crowned And Shinning’  The Tower Of The Elephant By Robert E. Howard, The...
JAN/03/14  Killer Babes  The Requisite Woman Of Power In Modern Science-Fic...

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